Try it on Tuesday….You’ll like this one….

It seems that lots of people are trying out Ecolux’s new LED light for their sewing machines…Some time ago, I read that the gals from Country Threads were loving theirs so I decided to give them a try.  Kim the president of Ecolux sent one for me to give away to a reader.  Then Kim asked if I would like one on my travel machine when I went to Moline….I said, “SURE”.  Then I got to Moline with my Featherweight and realized I didn’t have bobbins with for it and wouldn’t be using it so Kelli begged me for the light…I gave in…and let her use it….

Well, she liked it so much, I guess I’ve given up and am letting her have it for good.

When I worked at the booth for Country Threads at the Cincinnati Quilt Festival, we were selling Ecolux lights.  It was great to be able to talk about, demonstrate and recommend the lights.  I love them that much!!

You can learn more about them here on their website.

Since then, I have seen other bloggers using the lights and liking them…here’s Bonnie from Quiltville’s review and here’s Judy from Patchwork Times’ review.

Kim was so good and send one for me to giveaway to you.  The one that I have to give is a 3 light version…These are best for a machine with a small throat.  Most modern machines can handle a 6 light strip.  The three strip lights are especially good for Featherweights and travel machines.

If you are looking to treat yourself for Mother’s Day….this might be just the item you need.

Want a chance to win….let a comment that says what your favorite Mother’s Day gift is….I’ll tell you mine.  Help from my kids to get caught up on all the little things (Kids, if you are reading this…HINT, HINT!!)

Have you tried anything new….Tell us about it!   Did you buy a new pattern…try a new recipe.  SHARE!!

Oops..before I forget the winner of the book “More Take Five Quilts” is….

More Take 5 Quilts: 16 New Quick and Easy Projects (That Patchwork Place)

Karen K who is thinking about starting to quilt…GO FOR IT Karen…you’ll love it!

115 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday….You’ll like this one….”

  1. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, extra light would be great! For Mothers Day, the best gift is to simply spend time or hear from the kids.

  2. I’m not a mother, so I don’t have a favorite mother’s day gift, although I am making my mom a snap bag for mother’s day this year.

  3. My best mother’s day gift is a day alone without having to go anywhere. My current role is taxi driver for my children. I would love some better light on my travel machine as I am just transitioning to readers :-(. Thanks for the offering

  4. My favorite Mother’s Day gift is dinner made by my kids….I’m the one always cooking and I like it when they treat me……and it doesn’t matter what they fix….I’m happy with burgers on the grill and chips.

  5. Boy, do I ever need one of those lights. These old eyes are growing weary. I think my best Mother’s Day gift was a simple call from my boys. They don’t live close so I love hearing from them. It’s doesn’t happen often, so I treasure each one.

  6. Happy Mother’s Day to you! My family is MALE. I’m blessed when the visit me for Mother’s day. Dear Hubby always cooks something special for me that evening. I have a Featherweight that would love one of these lights. Take care!

  7. My favorite Mother’s Day gift was my very first one, a Chihuahua Beanie Baby. I would love to win the light for my Janome Platinum.

  8. My favorite gift is for my 5 yr old DS to give me a big hug and say,”I love you, Mommy.” Anything else is just topping on the cake, so to speak.

  9. My favorite Mother’s Day gift is a day on my own to do whatever I please with no demands or schedules to follow! These lights sound great!! Old age is setting in-can’t see as well as I used to!!!

  10. I don’t have a favorite Mother’s Day, day really. I had my son 1 month before my 13th anniversary, he is everything I’ve ever wanted. He will be 13 next month, the fact that I am lucky enough to be his mother, means everyday is Mother’s Day to me. Happy Mother’s Day to you! ;-> Toni Anne

  11. The best Mother’s Days include time spent with children and grandchildren. The sons usually cook the dinner and I receive something for the garden. Can’t get better than thatl I would love to win the light, as I get older I find that it takes more light to be able to see. Thanks

  12. Happy Mother’s Day to us all!
    Without a hope of winning, I’ll just tell you that I would love a light like that – winter days are dull here in the Northwest and it would surely ease my eyesight for sewing.
    My favorite present for this occasion is for my family to take me out for breakfast – I’m a cheap date!

  13. I think I need one of these lights. I have an overhead light, a machine light, a light desk light and 2 daylight lights by my machine. I also stitch in front of a window. Maybe it is my over 50 eyes, but I never have enough light when I sew.

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was getting the hair on my legs lasered off. (This was something I asked for).

  14. Sandy A in St. Louis

    My favorite mother’s day gift to give is something homemade like a cake or cookies. If it is something quilty, then it is a table runner. No kids, so no mother’s day gifts for me. :)

  15. My mother has passed, so my favorite tradition is my son takes me to breakfast, just to two of us, and then we go to the cemetary and give Mom a rose. You are never to old to miss your Mommy.

  16. My favorite mother’s day gift is visiting with my children and grandchildren. My second favorite gift is an Ecolux light! Happy Mother’s Day! ~Jeanne

  17. My children bought an iTouch for me one Mother’s Day. I was SO delighted. It is like having a little computer at the touch of your finger tips. Thanks for the giveaway :-)

  18. I would love to try this light on my featherweight. Thanks for the info. I love an assortment of annual plants for Mother’s day.

  19. I look at Mother’s Day as being every day. I cannot pick one specific gift that meant more than any other. I am so lucky to have wonderful relationships with all 3 of my children. As a Mom, I wish one didn’t live in California and one in Texas, but I am so thankful one only lives 5 miles away. I am blessed everytime I hear their voices.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all!

  20. I think I would have to say my favorite Mother’s day gifts are my children and now grandchildren. They make life special.

    Happy Mothers Day to you and thanks for a chance at the light strip..

  21. Jody Edwards

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift was a sentence my son wrote about me last year which showed that he was really listening, and really noticing, certain things I had been saying/doing for him and his sisters. He’s 9, and has Asperger’s, so it was a big deal. I’d share what he said, but it’s too special to me for posting in a comment. He’s a sweet boy, and I will always treasure that little sentence he wrote about me.

  22. When the kiddos were little, my favorite gifts were the ones they made for me. Now my favorite gift is just having everyone here for a big potluck and fun day.

  23. Bernice Ramsey

    My favorite gift was a day doing just what I wanted. No cooking, cleaning just the whole day in my sewing room or on the deck reading. It was great and I hope I get another one this year. MY husband even took care of the dogs. Bernice and the Poodle Herd

  24. My favorite Mother’s Day gift would be to spend time with my kids and grandkids on that day. Nothing else compares! Also would love to win this light! Thanks for the chance.

  25. What would make me happy this Mother’s Day is at least a text message from my daughter who I haven’t talked to or seen since Thanksgiving. The light would be a dream come true. Thanks.

  26. My favorite Mother’s Day gift was giving birth to my first son. I usually get breakfast in bed and homemade cards which are true treasures. My mom and I are giving each other a quilt trip this summer as our gift to one another.
    I would love to have the light to add to my quilter’s toolbox.

  27. We poor moms – we always give to our children, right?!? My favorite Mother’s Day gift is always a Amex gift card to spend wherever I like – usually at the fabric shops :*) Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  28. Linda (Petey)

    Like so many others, my favorite ‘gift’ is just to be able to spend time together. DH and I are blessed to still have our mothers (at a young 90). Then our daughter and grandkids add 3 and we have a happy gathering! Bless all mothers. And yes the eyes start to fade and a good light would help much. Thanks for a chance.

  29. What I great idea. I’d never seen these lights, so thanks for sharing! I’m not a mom, but I have great respect for mothers (my own, my sisters, my friends…). My favorite mother’s day gift that I’ve _given_ was a poster with cheesy poem about mothers that I gave to my mom when I was probably ten or twelve. She still has it in a frame on her bedroom wall, which I hope makes her feel as warm and fuzzy as it makes me feel when I see it.

  30. debbie siltala

    my favorite mothers’ day would be to spend the day with MY mother. They live about 11=12 hours away so that doesn’t happen too often. I would love to win the light, I was given a featherweight last year by my husband’s cousin’s wife (none of her girls were interested in it and she wanted someone in the family to have it, I was thrilled) The only thing about the feather weight is that the lighting isn’t terrific. thanks for the chance

  31. Would love to win one of these as I have poor lighting ( all in the ceiling) and it sucks to try and sew at night. Plus I think I am getting older! LOL Need more lighting!
    My favorite Mother’s Day gifts are a handmade card, having time with my daughter- to just hangout and maybe go for a walk. I don’t always get gifts- which is ok, I would have to give her money to buy it anyway!
    Happy Mom’s Day to all you readers!
    Thanks Jo- have a fantastic Mom’s Day!

  32. debbie siltala

    my favorite mothers’ day would be to spend the day with MY mother. They live about 11-12 hours away so that doesn’t happen too often. I would love to win the light, I was given a featherweight last year by my husband’s cousin’s wife (none of her girls were interested in it and she wanted someone in the family to have it, I was thrilled) The only thing about the feather weight is that the lighting isn’t terrific. thanks for the chance

  33. My favorite Mother’s Day present is for my kids to help my hubby make a meal and let me do some quilting. You can never have too much light on your projects. Thanks for the opportunity.

  34. My most favorite mothers day present is having my kids and grandkids
    around. Flowers or plants would be my second. Actually I like my kids and Gkids
    around any time.
    I just recently read about this on Judy L’s blog. Looks like a good one.

  35. My favorite mothers day gift was when they would try and make me breakfast in bed and bring it up with a tray and their homemade cards. They are all young adults now so this is just a fond memory ( some of them rarely get out of bed before noon). My featherweight is set up in my basement so definately need more lights.

  36. My favorite mothers day is to have my kids and Gkids around.
    They are all growing up so fast I don’t see them as much.
    I always like handmade items and plants.
    Saw this light recently on July L’s blog. Looked it up and it
    looks like it will work great.
    Nancy L

  37. Best gift ever was from my son when he was 7. He shopped in the “kid’s church shop” and bought me a small jewelry box. So cute, and he was so proud of his purchase.

  38. The best Mother’s Day gift I could have would be a whole, complete day to myself to quilt away, without interruption, not having to cook…… well, you get the idea! Or, maybe a gift certificate to my favorite quilt store! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. My favorite Mothers Day gift is spending time with my boys, their wives and my grandaughters. My mother died on Mothers Day when i was 13 years old. So, I cherish my time with my children.

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  41. Used to when I thought of the perfect Mother’s day, (we are being honest here right?) was the thought hubby would take the kids to play for a while and I could have a nap! Then they got older and I just wanted silence. (I had loud kids!) Now, I would love to have the loud, rowdy, messiness for the day. They all have grown and scattered across the US and I miss them so much.
    I have been completely covered by my sewing room this week. I decided I had too much wasted space. The fabric was not stored efficiently. I couldn’t find things I knew I owned. So I have completely demolished the room and have washed and dried every piece of fabric. Now I am refolding, rearranging, and replacing. Wish me luck!

  42. My best mothers day gift was last year when my husband refinished my kitchen table. It has been nice to see our table without gouges and scribbles. I also love that my boys get excited to make me breakfast in bed – a simple bagel with cream cheese and bacon on top.

  43. I never have enough light. I would love one of these. I love to get anything quilty or for the garden for Mother’s Day.

  44. I always ask for a clean house for Mother’s Day. I don’t always get it. I have been working on my free motion quilting. It is an ongoing battle. Some days I am great at it and some days it just sucks to be me!!! Would love to have the light. I never seem to have enough!!

  45. Since my kids live out of the area, it’s nice to hear from them on Mother’s Day. Those lights look pretty cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  46. Oh my! What a generous giveaway! I have been coveting these lights. My old eyes would certainly appreciate the extra help! Thank you for the opportunity to put my name into the hat! Mother’s Day is hard now that we are empty nesters. Thrilled that our sweet college girl will be home for the weekend, but Afghanistan is a long way for our boy to travel. I’ll celebrate Mother’s Day again when he gets home. A favorite Mother’s Day gift is the sparkling eyes from both kids as they handed me their fresh picked wildflower boquet that they had gathered in the pasture.

  47. I always look forward to a nice long phone conversation with my son on Mothers’ Day. He lives far away and always sends me flowers, but it’s the phone call that I love the most.

  48. Wow, I’d love to win an Ecolux light for my old Kenmore. That would be absolutely SUPER!
    This year, our only child has left home and moved out of state. The most wonderful gift will be to have him come for a visit. It’s a long drive (7 hours one way) but he visits often – a real treasure for his mom that misses him. Also to honor me, DH plans to slow-smoke a turkey. YUM! Nothing tastes better than food someone else cooked.

  49. My favorite Mother’s Day gift is spending time with my children and grandchildren. This year I will be spending the day with my oldest daughter and my granddaughter for the first time in a very long time. I would love to win the light for my little Janome. Thanks for the chance to win.

  50. My daughter is 12, going on 13. The best mother’s day present I got is when she went to the dollar store and bought me a Joann’s gift card without me knowing about it…with her own money!

  51. I would love one of the lights to travel with me to classes. Always need more light when the eyes get a little age on them. My new fav thing I recently tried is a gift from my DD from is a Rowenta travel iron. It is lightweight and heats very well. You can also use water if needed. Love it, need the light to travel with it.haha

  52. I would love to win this light. My favorite gift for mother’s day would be flowers to plant in beds or sit out on my patio.

  53. I would really love to win those lights, cause I can hardly sew in nightime with the normal lighting on my sewingmachine. Since I don’t yet have kids, I can only tell you what my mother thought was the best mothers-day gift so far. Two years ago, shortly before mothers day, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a very tough time for all of us. Since it wasn`t long till mothers day, I sewed the whole night and minimized my sleeping to four hours to make her a heart pillow and a lap quilt to take with her to chemo. Now she is doing well, but she still loves the quilt and tells everybody about this one.

  54. I’m not a Mom, but the best gift I give to mine is a trip to San Diego right around Mother’s Day. This way I can do what so many other Mom’s like…spend time with her. I think the light is going to get on my Janome Gem Gold 2 as well as my Mom’s very soon.

  55. The best thing for me is when my boy’s make me cards…spelling mistakes and pictures of me with yellow hair! It’s great! Happy Mother’s Day!

  56. my husband sucks at Mother’s Day, but i LOVE getting little hand drawn cards from my daughter. that totally makes my day!

  57. I saw you at the Cincinnati Quilt festival but didn’t buy one, planning on looking first and going back later…. BIG mistake, as I was lost and couldn’t locate the booth later! LOL My best present is one i give myself, a vaca after mothers day…. wouold be nice if someone came and cleaned my house while I was gone! LOL


    My very favorite gift is time spent with my girls and my grands! My 2nd favorite is the gift certificates to the quilt shop!! Thanks for the chance to win.

  59. My favourite Mother’s day present is an album made with my girls’ pictures and poems for mother’s day.

    thanks for a chance to win

  60. I would love this light to go on my Janome Jem I take to class with me. My favorite Mother Day’s gift is when the kids cook supper on the BBQ with salads and make dessert. Love it!

  61. My favorite mother’s day gift is a polaroid picture of one of my boys taken in Sunday school when he was 3 and pasted onto a wooden standup frame. Years later when he was a teenager I retrieved it from the trash. He had thrown it away thinking it was silly and in typical teenage fashion was exasperated with me for rescuing it. He’s 23 now and I’m very proud of him, but many days still miss that little boy in the picture. :-)

  62. Jane from PA

    Who doesn’t need a super terrific light! I have 4 adult children and my favorite Mother’s Day is when they are all home at the same time…, and laughter reigns! Thanks, Jane

  63. First let me just say that I need one of these lights. The best Mother’s Day gift would be for both my kids to show up unannounced and take me to dinner and a movie.

  64. Sharon Judkins

    I would really like to get me one of these lights so it would be so nice to win one. My favorite Mothers Day gift would be to have all 3 of my kids home and spend the day with them. Not going to happen, but I can hope!

  65. My favorite Mother’s Day was a little wooden cat that my boys picked out for me when they were 10 and 11. I still have the cat even tho the puppy chewed one of its ears off. They always send me special gifts but the cat remains the favorite.

  66. Although I’m not a mother, my favorite Mother’s Day gift that I remember giving to my Mom, was a freshly dug-up and re-potted purple swamp violet that she put into her garden. I was seven and my Dad helped me with the shovel, but I picked it out myself. Thank you for the chance to recall that memory.

  67. My favorite Mothers Day gift would be breakfast in bed and not having to cook the rest of the day. No kids, so hubby will have to cook. I consider my 3 dogs my kids. I would love to win this light. Still have not seen them in the quilt shops I have been to in my area. Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Mothers Day to you.

  68. My best Mother’s day is when I have the day to myself. The grown kids and DH plan the meal including dessert, and the clean up.
    I would love this light for my small Janome. Although, I like the machine for sewing, the lighting is terrible. Thank you for the giveaway.

  69. Deb G. in VA

    I don’t have any kids, but I would love to be able to spend the day with my mom and take her out to eat. As my eyes get older (unlike the rest of me!), I seem to need more light to see … would love to win! Thanks for the giveaway!

  70. Fav mothers day gift is when my kids take me out for ice cream. Thanks for chance to win the light.

  71. Rhonda Desgranges

    Great giveaway! These “old” eyes sure could use that light! Favorite Mother’s Day gift is anything to do with fabric. Love spending the day with my famiy. Thanks for the chance
    to win!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all!!!!!

  72. I have always wanted a Featherweight to take to Guild meetings and quilt retreats. Today one fell into my lap. It was donated to our Church rummage sale and the ladies saved it for me. An early Mother’s Day present, I’m still walking on air.

  73. I just love having the kids and grandkids visit for awhile on Mother’s Day, they usually give my flowers for the perininal bed. I would love to win the light, these eyes NEEDS it badly.

  74. We usually take out something for dinner to avoid dine-in crowds and do some gardening as a family! awolk at rogers dot com

  75. The perfect mother’s day gift would be just spending time with my three kids and their spouses, spouse-to-be and my granddaughter.

  76. Well, I’m not a mom but the greatest gift I got on Mother’s Day was a card from my 12 nieces and nephews (and various “significant others) telling what an influence I was on their lives as their “second mom” and a rose from each and everyone of them. Big bouquet!!

    I would like to have a chance on the lights. I have actually been looking at them since you first mentioned them on your blog.

  77. I’m not a mother, so I haven’t received any Mother’s Day gifts. I’ve already given my mom part of her gift this year, a brand new set of sheets. Since I’ve been doing her laundry for a little while now, I’ve noticed that her sheets are very old. I’m sure that she bought them at a thrift store or garage sale. I bet these will be the first new sheets that she has had in over 25 years. On Mother’s Day, I’ll give her a card with scratch off lottery tickets – probably her favorite gift. Thanks for sharing.

  78. I have seen several reviews on these lights and they look great!

    My favorite Mother’s Day gift is really cheap….all I ask my daughters to do is to tell me in words how much they love me and appreciate what they do for me. Then they have to give me a big hug! I tell them that I don’t need “stuff” – just an expression of love.

  79. My favorite Mother’s Day gift is to have my grandkids with me. It’s hard because they want to be with their Mom too but every once in awhile it works out that they are with their Mom in the morning and my Son brings them over later for dinner. Love it.

  80. Mother’s Day – I always feel just a bit guilty, like I don’t really deserve all that my kids do for me.
    They are super gift givers. I love the baskets of perennials, but the time spent together is the most precious.
    i, too, have seen several reviews on these lights – I would love one. Maybe someday!

  81. Every year my (adult) children give me a beautiful hanging fuschia for the entryway. I wouldn’t mind going out to dinner, though…

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  83. I hope it’s nit to late to enter…. my favorite Mother’s Day gift so far was the Nook Color they gave last year. I’ve used it nearly everyday! ;) I wish I’d thought to ask fir a LED light, but oh well – my birthday is in July ;)

    Love from Indiana, bonnie

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  85. My favorite Mother’s Day gift is time spent with my adult kids, especially when they help me with outside projects. The light is something I could really use. Thanks for the chance to win.

  86. Phyllis Limiero

    I don’t have a “favorite” gift for Mothers’ Day except to hear from my kids who live in California and Ethiopia and to spend time with kids who live in Colorado. Eating together and playing ponies with litle girls is the best.

  87. How perfect, I have a featherweight with a broken light that desperately needs repair after being mishandled on a recent quilt cruise. I walked past the employees loading the bags into the assigned rooms and saw a ginormous pile of suitcases. I gasped as I had taken the extra effort to carry on my machine on the airline but once we checked into the cruise ship we were not allowed to carry on any baggage. So rules are rules and my nice machine in perfect working condition arrived in my room with a broken light fixture. Not happy to say the least. Anyway this world be the perfect fix until I am able to get the machine repaired properly.

  88. My mothers day gift was for 2 kids, Danielle and Chris, treated me to grill steaks at my sons house, my daughter bought me roses and italian cream cake for the dinner. spending time with my grown children is the best Mothers day gift I can possible imagine

  89. Dorothy Matheson

    This years Mother’s Day gift was a great one. Trip of 50 miles to a very nice fabric store to purchase fabrics. I picked out what I wanted and it did add up. My husband drove and took my Mom and I to the store and out to eat.
    A very fun day for Me.
    Yes I would love the light.

  90. My favorite Mother’s Day gift is hearing from my grown children! The light would be perfect for my Featherweight, which is the machine I always take to classes. Some class locations have very poor lighting.

  91. Karen Nicholson

    I would love to have the light for my travel machine. My favorite Mother’s Day gift has been the handmade cards from my kids. I even got one this year and my daughter is an adult. It shows their heart and that’s what I treasure the most as a mom.

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