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Today is the day I’ve designated to start working through the taxes.  It’s a chore I absolutely hate.  I swear if I ever get audited I am just going to hand them a box of receipts and say fine…have your crack and mess and let me know what I owe.   Paper work and I are not friends.

I did get far enough into the pile to realize that I spend entirely too much money on postage so somehow I need to make some changes to “Try it on Tuesday” but  don’t know quite what to do….so for now, I am thinking about it a bit and taking a week off but will dole out the books and giveaway items that have already been up for grabs.  If anyone has any ideas about how to do this without so much cost to me, I’ll gladly take some suggestions.

The winner of the book from Kansas City Star,  “Comfort and Devotion: A Quilting Tribute to Nurses of the Civil War” by Sarah Maxwell and Dolores Smith is  Dee Larkin who said, ” My parents had 2 girls when they decided to move to Des Moines so that my dad could go to med school. My mother put dad through school while raising a family. My dad was a dr. and I always felt that he was a “horse and buggy” dr. He made house calls even in the middle of the night…and took phone calls all the time regardless of the time of day. I do have an aunt who is a nurse. I also have a cousin-in-law that is a nurse. I am a board member for our local hospital auxiliary, also.”

From InterweaveQuilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson. The winner is Kwiley who said, “I’ve seen this book online – but never to flip thru – love the photos you included!  I love this style but have only attempted a mug rug mat size piece from left over bonus triangles from a larger quilt….then I quilted it in a spiral method.  I would love the book to get more tips and patterns to go from! thanks for a chance to win – love your blog and what you offer to your reader!”

Quilting Modern - jacket art

From Interweave Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration by Malka Dubrawsky …The winner is Libby Smith who said, ” I have no cover. My machine (no name) deserves a cover. Come to think of it, she deserves a name, too. How about Faithful Pfaff? Faith, for short.”

Fresh Quilting - jacket art

Quilting Fabric at the Fat Quarter Shop

From Fat Quarter Shop  two mini charms of the fabric line Wrens Friends.  That’s the same line our latest Quilty Magazine quilt was made from.  It’s so cute!! The winner is   Amy (NW WI) said, OMGoodness Jo! This is simplistically AWESOME!!!!!  I haven’t purchased any mini-charms, but I did receive an adorable pack as a gift from a friend; it’s a lovely set of Civil war-ish RWB’s. This pattern would look AMAZING as a QOV using those up, with a lovely flag-cream background I have. I just hope I have enough of it; otherwise, off I go a’shopping!

If you haven’t been head over and check out Amy’s blog.

That’s all for now.  Remember if you have any suggestions, pass them along.

11 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Winners”

  1. Why not ask for the cost of shipping. You are doing the work of the blog so you get “gifts” to share, just say the winner of this book will have to pay $ shipping:)

  2. Are you printing Media Mail postage online? I also see nothing wrong with asking for a 2.00 donation or whatever. You do a LOT for quilters and for charity.

  3. hello! i think it’s fair to ask the winners to contribute to the cost of postage. i know that i would be willing…
    also: so excited today- i just got some of your fabric on sale at the LQS. it’s yellow, with tiny red and black flowers. it was only $2/yd!!!! i think i’ll have to go back and get more!

  4. Don’t forget that PayPal offers discounted shipping, as well. Just use as the URL…it’ll ask for your logon, then direct you to a page to enter the name & address of your recipient. You can even add insurance & you get to select your mailing speed. Sometimes, it’s best to test-drive the shipping..sometimes, it’s cheaper to go by Priority Rate, as opposed to the Parcel Rate for the same package. Crazy, and no wonder the USPS is going broke, but there ya have it. Just email me if you have questions or problems! (the discount is about 15% from the over-the-counter rate, plus, you can print your labels at home, then just drop your package in any mailbox, including your own!)

  5. Jo, Been thinking about your “kitchen ” post yesterday a lot !!! Don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does… your family will be getting bigger with spouses and grandchildren added, please don’t cheat yourself out of space in your kitchen. I never have enough room for anything and while that antique cabinet is beautiful, your original plan is better! Also just wondered if you could re-arrange the bath and laundry room you need a tub there ??

  6. I think you could ask the recipient to pay the postage. They are still getting something for a very good price.

  7. I too think if I were to win something I would gladly pay. That way you would not have to leave anyone out such as Canada or international blog readers.

  8. I agree that you should charge for postage. Maybe you could see what most of your books ship for and use that number. Ship via Media Mail as it is cheaper than regular mail. Reuse the boxes that the books are ship to you in. Just relabel. When you do your giveaways, just list the shipping cost so that way it’s up front and people can decide if they want to enter. They can send you money via PayPal using your email address. Print shipping online (to save money) and you are all set. Just print on regular paper and tape on package. Don’t waste money on labels. You do a great service to all of us who follow your blog. I know I’m grateful that I found your blog. You’ve been a great inspiration for me as a new quilter ;c)

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