Try it on Tuesdays: Civil War Legacies

Today on “Try it on Tuesday” I am reviewing a book that was sent to my by Martingale and Company, “Civil War Legacies” by Carol Hopkins.

If you are a reproduction quilter…if you like small pieces…if you like small projects, have I got the book for you.

During one of my visits to Country Threads, I saw this quilt, “Alexander’s Bean Pot”  from the book made…oh I loved it.

Civil War Legacies: Quilt Patterns for Reproduction Fabrics (That Patchwork Place)

The cover quilt is “Papa’s Birds”.  It’s another I’d love to have in my house.

Civil War Legacies: Quilt Patterns for Reproduction Fabrics (That Patchwork Place)

Are the pinks and browns great in this quilt?  I wish you could see the quilting in the pattern…gorgeous.

This is “Tomorrow Scarlet”.   I’ve made this quilt.

Some of the quilts in the book may look familiar to you.  Carol Hopkins has a pattern company and many of the quilts in the book were patterns before they were complied in a book.

This one is my favorite…simple but great, “Martin’s Pennies”.  I think it’s the colors….blue always calls my name.

I love the way Martingale has laid out the book.  There is picture of the quilt displayed as you might display it in your home, then there is a picture of the whole quilt.

Of course no Civil War pattern collection wouldn’t be complete without a star quilt.  This is “Stars to Freedom”.

..or a log cabin block.

I love the book and would love to keep it but I am passing it on to one of you. With 15 projects in the book, one is sure to please.

If you’d like to win, just leave a comment here telling what type of quilts you prefer to make.  The projects in this book are all small…do you prefer bed sized quilts..or maybe throws.

61 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesdays: Civil War Legacies”

  1. I am working a quilting a large quilt right now but I prefer (at the moment) to do lap size quilts and have recently started making minis. I have 6 grandkids so making large lap quilts seems to work the best right now. thanks for the chance to win a book. I enjoy reading your blog

  2. My favorite quilts are the scrappy kind with small pieces, in anything from vintage to modern fabric…my tastes are rather eclectic! I like to make all size of quilts…what I make depends on what it’s being used for and the fabric I have available. This book calls my name and shouts out “Fun!”!

  3. I like making bed-sized quilts the best, but have run out of beds to cover so now I am making little wall quilts. I’ll have to think of something different when I run out of walls! Have made baby quilts (and some big quilts too) for all of my 28 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. This looks like a great book. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  4. I like all types of quilts. Right now I am doing scrap quilts (Bonnie Hunter). But I love civil war fabrics and quilts made from them. I have made several quilts from JO Morton little women’s club. Some day some quilts are the way to go.

  5. I don’t have any preference for size, but seem to do a lot more wall quilts, or lap sized quilts. This book looks as if it has lots of lovely patterns in it to try

  6. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Surely it’s a “must have book”.
    I like all sorts of sizes. When I began quilting, I have made 2 bed quilts and it took me 4 years because I only hand quilted. Afterwards I made several wall quilts and now I try mini quilts and machine quilting. I am a civil war fabrics lover.
    Hugs from France

  7. This book looks like a great one to have. I have made small quilts and larger bed quilts. I tend to make a lot of small quilt hangings. I’ve got my collection of civil war fabrics all waiting to be cut! Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. The quilts in this book look wonderful. I plan large lap to queen size quilts. If I get bogged down then the project becomes a table runner or wall quilt!

  9. I love to make bed sized quilts, but lately I’ve been sewing mini-quilts for something completely different. Love using civil war repro fabrics. Oh my, aren’t the quilts in this book just wonderful. Already would like to make at least 4 straight up. Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. I have recently decided that I have a wall that would be perfect for displaying a collection of small quilts. Until now I have rarely made anything smaller that a lap quilt with the exception of a few baby quilts. A book of small projects would be wonderful.

  11. I have always made huge quilts but recently changed my interest to small tops. I just finished a Country Threads “All Around the Town” that is about 20 X 28 with all 4 inch blocks. I did it all from scraps left from a Lori Smith kit. My mominlaw, who is not a quilter, got me the pattern when I took her to Paducah to the show.

    ps: I also have a box of repros to use and would love to try these small patterns.

  12. All I seem to get done are small quilts and table runners. I have several lap and bed quilts I want to make though! This looks like a good book. Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  13. I love civil war and Jo Morton fabric and do a lot of scrap quilts. The Log Cabin in this book would be one I’d love to do. Try to make my quilts 90X106 no longer than 108. Would love to win this book. Thanks

  14. Love to make the smaller ones just to see progress faster, but also love a bed size for our beds and for gifts. Civil war speaks to me as all the fabrics play well together and when done, have the warm huggy safe feel.

  15. I like making all sizes of quilts. At the moment, I’m making 2 lap size and 1 bed sized quilt. The lap quilts are my first made in Civil War reproduction fabrics, and I’m learning to really appreciate them. I’d love to win this book. It looks like it’s filled with wonderful patterns!

  16. I seem to do the quilt the size that the pattern calls for, but when I finish it always want it bigger. That’s the way it was with my mini Dresden Plate quilt, I’ve gone from 9 plates, to 24, 12, to 40 plates. Or it’s the reverse – I want to try sewing it as a miniature. Also like that Log Cabin that you showed. Glad it gotten cooler here, keep piecing. From northern Iowa. . . .

  17. Right now I have to finish a baby quilt, the baby is due next week. I love big quilts every now and then. I seem to make more table runners, they’re quick and you can try out a lot of block designs. My favorite blocks are log cabin and anything stars. ;-> Toni Anne
    Thanks Jo, for replying to my comment yesterday, later I’m going to Oder Dawn’s DVD. Thanks again.

  18. My summer quilts just fill the top part of the mattress. In the winter my quilts drape over the sides. I enjoy working on all sizes of quilts . . . but maybe not king size! Lately I have been making Quilts of Valor (quilts for wounded warriors) and just mailed two off to Landstahl Army Hospital in Germany. I would love to win this book !

  19. I mostly make bed sized quilts bu lately have realy enjoyed workig with smaller pieces. Something about the challenge of getting that quarter inch so precise when you have tiny pieces appeals to me. I LOVE civil war fabric and have tons that needs to be sewn into quilts. This book would help me do that.
    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy reading about your projects and jaunt to quilt shops I’ll never get to visit.

  20. I have a short attention span, so prefer to make baby or throws. I have tackled larger bed-size quilts, but really had to struggle to stay with them.

  21. I have always made usable size quilts, mainly lap and queen size. But recently my friend has been helping me learn to work with “tiny” pieces doing hexies and mini reproductions so this book would be very informational to me. I agree with you, the blue just calls my name too even though I like some of the designs in the other quilts better. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I seem to make more lap/throw size quilts than anything else. I do most of my quilting by hand so this is big enough for me. I am handquilting a civil war quilt now.

    Thanks for a chance

  23. I haven’t seen that book and it looks like many quilts in the style I make!! The bed quilts I do make still barely make it to the edge of the bed, so I’d have to say I’ve a throw size quilt maker!!

  24. Jenelle Boxberger

    I love small projects. The biggest quilt I’ve made is a lap size quilt. I’m working my way up. Seems all I’ve been sewing lately I’ve been using Civil War fabric. Looks like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing.

  25. I love Alexander’s Bean Pot! The name alone calls out to me. I like making lap size quilts – they are so doable, and I don’t have much trouble quilting them on my machine. Lately I’ve been into the small quilts that finish up quickly. Scrap quilts are my favorite, and I love working with small pieces. By hook or crook, I’ll need this book! Thanks Jo for all you do.

  26. What a wonderful give away! Right now i am on the last side handstitching the binding on a queen size quilt. Just finished and gave away a baby quilt. Before that a wall hanging. A lap size quilt for a Christmas gift has all the blocks made & is scheduled to be sewn into flimsy & basted in September. I have 8 grandchildren in need of bed quilts, so those are in the queue, I guess i do not have a preference as to size. Thanks again! The book looks great.

  27. I see several quilts in this book that I would love to make! My favorite size is lap ~ any bigger than that is a struggle to quilt on my domestic machine. I have been holding on to a couple of nice wooden frames (about 20″ X 24″) to use to frame some small quilts with as soon as I find the right pattern. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. Love this giveaway! Love reproduction quilts! I’ve been working on a schoolhouse block quilt with alternating blocks of wool applique. This is the first time I have tried wool applique on a quilt. And it is quite a large quilt for me – 90″ x 90″. I envy you being able to visit Country Threads so often…. my DH is from Mason City so when we get the opportunity to visit family there, I ALWAYS have to make time for a visit to Country Threads!

  29. What a great book. I love the traditional style blocks and the civil war prints are great. Personally, I seem to make baby quilts for the local NICU’s and lap size quilts for gifts although I have made several queen size and the largest was about 118 x 118. I just took two Kim Diehl classes so my current projects are a wall quilt and a table topper. Thanks for your generosity.

  30. The quilts in this book are just lovely. My preference is lap size or smaller. That’s about all I can handle quilting on my DSM. I think I would make each of the quilts shown in this book. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. My new thing is free motion quilting. I finally realized that a short arm or long arm is not in my future, so I’ve been practicing my FMQ skills in order to FINISH my tops. Where there’s a will, there’s a way! :-)

  32. I make mostly lap-size quilts, wall hangings and miniatures, but have made a few bed-size quilts as well. Would love to win the book and try some of the patterns. I especially like “Tomorrow Scarlett” as I love quilts with red in them.

  33. I am working on the quilting of a log cabin quilt that is made of 3 inch squares. This was my take-along project for the past 3 winters in our RV. When I finish it, I want to make some mini quilts for my display frame. I’d love to win this book. It is truly calling to me.
    Linda in Southern Illinois

  34. I am very much a traditionalist quilter. I can really appreciate the beauty and liveliness of modern quilts, but I lean towards making older-fashioned quilts. I have seen this book and it is a beaut. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  35. I think I am a reproduction quilter at heart. I’ve dabbled in other styles, but keep coming back to reproduction. I think this book passes the “would you do four of these projects” test. Definitely one to add to the library. Thanks for the chance to win.

  36. I love reproduction, scrappy, small quilts, so this book seems like the perfect fit for me. I love her patterns that I have seen (although I haven’t seen any of the ones you show from the book). Thanks for the chance. I’ve never entered a blog giveaway before, so I must really want this book.

  37. Glenda in Florida

    I love miniatures–less than 8″ per side, but then they aren’t very practical except for decoration. I tend to make large bed sized quilts when I’m doing serious sewing. The beds in my house are king sized,and queen sized with extra deep matress. So, 110″ per side is more the norm! But, I make lots of baby quilts for charity,and they seem to go together so fast since they are smaller–though my friends tell me that even my baby quilts are on the large side! My guild has a challenge using Civil War fabrics this year, so this book looks interesting to me.

  38. I LOVE civil war era quilt fabric and patterns. It is my new passion. All of my “bright” fabric is being ignored. LOL. And I love collecting all books having to do with that era as well. Most of the quilts I make now are small or smaller. Even though I did invest in a Sweet Sixteen sit down machine I still prefer not to baste those biggies anymore! Thanks at a chance to win this book.

  39. I have made several bed quilts but I am presently working on the Vintage Holiday quilt for Christmas which is throw size. Next for the first time I am making a Dresdan Plate Christmas runner.I have always wanted to do the Dresdan but never did.So I guess you would say I do all different sizes.

  40. I love small quilts, but I haven’t yet tried one. I have made several bed size quilts – now I just need more beds so I can make more quilts. I do a lot of English Paper Piecing because I can take it with me anywhere I go. Thanks for giving me a chance to win this book.

  41. I do not discriminate by quilt size; I love to quilt. I start the big ones and the little ones, I put them in the UFO pile, I pull them out, I work on them and put them back again. . .sometimes I finish some. I ADORE the tiny HSTs in the star quilt you showcased for the book. I wonder if I could make them that sharp and crisp. . .

  42. I have looked at this book several times….thinking oh no not another one. I am so drawn to these quilts. I would be thrilled to win. Thanks for the chance.

  43. I have made lots of different patterns. I don’t have a favorite and am always trying something new. I am starting a Star of Bethlehem quilt class tomorrow night and I am really excited about it. Thanks for the give away.

  44. Right now I’m working on a simple rag quilt only i’m using denim and flannel. the only other rag quilt I made I used homespun for my sister which turned out great. I have a couple others planned, I have a top finished of a pattern I came up with that I think I may decataur knot together, and I have one tumbling block one that I’ve been working off and on since 2001 because I’m hand stitching that one together! I still feel like I’m new to the quilting community…but so far I do love it!

  45. I like small quilts with small pieces. The larger the quilts, the larger the pieces I use in them.
    Oh, I would love to win this book, it’s got my name written all over it!

  46. I make mostly scrappy quilts these days (1800s or 30s) and alternate between queen size and ‘small’ quilts. This book would be perfect for me! DArting birds as been ‘on the list’ for some time!

  47. This is so timely! I’m just starting to experiment with civil-war-ish style quilts and would enjoy learning more. I’m attempting to up-size a lap quilt from “Love of Quilting”. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book!

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