Try it on Tuesday: Update

Earlier this year I wrote a bit about how Try it Tuesdays are getting really expensive for me….it’s true, they are.  I know that because I’ve been spending time over the last week working on tax preparations.  Hubby and I both almost fell over when we saw the grand total of the postage expenses for the year.


In light of that we will no longer be doing Try it on Tuesday’s.  That doesn’t mean we won’t be reviewing products or books.  It just means we will intermix them randomly when they fit into our schedule.  We’re going to try that for a a couple months and see if that might just work out a little better for us.

We’re sorry if this makes any of you sad….In the mean time, if you missed last week’s post, I still haven’t picked a winner…I’ll do that later this week after the tax appointment and I can come up for a breather.

5 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Update”

  1. i don’t blame you a bit Jo, for rescheduling your “Try it on Tuesday” postings. We’ve had a similar unexpected situation happening at our house in this new year, where expenses in two previously unrelated categories have suddenly increased. As a result i’ve also had to do some cutting back and shifting of the budget.
    it’s times like these that I’m so glad i have stockpiled resources to turn to for quilting, reading, and other time-spending alternatives. Like the ants in Winter, i can get by on what i’ve stockpiled during the Summer and move the outflow of pennies to where they are most needed now.

  2. I understand the budget issue with postage, but I do hope you researched the best rates. Most of what you send can probably go Media mail, which is usually less than first class. Using a PayPal multi-order shipping link can also save money over post office prices. I loved your posts, and enjoyed learning about the new books and products you’ve received. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I completely understand the shipping prices. I’ve been selling on ebay a while and this past year I kept better track of the actual shipping costs – Unbelievable!!! There is no profit in giving all your money to the post office! Love the product reviews, it’s put me onto a few new necessities.

  4. I hope you still do the product reviews, even w/o the give aways! I like hearing about new products. I never win anything anyway! LOL no sour grapes, just the truth!

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