Try It Out Tuesday: The Sock Knitter’s Handbook

sock-knitter-coverA  post from Kayla:  After spending most of our childhood campaigning for an American Girl doll, Kelli and I each got two this Christmas! After Mom wrote about her excellent shopping experience with Pleasant Company, a reader offered a few of her dolls for sale.  Which is how I ended up with the doll I wanted as a girl, the now discontinued Felicity, and my new favorite, Emily.

Because I’m 25 years old, my dolls are not my constant companions.  I don’t spend much time combing their hair or having tea parties.  One thing I do enjoy is knitting accessories for them!  That’s why I am excited to be reviewing The Sock Knitter’s Handbook, generously offered by Martingale company.

American girl dolls, like people, have uniquely shaped feet.  The Sock Knitter’s Handbook is a step-by-step guide to creating your own socks.  That means I can accomodate the short heel and square toe of American Girl dolls.


It also means I can accomodate the big feet of the ladies in my family.  Most lady’s sock patterns are written for a US size 8. We all have very wide feet that range from a size 9 to a 13!

In addition to the functional adaptations that need to be made to socks, this book offers cosmetic instructions too.  It starts with a selection of cast-on styles, moving on to unique heel designs, gusset options, and toe cast-off options.  I much prefer a technique book to a pattern book, and this one is great.


This is the kind of handbook that you will want to have on hand for a long time, so I am keeping this copy! You can purchase your own Sock Knitter’s Handbook from Amazon or Martingale. Thanks, Martingale, for sharing this book with me!

5 thoughts on “Try It Out Tuesday: The Sock Knitter’s Handbook”

  1. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying Felicity. I was happy to make a (grownup) girl’s wish come true. Handmade sock look so cozy. I’ll be watching to see what you make.

  2. Kelly, as a knitter, i want to thank you for this great review. I’m going to buy the book. I’d like to add to your review that one of the authors, Charlene Schurch, is an excellentprintmedia teacher. Thanks again!

  3. My goal is to knit a pair of socks. I have finally after YEARS of thinking I couldn’t knit , finally understand the holding two needles, then wrapping thread around a flopping needle then coaxing the thread through a tiny loop thing. Whew! Now I have made enough dishcloths that family see me coming and they run away.
    I met a yarn shop owner yesterday who told me she would help me with anything I need help on for socks. I’m not sure she knows exactly what she signed on for, but boy am I going to jump on that!
    Thanks for bringing my attention to the book, I now have it on my wish list at Amazon.

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