Tuesday at the House

The cement guys came on Monday and got rained out.  Tuesday they were there and got a full day in.

The cement pad is all poured.  There will be a small approach added and a pad by the door yet.


Lots of dirt has been dug up at the front of the house.


With a closer look you can see the footings for the porch were poured too.

We would have loved a bigger front porch but with the way the windows are and slope that the porch roof needs, 6 feet deep was all we could go.  We were told that we’ll still have enough room for a couple wicker chairs so we’re good with that.  We just REALLY wanted a front porch.

There will be steps that come up the front and steps that exit back towards the garage.

That’s all that was new except for the porta potty.  We had them bring one of those too.  With people working at the house and no plumbing, we needed somewhere to accommodate everyone.

We’ll see what today brings…hopefully more progress!!

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