Try it on Tuesday: The Civil War Sampler

C&T Publishing sent me a copy of Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler in ebook version for me to review.

You might be familiar with Barbara’s Civil War Sampler blocks that she put out last year commemoration the  150th anniversary of the Civil War on her Civil War Quilts blog.  Each week Barbara gave a short history of the Civil War along with a quilt block and pattern for her blog readers to make.  I had tried to make the blocks and enjoyed reading the stories…then she threw me a curve ball and included an applique block.  Well I lost my momentum and quit.

Then about a month later I decided I would try to catch up or at least read the history portion about the block.  I didn’t get that done either.

When I heard that she was putting it all in a book, I was excited!  In the book a few of the blocks have been changed and renumbered.  The blocks are also available in 8″ and 12″ sizes.  I just love things in book from rather that paging backwards through blogs to find what I am looking for.  The book version is great!!

I have been taking it to bed and reading one or two of the history segments each night.  I am hoping that I might sometime get back to making the blocks.  In the meantime, I am enjoying the history segments.  It’s available in ebook or hard copy on both Amazon or C&T Publishing.

I am keeping my copy….I still want to make this someday and being it’s on my Kindle it isn’t taking up any extra space on my book shelf.

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  1. I followed along and made this quilt. I’ve been waiting for the book to come out so I can put a copy with the quilt when I give it to my grandson for an heirloom. Thanks for letting us know it’s in print now.

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