Trying Something New

Awhile back I reviewed this book for you….
Sew Illustrated by Minki Kim.

Well I’ve been getting a little frustrated with myself.  I buy things with good intentions of stopping and actually making something….but do I?  NO.  I don’t.

Well one Sunday night a week or two ago I was sewing.  I finished up what I was doing and have about an hour before bed.  Hmm.  I decided then and there is was time to step out of my box and try something that I had purchase but had never “gotten around to”.  (We all have those things, right??)

Well this book immediately came to mind.  Do you want to know why?  I recently reviewed one of the author’s new books and told myself I couldn’t buy it unless I made something from the first book first.  UGH.  Well I stuck to my guns and gave it a try.

I thought I’d do a something small first.  How about this pincushion?  It’s so cute don’t you think?
I thought that would be perfect.  I always am gifted things but never have anything to gift back…remember me, the girl who is TERRIBLE at gift giving.  Well I thought if I liked this, I’d make up a few and then I’d have something to gift.  AWESOME!!

I admittedly had to dig to find some adhesive product to get the pieces to stick to the fabric.

I found some and cut it out….oh my.  Cuteness overload.  Now my problem??  I needed some background fabric.  ah.  Back to digging.

I found it.  I tried it….and….I loved it!!

I didn’t do terrible.  I’m not embarrassed by it at all.  I was sure I was going to be embarrassed.  I did learn that the idea to try something small first was likely a bad idea.  Something larger would have been better….but oh well.  I did okay with this so now I’m confident to try whatever strikes my fancy.

I did discover a few things…I want to get a dark brown thread like they recommend.  I also need an open toed foot.   I did this on my Pfaff 1200 Grand Quilter.  I picked that machine as it has the ability to adjust the speed.  I found that helpful.  The only problem, that machine doesn’t have a foot with an open toe or a darning foot…at least not one that I could find.

The next morning I ordered a foot and a Frixon Pen…both things are recommended.  In the meantime, I’m going to prep some more pieces to have them ready for when the foot gets here.  Seriously, I really enjoyed doing this which surprised me.  I thought it might be too putzy for me.

Next up it’s time to sew this into a little pincushion….oh no.  Now I’m going to have to dig and find the sand.

If you are interested, you can find the book HERE.

P.S.  Truth be told…I went and ordered her newest book even though my project isn’t technically finished.  You can find the review for that book HERE.

2 thoughts on “Trying Something New”

  1. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    Try using pillow stuffing. I found that the sand rusts my needles over time…but then again, I live in humid Virginia! Love Minki Kim!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    I like using crushed walnuts in my pin cushions…I’ve also used sand with no problem in desert-dry eastern Washington. I get the crushed walnuts from the pet department…I guess they are used in lizard cages. I just know that they are much cheaper there then they are in a quilting store.

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