Try It Out Tuesday: Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks

Happy Tuesday!

I’m so excited to be visiting Jo’s Country Junction from Kayla’s La-La Land.  I am Jo’s OTHER daughter- the one that knows how to quilt but prefers needlework…also the one that just got engaged.

That makes me the perfect candidate to review Knitting Scandinavian Slippers and Socks by Laura Farson.  It was so generously shared with me by Martingale and Company Publishing.

Oh goodness, is this book ever beautiful!  I have plans to make several of the designs.  Even more helpful for me, however, is the excellent technique tutorials.

I made my first Scandinavian knitting project years ago and gave it to my mom.  She loves her mittens but my critical self was looking for improvement. I loved the color work but was disappointed with the tangled yarn.  My stitches were made too tight by contrasting yarn held too tight.

I am a self-taught knitter.  I started out with English style knitting and have recently taught myself Continental.  The twisted yarn method is essentially knitting both methods at the same time.  It has made a huge difference in my gauge!  This new method that I learned from this book will improve all of my upcoming colorwork projects.

I have started on the Basic Sock pattern and I am really enjoying it so far.  I was nervous to have colorwork in the leg because my previous colorwork has been so tight.  The new method makes a beautiful fabric and and is tight enough to stay up but stretchy enough to get there.

I am excited about all of the new construction methods described in this book.  Instead of making a heel flap like other sock patterns, this pattern > is worked all the way to the bottom of the heel and then turned into the sole. You can see that each portion of the basic sock pattern is worked in a different color.  This helped me understand the unique construction.  I am glad I started out with this pattern before moving on to other beauties like this bold geometric design:

I bet you’ll never guess Mom’s favorite:

I was nervous about the unique construction of this bootie design.  It is knit flat from the toe up on two circular needles- all things I have never done.  However, with my success (so far) on my basic sock pattern, and my confidence in the book’s awesome tutorials, I may consider this a Christmas gift possibility.

Best of all, all of the patterns in this book can be made from my favorite brand of yarns, Rauma.  Rauma is difficult to locate in the United States.  I purchased mine from Blue Heron Knittery in Decorah, Iowa.  It would be worth a call to them to locate some Finul of your own.

Thanks for having me, Mom! (No pun intended ;) ) Come visit me at Kayla’s La-La Land for your needlework fix (free patterns!) and, coming soon: Thrifty WEDDING PLANNING!


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