Tulips…well maybe.

Last fall I bought tulips.  I had hoped to plant them and have them all beautiful and blooming this spring.

Well when I was cleaning the laundry room next to the sewing machine under the red fabric I found my tulip bulbs.  UGH.  There went $10 and there went my chance at spring tulips.


I moved everything aside and noticed that the bulbs were starting to create stems…hmmm.  I was mad at myself.  What a waste.  I couldn’t believe that I had done that.  I just love tulips.  I remember having plans to plant them with the childcare kids.  I’ve done that in past years.  They in the spring the tulips come up right around Mother’s Day so we cut them and put them in a vase for the moms.  I always take pictures so the moms can see us planting in the fall and cutting them in the spring.

Darn.  I wish I had remembered. Apparently the fabric laying over the top of the package and the big label on the package acted as darkness as the ground would so the tulips just stayed dormant and now were trying to do their thing.


Then I thought I’d give it a shot and plant them now.  What do I have to loose?

So that’s what I did.  They are all in a pot.  They are under the grow light with the other plants.  We’ll see if they come or if in deed the $10 for tulip bulbs was a complete waste.

So you gardeners in the bunch…do you think they will grow??

6 thoughts on “Tulips…well maybe.”

  1. Might not grow as well as they would have if you had planted them when you should have, but will probably do fine. Leave all of the leaves in place after they bloom and let them die back naturally. This fall plant them and next spring you will have tulips!

  2. You will only get leaves this year. The bulbs need to be exposed to a number of weeks of cold outdoor temperatures to form the flowers. (I can’t remember the temp or duration, but you could google it.) When you are done with them in the pot, plant them in the ground. They will flower next year for you. Your $10 is not lost!

  3. Here’s my bulb story — my mom lives not too far from me, and one day she ventured over (sometime in the fall) and planted some daffodil bulbs, as a surprise to me. The next spring, I mentioned that there were some daffodils coming up in my front flower bed, and I thought maybe squirrels had dragged them from somewhere and planted them. My mom laughed and confessed that it was her. — Then I had to confess that I had weeded a bunch of them, because I didn’t recognize that they were flowers — I just knew the leaves were different than what I had planted and I thought it was some kind of weed coming in. :>(

  4. jo, your tulips will grow. plant them in the ground and just let them do their thing. you will get leaves most likely, don’t trim them or pull them, let the leaves die off on their own and next year you will have more than you planted because they will have split probably and be beautiful for mothers day
    but, you haven’t wasted your money by any means so don’t beat yourself up

  5. Tulips need three months of cold to bloom. Joan is right – only leaves this year. The only way to get flowers is to put them in the ‘fridge for three months, and then plant them. That makes flowers in, when, August? Could be interesting. You could plant them in a pot or outside. Do leave them in the dirt until the leaves are 1/3 Brown. Then put them back in the ‘fridge for three more months, or in the ground outside.

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