Try it on Tuesday….You’ll like this one….

It seems that lots of people are trying out Ecolux’s new LED light for their sewing machines…Some time ago, I read that the gals from Country Threads were loving theirs so I decided to give them a try.  Kim the president of Ecolux sent one for me to give away to a reader.  Then Kim asked if I would like one on my travel machine when I went to Moline….I said, “SURE”.  Then I got to Moline with my Featherweight and realized I didn’t have bobbins with for it and wouldn’t be using it so Kelli begged me for the light…I gave in…and let her use it….

Well, she liked it so much, I guess I’ve given up and am letting her have it for good.

When I worked at the booth for Country Threads at the Cincinnati Quilt Festival, we were selling Ecolux lights.  It was great to be able to talk about, demonstrate and recommend the lights.  I love them that much!!

You can learn more about them here on their website.

Since then, I have seen other bloggers using the lights and liking them…here’s Bonnie from Quiltville’s review and here’s Judy from Patchwork Times’ review.

Kim was so good and send one for me to giveaway to you.  The one that I have to give is a 3 light version…These are best for a machine with a small throat.  Most modern machines can handle a 6 light strip.  The three strip lights are especially good for Featherweights and travel machines.

If you are looking to treat yourself for Mother’s Day….this might be just the item you need.

Want a chance to win….let a comment that says what your favorite Mother’s Day gift is….I’ll tell you mine.  Help from my kids to get caught up on all the little things (Kids, if you are reading this…HINT, HINT!!)

Have you tried anything new….Tell us about it!   Did you buy a new pattern…try a new recipe.  SHARE!!

Oops..before I forget the winner of the book “More Take Five Quilts” is….

More Take 5 Quilts: 16 New Quick and Easy Projects (That Patchwork Place)

Karen K who is thinking about starting to quilt…GO FOR IT Karen…you’ll love it!

115 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday….You’ll like this one….”

  1. HI, I’d love help getting my yard into shape so I have more time to sew!

    I’d love to win one of these lights. I sew in my basement and there is not enough light and I’m tripping over lamps in my small space.

    Happy Mothers day to everyone who shares their mother energy with others in the world.


  2. My favorite Mothers Day gift… That would have to be the candy bar my daughter picked out herself, and bought with her own money. And she didn’t even pick her favorite, she picked one we both like! Would <3 to win the Ecolux light, so if it isn't too late, enter me please? tyvm!

  3. I’m not a Mother but I used to have one. My favorite gift would be a chance to tell her how much I miss her.

    I have been seriously considering these lights since I first saw them on Bonnie Hunters blog. I think they would be perfect for my old Bernina 1130 or my older featherweight from 1939 (it was my Moms’).

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. My favorite gift was taking me to brunch! It was such fun to be with my kids! I really could use that light. My eyes just could use it! Thanks

  5. That light would be great! (Especially when I thread my old Singer. Ahhhhhhh the humanity!!)
    Thank for the opportunity.

  6. Ive tried to post a comment to win the light but it won’t go through. I hope this is not a duplicate.

    For mothers day, I’d love to have help getting my yard ready for summer so I’d have more time to sew!

    Happy mothers day to everyone who shares mothering energy with others in this world.


  7. I hope I win… I’ve been looking for this light and haven’t had success yet. I like that it fits on the machine doesn’t have such a cord dangling.

  8. I’ve been wondering about these lights since I read Bonnie Hunter’s blog about them, now another great blog to bookmark! Would love to have one for “Feather” since my eyes aren’t what they used to be! My Mother’s Day treat is to be able to enjoy family & friends & do something that I enjoy like sewing, riding, or gardening as I see fit!

  9. My best gifts this year were calls from my grownup children. They both live in other states and with all of us having busy lives we probably don’t call each other as often as we should. It was wonderful to catch up on their lives and find out what all the grandchildren are doing.
    ps I just went to a retreat and it would have been wonderful to have extra light on my travel machine.

  10. I’m not a mother but I am taking very good care of my mother. She’s the one who passed on the sewing/quilting addition. I could use this light for my not so young eyes anymore.

  11. My favorite Mother’s day gift is time with my family. I’m very blessed to have such a fantastic family.

    I love your blog and thanks for the chance at a light.

    Jo Anna

  12. Wow. This would be great for my travel machine; I wouldn’t need to take along extra lighting. Favorite Mother’s Day gift – this year I received a bag chair with an adjustable canopy – so I can sit in the shade at DD’s softball and soccer games!

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  15. I started sewing when I was very young, well I had to if I had anything to wear, my mother worked and who knows where my father was, my grandmother would cut me out patterns from newspaper and I would go home and hunt up some (rags) material and sew them up, sometimes they would be different colors in my dress, a lot of feed sacks. now I am leaning to make quilts. I have an old sewing machine my mother gave me. maby one of these days I can buy me a nice sewing machine, I would love that. I have two daughters and 5 grandchildren they are my life. thank you an god bless.

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