Tulip Time

When we remodeled the house, I had to dig up my flower gardens…including all my tulips.  I cleaned the bubs and set them aside.

Now, I am planting them!  Planting tulips is one of my favorite things….It’s an ending to fall and a hope for spring.


When I did childcare, one of my favorite things to do was to take photos of the kids planting tulips in the fall.  Then in the spring I would take a picture of the kids cutting tulips for their moms.  The fun part is that tulips typically bloom here in Iowa right around Mother’s Day.  It was the perfect gift along with the pictures.

My sister and her husband are known to be “tulip fairies”.  They sneak into their kids’ yards and plant tulips….then they bloom in the spring.

Many of my tulip bulbs were VERY small but I planted them anyway…..we’ll see what spring brings.  Hopefully LOTS of buds!

6 thoughts on “Tulip Time”

  1. I have a bed of tulips against the east side of my house. I’ve never had to dig them and they come up every spring. I think the heat of the house protects them thru the freezes. They are always my favorite sign of spring every year. I’d probably have more if I would separate the bulbs every few years.

  2. Oh I love tulips as well but so do the deer that come into my garden in spring and graze on the buds. But this year I found a new way of protecting them. Dust with cayenne pepper and they wont nibble again! I’ve never split my bulbs either but try and leave the leaves as long as possible after they flowered before cutting them off. Must be good because they come back every spring.

  3. Chartreuse Moose

    Thank you for a delightful post! What a wonderful idea to have the little ones photos snapped in fall…and again when the tulips bloom! Will remember that! Charming to have “tulip fairies” in the family! A special thank you to Maria for her cayenne pepper tip, we’ve so many chewing critters…not even the most thorny rose bush lasts the night! We’ll start spicing things up and hope for spring flowers!

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