Tuesday at the House

What’s this?? Two days in a row and workers were at the house both days!!  I LOVE it!

The cement guys were back and they poured the basement walls.  We got into the house at about 5:45pm and the guys were still there finishing up.   Yesterday just seeing the footings I thought the addition looked small…today it looks big.


The yard was full of equipment.


You might remember yesterday I left you with the new problem of getting the shower waste water out of the basement shower.  Well we have that decided.  We are putting the shower in the basement.  We do need a pump to get that waste water out.  As long as the pump is needed we are adding a half bath in the basement part of the addition.  The pump can handle the toilet sewage as well so we figure we might as well put the half bath in.  The shower is actually going to be a Hubby only shower located in the old part.

We originally wanted a toilet in the basement but had opted not to to save money.  It’s all okay though….

In the middle of all this we found out the contractor is coming tomorrow!!  I am one happy girl!!  They are going to start work on the old part and will start in on the new as soon as they cement guys are gone.  In light of that we spent last night ripping off the old siding.  The workers are going to blow in insulation and put on insulation board.

We didn’t get it all off.  We did get the part under the front porch done and we got a little more than half of the north side off.  We’ll be back tomorrow to do more.

All this progress is making me wish we had more stuff done….we still have to clean all those floor boards!!

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