Tulips Anyone?

I had bought a pack of tulips back in early September.  Back then I had hoped the cast on my foot would soon be off and I’d be planting them.  I was naive and didn’t know that the real work of foot surgery happened AFTER the cast was off.  I quickly found out that there was no way I’d be standing on one foot to use a shovel.  Then I had a hope that I’d talk Kayla into helping me the next time she was home but we’d get distracted on other things and I’d forget about the tulips.

Finally one night last week I decided my foot was good enough..and the ground was still “diggable” so I’d plant them myself and I did.


I had made a joke earlier in the day when Kalissa was over that I thought companies make these variety packets of tulips for people like me who can’t make up their mind which color to buy!!  Well at least that’s why I ever bought the very first pack of tulips that I bought.  Since then I’ve learned that I like the variety packets best.  Each tulip blooms at different times so the blooms seem to last longer.  That’s why I buy the variety packs now.

They went in this flower bed by the house.


Planting was a little challenging.  Right now my bleeding hearts have faded away and my mum is out in full force.  I had to stop and remember that in the spring, there would be space for the tulips near the mum but not near where the bleeding hearts will be.  It’s a bit of a thinking process to get the bulbs in the right place.

The weather here in Iowa has been great!!  It’s not uncommon that we would have had some snow by now…not so this year.  In fact, so far the days have been amazing.  We’ve had many no coat days.  This has been great for me.  I love the outdoors and really missed August and September being laid up with my foot.  I feel a little like I’m getting my fall season.

One of the mums that I had out the back door for display was actually a hardy mum.  I’ve kept it out in a pot for decoration but it got planted now too.   I don’t think I’ve mentioned it but we extended the driveway so that there is a “third” spot.  This way when the kids come they can park along the side and we don’t have to worry about backing out of the garage and hitting their car.  It’s a luxury we can enjoy being we have two lots.  I love it and the kids do too.  It was important for us to have as Roger is a volunteer fireman and first responder.  He needs to get out quickly if there is a call.

Eventually I will have flowers all along the fence.   It will make mowing the lawn easier and look nice too.

I have three other mum plants by the front door but they aren’t guaranteed to be hardy.  I think I am going to throw them in some dirt this week to see if they might just make it through the winter.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the amazing weather.  It sounds like we might have it for a few more days yet….whatever we get, I’m going to enjoy.

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  1. I remembered my bulbs that I had bought over a month ago yesterday and got them planted.. they made it in the ground…We have maybe 6-10 inches of snow coming tomorrow….

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