“Try it on Tuesday”: The Tsunami Quilt

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This week’s feature on “Try it on Tuesday” from Sleeping Bear Press is The Tsunami Quilt by Anthony D. Fredricks and Tammy Yee.

This is a children’s book written about the April 1, 1946 tsunami that struck Hawaii’s Laupahoehoe Point causing great destruction and the loss of 24 lives.  Although the story is sad, the content is put together in a very understandable way for children.  The main focus of the story is the relationship between the boy, Kimo, and his grandfather.

Grandfather always had a secret he didn’t tell.  Then Grandfather dies.  Kimo is insistent on learning the secret so it is then Kimo’s father’s responsibility to tell it.

The illustrations are nice…

After the tragedy,  people came together and made a quilt commemorating those who lost their lives.  This is the quilt.

It currently hangs at Tsunami Museum in Hilo, Hawaii.  This would be a great book to add to any quilter’s collection.  If you would like a chance to win the book, just leave a comment here telling if you have even made a quilt to commemorate something special.

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12 thoughts on ““Try it on Tuesday”: The Tsunami Quilt”

  1. My dad passed away in 1974 and my mom in 1993. Since 1993 I have made a quilt in memory of them both and donated it to the church they attended. They have what they call a Lord’s Acre Sale in Oct. and the quilt is auctioned off then.

  2. I made a signature quilt to celebrate my grandparents 73rd wedding anniversary in 1994. My parents threw an open house for them and I had everyone sign on muslin pieces. I used feedsacks from when my grandfather worked at the feed mill in the 1940s and brought grain home for his chickens and other fabrics from that time period that my grandmother had given me.

  3. This book review reminds me of a children’s book that Pearl Buck wrote about the tusami’s Japan has had in the past, named “The Big Wave” My siblings, grandchildren each made embroidered blocks for a quilt for my parents, depicting things important in our lives. One of our boys did his own block, as he had learned stitchery in school. My parents are gone now, but I think a sister has the quilt.

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever made a quilt to commemorate anything particular … although the jeans quilts I made my kids do have a few of their old pairs of jeans in them, along with other random denim fabrics … but that’s not really the same. The book (and its illustrations) sound really special, along with being a great record of a true story of community, loss, and hope. Thanks for the review and the chance at the giveaway!

  5. When my husband and I go on trips around the United States I always buy fabric or a pattern specific to that location. Each quilt I make becomes a commemorative quilt. On a trip to Hawaii I bought batiks with a Hawaiian flair and when we went to Pa. in the fall I was lucky enough to go to quilt shows and bought fat quarters that looked like the fall leaves and the colors I was seeing. The other commemorative quilts are t-shirt quilts. They are so much fun and are a memory of the event. My latest T-shirt quilt is a Christmas gift for my husband. It is made from his faculty/coaching shirts. He has no idea I kept the shirts after he retired much less made a quilt from them.

  6. I made a wall hanging commemorating the cabin in the mountains we had when I was a kid for my parents when I first learned to quilt. I made a wall hanging with the material I collected when on vacation in Australia with my daughter. I have made 2 autograph wall hangings, one for my step-daughter’s wedding and a week later for my in-laws 50th anniversary party. With the wonderful donations of blocks from other quilters, I (with my bee group) was able to make quilts to give to the group of service members that deployed with my daughter to Afghanistan upon their return to the states.

  7. I am thinking of making a photo quilt in memory of my parents—-in sepia tones—I think it would be awesome. It was nice having supper with you last Thursday…..what a fun day…….

  8. Well, the quilt I am working on is to be given to my oldest daughter in honour of her graduation from university but it is not commorative.

  9. My favourite gift to make for newborn babies…baby quilts. At the moment I am binding a quilted wall hanging for my Mother’s sewing room. I always admired a large scissors wall decoration she had above her sewing machine. I told her when she got around to giving her things away…I would like that scissors. She insisted I take it, so as a thank you, she will have the wall hanging to fill the empty space. BTW I just found out I will be in Grandma for the first time in May. I will need to start collecting children’s books. The give away would be greatly appreciated.

  10. I made a quilt commemorating my Grandma, it was made with her t-shirts, most of them had something about being a mom or a grandma, and the whole family signed the quilt. I got it finished 2 days before she passed away.

  11. I have made a graduation commemoration quilt and a small Friendship Stars quilt to commemorate a speech season for the head coach and had each student sign it for her. Actually, I like to think of every quilt as a commemorative quilt of that time in my life; a gift of love. Like my Bonnie Hunter workshop quilts commemorate the trips out to Iowa and Ohio. . .
    :) Being a librarian, I am loving the chance to win a book about quilting.

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