Trying Something New….Mitered Corners!

One of my goals this year was to try a few things that I thought were hard or difficult in quilting.

When I had asked for advice on the LilyPads quilt someone suggested mitering the corners being I was working with a directional fabric.  I nixed that idea in a hurry until I remembered all the trouble I had with this quilt….then I thought just do it and quit being a chicken.


I mitered my corners and I am embarrassed to say I ever thought it was hard, difficult or challenging, because actually it is EASY!  I followed Jay Bird Quilts tutorial.  I will definitely do this again because it was a cinch. I love the look it gives with a directional fabric.

Okay…. so far this year I challenged myself to try appliqué (It’s not my my thing), try hand quilting (It’s okay but a little slow for my patience) and I tried mitered corners….what’s next?

I want to make a Lemoyne Star block…just one block and if I can do it…I want to make a whole quilt…or I could make a Lone Star quilt…Dresden plates….  I would be happy if I could get myself to try any of those.

Are you challenging yourself to try something new?

3 thoughts on “Trying Something New….Mitered Corners!”

  1. I love the colors on the quilt. I too tried applique this year and just mitered a corner on a french braid quilt. that’s 3 things from my “challenge” list. I will be making the garden party quilt this fall with it’s dresden type petals. Can’t wait.

  2. Mitered corners was on my to do list for this year. I did them in January and can’t believe I hadn’t tried it before…easy peasy!!! I’m working on a machine app. project now that is very fun and my biggie goal for the year is to make 1 feathered star block for a pillow. I have 5 months to get to it. :-) So 2 out of my 3 want to-s isn’t too bad.

  3. I’m making progress on tiny hexagons, started a kaleidoscope quilt and have a dresden plate in progress…the challenge is machine applique

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