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Back when our beagle Gracie was with us, I wrote about how afraid Gracie was of thunder and of gun shots.  Several people suggested that I try a “Thundershirt” for her.  I wrote to the Thundershirt company and asked if we could give it a try and they sent me a Thundershirt.


The premise of the Thundershirt is for dogs to wear it when they are scared.  The compression of the shirt suppose to help alleviate the stress the pet is feeling.  In fact, their motto is, “Takes the “pet” out of petrified”.  The creators claim that 80% of dogs feel better when wearing it in stressful situations.  You can learn more about here on their website.

Sadly,  we were set to give the Thundershirt a try and then Gracie passed away.  I kept the Thundershirt thinking that we might need it for Ruby but we don’t.  Our family has worked really hard with Ruby to help her not be afraid practicing kenneling, leaving her and working to make her feel secure.  When the kids are out target shooting, I make them take Ruby with all the time and now she thinks nothing of the loud noises.  She is such a goofy dog and has no fear.  She runs towards the action all the time.

I have no idea if these work for stressed dogs…I just know that seeing Gracie stressed like this made me want to try something.

I am giving away the Thundershirt.  They come in specific sizes so if you have a dog that is beagle sized, or in the 15-25 pound range and want to give it a try, leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner next week.

Writing this post had me shuffling through old photos of Gracie…I still really miss her but at the same time am glad to have Ruby in my life.  I can say, I don’t plan on living life without a beagle.

20 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Thundershirt”

  1. I would love to give this shirt a try. Patches does not like to go to the groomers, and always senses when he has to go. He shivers and shakes and hide under the bed. This just might be the thing we need.

  2. I would love to try it for our Shiba Inu Ally. She has become increasingly more anxious with thunder and other loud noises.

  3. Jennifer Robertson

    what a sad but lovely story. It’s amazing how pets can affect our lives with unconditional love.

    I have never heard of this type of shirt before. I have a 20-pound yorkie-westie mix who tries to hide under anything he can when the thunder is a-rolling. He goes berzerk when the vacuum is running too. I wonder….

  4. My little Maltese only barks when it storms, but my BFF got one of these for her Jack Russell. It totally works. How sweet of you to pass the Thundershirt on to a deserving puppy!

  5. I have friends that have used the Thundershirt with great results. Our younger beagle, Chase, is afraid of storms and now, gunfire. This seems to be getting worse as he gets older. Our other beagle, Skylar, has never been afraid. They are just different dogs. I’ve been thinking about trying one of the shirts for Chase. Thanks the chance at winning one!

  6. I would love to give this a try for my Bichon Friese-Maltese cross. Now that I’m back at work, she is showing signs of anxiety and not eating. I’ve been thinking of giving the Thundershirt a try.

  7. i don’t need to be entered in the drawing, but did want to comment that i think you are doing the right thing, taking ruby out target shooting and all. our current dog, ivy, spends the fourth of july sitting on our deck watching the neighbors shoot off fireworks (very loud, professional grade ones – illegal in our state, but that doesn’t mean i won’t sit and enjoy them!). i think the whole idea of getting a dog used to the loud noises is the best thing. ivy sat out with us from the very beginning and we made it an enjoyable experience for her, petting her and talking to her all the time. she even watches them go up in the air, then gives a bit of a quizzical look with her head cocked to one side when they disappear! i know there are some dogs that no amount of exposure will help, but we have been fortunate with ivy.

  8. Oh mY goodness, first of all, let me say how sorry I am to hear of your little doggies passing, it’s such a sad part of doggie ownership!!! My poor Micky is afraid of everything. He developed this not as a puppy but later, when we were hit by lightning!!! Would love to try out the Thundershirt. Micky is 15 lbs of chihuahua / fox terrier! Thanks for the chance

  9. I have a little rat terrier who is now an only child since the passing of our Dalmatian about a month ago. She was the “mama dog” to the little one. I can’t tell how terrible she is with loud noises and fireworks terrify her. I would love to give this a try and see if she feels more secure.

  10. My little girl is only 5 pounds, so this particular shirt isn’t for her…besides she is more like Ruby, attacking the vacuum cleaner! I hope that who ever ends up with the Thundershirt writes back to you and lets you know how it works for their four-legged baby!

  11. Angie, my 5 lb yorkiepoo doesn’t mind gunshots but fireworks and thunder make her shake like a leaf in a hurricane and then she make a mad dash for the bedroom and expects me yo lay down with her til the storm is over.

  12. So glad to hear little Ruby has no need for the Thundershirt. I have been looking at this product for sometime now. Have 2 little min-pins, both from rescues and both have fear issues. I would love to win the thundershirt for Nelli, she’s the most fearful – she was mistreated and very sick when we got her from a not so reputable rescue, but that’s another kettle of fish. Whoever wins, please let us know if this really works because if it does I will be buying 2. And thanks bunches for your generousity. You’re the best

  13. Sweetie Lou would love to try the thundershirt. She is a beautiful blonde cocker spaniel whose most important job in life is to check on Grandpa (he has Parkinson’s). She hates storms and whimpers and shivers throughout the whole thing. I would love to try something to ease her stress, since she eases Grandpa’s pain on a daily basis.

  14. I would love to win this for my dog Boomer. Thank you for the chance to win. He’s a Jack-a-poo. I always wanted to know if they worked or not.

  15. I wonder if it would work when we have to put our Maggie in a kennel. She gets very stressed, but we can’t trust her alone in the house, either. She gets into things she shouldn’t.


  16. I would love to try this thundershirt. My poor Snickers seems to have so many fears so maybe this would help. Thank you for the give away!!

  17. Christine in AB

    Sorry to hear about Gracie, it is amazing the impact our fur babies have on our lives. I have a Shih tzu named Zena (yes named after Zena, princess warrior, long story). Zena use to love going camping, she doesn’t anymore. As soon as it starts to get dark she gets very nervous, if we put her in the trailer she tries to climb (unusual as most dogs try to get as low as possible, not my Zena). She started freaking out about 2 years ago when someone set off fireworks in the campsite we were in. Now loud noises like thunder, fireworks and even vehicles make her nervous and panicky. Would love to try this shirt regardless of whether I win it or order one. Thanks for sharing!

  18. We have a 6 year old shiba inu, Fred. He already had anxiety issues, but in the past year he had both ACL’s (ccl’s in dogs) tear, so two surgeries. Being in the house with limited mobility is so different for him. He sniffs and shivers uncontrollably when he hears the neighbors outside, sometimes if there’s nothing outside at all! The ONLY thing that will stop him is if you keep a hand on him firmly…which brings me to the Thundershirt. I can’t think of anything else that can help my poor guy. He was once active and outside all the time, now he just seems scared and sad.

  19. What a lovely story, and generous offer! We are sure you have already given away the Thundershirt by now, but would you mind letting us know what size it was? Our little Beagle girl is 21-22 pounds, and we are skeptical about getting a size “small,” which is what is supposed to be appropriate for her weight. Thank you for your help, and we are sure you are enjoying Ruby’s sweet company!

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