Try it on Tuesday: The Cutting Gizmo

For the most part, I like most everything I ever review…but then there are sometimes, I LOVE what I am reviewing.  Today, this little Cutting Gizmo from the Gypsy Quilter is something I love.


Luckily for you, Lanette (the Gypsy Quilter) sent two.  One for me to keep and one to give away to one of you!!  If she would have only sent one, I would have kept it for myself.

I am a big time chain piecer.  I am always sewing huge long chains.  The Cutting Gizmo is exactly what I need.  Here you can see my string of chained pieces.  I just grab the two units of the chained pieces and put the thread section that is between them down the indented section and there a razor blade cuts the thread and the pieces come apart.  It is very much like the thread cutter on a sewing machine.


Even better news is that the razor blade can be replaced if it gets dull.

This little cutter is worth the investment and is a real time saver.  If you’re like me it’s really hard for me to suggest to my kids things that I want for birthday’s or gifts as I don’t want them to spend a lot of money.  This Cutting Gizmo is the perfect thing.  At under $14, it’s something your kids could easily purchase for you….that is if you don’t buy one for yourself before a special occasion comes along.  If you’re like me and order everything from Amazon, they even have  The Gypsy Quilter Cutting Gizmo Purple too.

If you want to win one, leave a comment here telling what pattern you’ve made recently that required lots of chain piecing.

If you are looking for giveaway, we still have one more going on with the new LG oven.  There is a $100 Visa Gift Card going on here.

90 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: The Cutting Gizmo”

  1. Susan Blumenshein

    Purple is my favorite color and this tool looks like it would fill a need in my sewing room. This tool looks like a humdinger!

  2. The Storm At Sea was probably the one with the most pieces. I have a Jacob’s Ladder that is up next which will have some chained pieces. I try to chain as many together as I can. My iron is in the other room, so the fewer trips the better!

    The Gizmo looks handier than the scissors. Fabulous that the razor can be replaced!

  3. oh wow, that is something that we needed a long time ago! at the moment i am working on a poststamp quilt… 1,5″x 1,5″ squares… i only want to use scraps that are not usefull for other quilts anymore so this quilt is growing… slowely but still growing! every now and then i sit down with my ruler, my rollingknife and my scraps and cut up a big stasch of 1,5 inchies… they go into a container and when it is full i sew them together… than everything starts anew… gathering, cutting, sewing… i just love it! with this gadget i wouldn’t need a siccor anymore!

  4. Seriously?! I just did a KING sized Yellow Brick Road quilt so this would have saved my life and who knows how much time!

  5. Pauline Kennelly

    Now that’s a great invention! I would l♥ve one, anything purple is my favorite color. Right now I’m chain piecing some bow ties, the one that make a little pocket of the center piece that you stuff with scraps of batting for a “puffy” look. Thanks for the post.

  6. I have been working on a block-of-the-month series by Cheryl Wall which involves many flying geese units. This little gadget is on the ‘cutting edge’ of technology!!

  7. Oh my where do I start, 4 patches, 9 patches, log cabin, jacobs ladder, criss cross applesauce, bargellos & scrappy trips, tying very hard to get the scraps used up, not working as I thought the fluff easily! lol

  8. Deborah DeBerry

    I am relatively new to quilting, but I did do Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt, Easy Street. It would have been great to have the Gizmo for cutting all those units. I have been cutting strips and cutting 2 in squares in preparation for making 4 patch squares. I see much chain piecing in my future. Would love to have something to help with this chain piecing project!!!!

  9. Every project I work on I try to chain sew as much as I can. In fact, I try to make a game of it to see how much of a project I can see in one chain!

  10. I am piecing a pineapple quilt I make 5 – 6 blocks at a time and have to cut apart on each round. It is nice to see a review of this item, as otherwise I would have felt too self indulgent.

  11. Karen Watkins

    I made a wagon wheel quilt scrap quilt that required a lot of chain piecing. Thanks for the chance to win!

  12. The last quilt I chain pieced a lot was the Xs & Os pattern. As soon as I’m done quilting that, I will make a Plus quilt for my Dad who’s a engineer so the plus signs will fit perfectly for him :)

  13. I would love to win this cutter. My students donate the cut offs from chisel type blocks and I have thousands (literally) of 1/2 square triangles that I put together in the summer. I recently sewed 1,040 of the little suckers together and clipping them apart with my scissors is just tedious! I donate these quilts to various charities just before Christmas.

  14. the last quilt string pieced was the scrappy trip around the world. This would have come in so handy. My 6 year old is alwasy wanting to help me and this would be perfect for her. She could seperate the peaces to me. Thanks for all your give aways.

  15. I am working on two separate Bonnie Hunter quilts. I think anyone who knows her knows there are way too many pieces, yet are perfect for chain piecing. I have always wanted one of these gizmos! Thanks for the chance.

  16. I chain stitch as much as possible, so would love this! I’m currently working on a sampler BOM, with lots of HST’s.

  17. I have been eyeballing this gadget and WANTING one. I am in a UFO finish mode mentally, but not had piecing time. However, I have pulled Cathedral Stars and Old Tobacco Road to work on. Both of those are Bonnie Hunter patterns, and I am itching to park myself in my basement. The added bonus is that purple is also my favorite color, so it would be right at home with my other purple stuff!

  18. The gizmo looks really helpful! I do chain piecing whenever I can. Right now I am working on a sew along that has lots of half square triangles and parts and pieces that work well for chain piecing. Thanks for a chance to win!

  19. Oh, how I would love to have this! I’m working on a king size Civil War quilt with a gazillion 2″ hst. This would really streamline the process and it’s in my favorite color!

  20. What a great idea; it would be a handy device to have. The last major project I did with lots of chain piecing was Bonnie K Hunter’s last mystery, Easy Street.

  21. I am working on more than one project (don’t most of us?!) — one has 8″ finished blocks with 13 two inch finished half square triangles (26 pieces joined) — lots of chaining! This notion looks quite intriguing.

  22. I’ve been trying to find something like this for a long time. I’m working on Bonnie Hunter’s latest mystery quilt, Lazy Sunday. Latest clue is 156 rectangles with a HST at each end!

  23. Jenelle Boxberger

    Right now I’m working on a patriotic quilt that each block has 8 half square triangles so I’ve been chain piecing like crazy. This would save a lot of time. Thanks.

  24. I finished 1 Easy street and am slowly working on a second one…crazy, I know. I gave the first one to one of nieces that got married in April and I want one for myself!


  25. What a very cool gizmo!! Every pattern I make, I usually chain stitch. Even if the pattern does not call for it, I will figure some way to chain. It’s the fastest way to get things going :-)

  26. An awesome tool! I just finished making all the blocks for my 2nd Blue Ridge Beauty quilt by Bonnie Hunter.

  27. That looks so handy! I love to chain piece whenever possible. Lately that has been on my Dancing Stars blocks.

  28. That’s really cute (and I need more purple tools, lol. All my tools are purple, if I can get them in that color, lol) I do chain piecing as much as possible! It saves so much time, avoids causing the knots at the beginnin, and saves thread! I even chain pieced the 12 red satin bolero jackets I recently made for a dance school.

  29. I’m working on a quilt that has all HST’s for the border. 22 blocks w/16 HST ea. This would be GREAT to own!!

  30. ME,ME,ME ! Great for my MAMA’s 80th birthday 7/6th.Hard to find a long time quilter something new and that really works!
    From Deep East Texas

  31. I have one and it is great. Was planning on getting another one to take to a quilting friend as a hostess gift when I visit her later this year – so to win this would be great

  32. Forgot to mention just finished a log cabin – doing multiple blocks at a time and this came in so handy.

  33. What a great helper. I really could have used this when I made the queen size Scrappy Trip Around the World. I would love to win this before I start my next quilt!

  34. Could really use this when making Bonnie Hunters many chained pieces in her quilts. Am currently working on Lazy Sunday and will need to spend time cutting my chains apart. Would love to try this as I have never seen it before. Thanks for the chance to win.

  35. I’m working on a Scrappy Trip Around the World as a leader/ender project while working on blocks for another quilt and this gadget would be great!

  36. I’ve recently begun chain piecing as much as possible. This little gadget looks like just the thing to cut those chained pieces apart. Thanks for the review and the chance to win one.

  37. Ooohh! That would be so handy. I just finished a scrappy quilt; I saved the pattern many years ago from a Quilter’s Newsletter magazine. Congratulations on having a quilt published in Quiltmaker. Love it!

  38. I am working on an Edyta Sitar pattern with LOTS of half square triangles. What a simple, but awesome little notion! Thanks, Joy

  39. What a great gizmo. Wish I had thought of it, I love chain piecing but hate having to cut them apart. What a great time saver that little gizmo would be. The latest project I did was a prairie womens sewing circle pattern called Warp & Weft. Thanks for the chance to win.

  40. The last thing I made with lots of chain piecing was Bonnie Hunter’s Easy Street. This gizmo would be great for any of her quilts.

  41. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I am making Bonnie Hunters Ohio Star quilt in red, white and blue. It has alot of HST’s in it. This would be great to have. Thank you for sharing with us today.

  42. every time I chain piece, I have at least one of my girls helping

    6-8 year olds are adept (but still scary!!) wielding seam rippers

    this would be great for the girls to take turns with!!

    …and I’m piecing a second “Omigosh” by Sue Garman…..9000+ squares and HST’s

  43. I am bad….can not think of the name of the quilt design I just did with a lot of chain piecing?? I am always doing something with chain piecing, this would be a handy gizmo :)

  44. I wish I’d had one of these because I’ve been putting a checkerboard border on a king sized quilt and that is lots and lots and lots of chains!

  45. I live to chain piece everything that I can. The last quilt was a quilt called Made in America with lots of 1/2 square triangles and in a trip around the world set on point.

  46. I just finished piecing Blue Ridge Beauty by Bonnie Hunter, and just finished the quilting & binding on Roll Roll Cotton Boll by Bonnie Hunter. My next projects will be Jamestown Landing and Easy Street. And I have Cathedral Stars as a “leader/ender” project, partly put together. I always manage to have long chains of blocks strung together…


  47. I’m working on a mystery quilt so I don’t know what the name of it is yet.It has lots of chain piecing though.

  48. I have just finished Stars for a New Day – it was a full year opus, with lots of chain piecing. Thanks for all your blog posts – I love checking in every day.

  49. Bonnie Larson

    I’m working on a Christmas quilt (and hope to have it done by then…) that is all hst’s, so this would be great. Thanks so much for sharing.

  50. Actually, I will soon start a wedding quilt for my daughter. She is thinking about an Irish Chain pattern, so there will be lots of chain piecing going on!

  51. My chained pieces get enormously long sometimes and it is difficult to cut them all apart. This little tool would make the job easy.

  52. first bonus – I LOVE purple! second bonus this looks like it would really save time vs trying to snip with scissors all of my chain pieced pieces – I have sometimes tried to do it on my machine thread cutter (which is an awkward position) but seems faster then picking up/ putting down scissors between snipping. Would love to win one!

  53. I am working on a “Round Robin” mystery type of a quilt that is on Darlene Quilts blog, we have done “Snowballs”, Hourglass” , HST and “Log Cabin” blocks all of which I love to chain piece and the Gizmo would be a great helper.

  54. Hi–this cutter looks like just the thing–I am working on a flying geese quilt and it would be handy..thanks for the chance to win.

  55. I am currently chain piecing some HST’s for the quilt using the Colorado beauty block.
    thanks for the chance to win.

  56. It just so happens that I was chain stitching a table topper called Pinwheel Puzzle by Atkinson Designs. That little gizmo would have been very helpful.

  57. Lots of chain piecing? Just about every project, my latest was a scrappy 16-patch, with snowball sashing to create stars, and piano key borders. All from my scraps.

  58. Jamestown Landing and Jennifer Chaiaverini’s, Sarah’s Bridal Sampler are being made as leaders and enders lots of fun lots of cutting, along with a quilt for a Project Linus challenge .

  59. The last thing I string pieced was a quilt called “Tesselation”. It turned out neat, but a cutter like the one above would have helped tremendously.

  60. That looks like a fantastic gizmo! I haven’t made anything lately with a lot of chain piecing, but one of my upcoming projects will me made almost entirely of HSTs, so that will be chains, chains and more chains. I sure would love a new gizmo!

  61. I’ve seen this cutting gizmo before but nothing but a picture. I love seeing you using it because it shows the product much better than just a picture. Thanks for showing us.

  62. I love to chain piece when the pattern allows. Then when I sit and watch TV I cut them apart. This gizmo would be great with no sharp points because my dog has to help me out while I do the cutting.I always have to watch my points so I don’t stab the dog.Got to love your little helpers.

  63. My latest quilt is a rail fence that is all pretty much chain piecing. This gadget would certainly come in handy!

  64. I am currently working on Bonnie Hunter’s Easy street in fits and starts. This would certainly come in handy.

  65. Pauline Kennelly

    I’ve been chain piecing HST’s! Whew! That gizmo would really come in handy for me. I like the looks and the concept.
    Thanks for this posting.

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