Try it on Tuesday: Super-Cute Pincushions

Cico Books recently sent me a copy of Super-Cute Pincushions by Katie Haxell to review.  Let me just say when they said Super-Cute.  They weren’t lying.  They truly are Super-Cute!!

Can you believe they packed 35 patterns all into one book??  There is bound to be something for everyone.

Some are really simple to make and some…a bit harder but still very do-able.  If you’re encouraging a boy to sew..this dragon would be perfect.


If you haven’t tried working with hexagons before or if are a pro at hexies, this turtle sure would be fun.


I love this old classic.


My favorite though is this pear.  Nothing fancy-actually it’s pretty simple but I like it.


Amazon readers
love it too.  They are giving it 4 stars.

Would you like a chance to win a copy??  Just leave a comment here telling how many pincushions you have at your house.  I’ll pick a winner next week.

83 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Super-Cute Pincushions”

  1. O Jo, I Have too many to count! I just taught my grand niece how to make a chicken! we now have a flock of them!

  2. I don’t have too many. Maybe a dozen. But I have made lots and given them as gifts. They are fun to do… I love the dragon. He is so cute.
    Looks like a great book

  3. There are three pincushions I actually use, including a traditional tomato that I don’t like very much. There’s a Chinese one a Chinese woman I worked with gave me because she knew I sewed. I also made a bunch to sell, but they didn’t, so I’ve been giving them to friends. Thanks for the giveaway .

  4. Are you counting the ones we use or the decorative ones? If it’s both than that’s too many to count! Lol ! I love cute ones and have a hard time resisting them. Looks like a nice book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. I only have 2 that I use with any regularity, and one of them is too small to be of much use, so I get frustrated when I try to use it. I’d love to make a new one (or two).

  6. I have at least a dozen, some I made and some are gifts to me…. I love the pictures in the book and they would really be fun to make.

  7. Lets just say Im a pin cushion freak. I will hunt the internet just to find a new one to make. I will not only make one, but make several of one to give away. I love pin cushions! A girl cannot have too many. Ummm and I dont know how many I have..lots and I think I use them all. I just set them around everywhere cause I sew everywhere in the house. Would love to see inside this book and make some more! Thanks so much for the offer! Love you blog!!!

  8. I have at least 9 pincushions and love them. My favorite is a sewing lady that my sister made for me. Thanks for sharing and the opportunity for a chance to win the book. I look forward to seeing more inside and making some cute interesting pincushions.

  9. Would love a chance for this book! Just bought a big bag of walnut shells at pet shop! Okay counted 27, hope did not miss any, some vintage, some just for decor and then ones I use. They are a mixed bag of gifts or swaps and a few I made. The sweet old tomato ones were used by family.

  10. I have 23 – I collect and love to make pincushions and display them. I have also been in a couple of pin cushion exchanges – fun fun.

  11. Those look adorable. I really don’t have that many, but I’m always wishing I had more. My faves are a couple that a special friend made and gave to me. I need to make some more, so I would love to win the book for more inspiration. Thanks!

  12. To be completely honest, I can only think of one: a round pincushion with little chinese dolls around it. I really like the pear and the dragon from this book. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

  13. I have about 4 pincushions. I just made my first one in December (the rest are store bought and boring). I would love to make more! What great gifts they would be!

  14. I have one that my grandfather had made. It is a wooden rocker chair with spool holders on the side and the seat is the pin cushion. Love it and cherish it a lot.

  15. I can lay my hands on fourteen pincushions — there are some others “somewhere”!
    Some of these are decorative and many of them I use. This book looks like it would be fun.

  16. Lynda from Chicago

    Pincushions are my favorite thing. Love making different ones. Just can’t seam (lol) to put pins in little animals or dolls.

  17. Of all the ones you pictured, the old classic is my favorite. 35 patterns? That is amazing!

    I have been using an old Klutz juggling item as my pincushion because I do not like the standard tomato. If you want to see the item, you can go to this old blog post of mine and scroll down to the bottom for the picture.

    I have recently bought a colorful tomato style pincushion with fons and porter as the brand. I got it 50% off at Jo-Anns; so, I finally succumbed to the tomato! LOL. But hey, at least it is not your typical tomato. :-)

    Thank you for a chance to win this book!

  18. I have three that I can think of at the moment. My favorite is from our last retreat in the fall of 2013 when the organizers gave everyone one that looks like a chicken! I love it!

  19. I have three pincushions that I have bought, you know the square blue square ones. I am interested in making some, though. I am waiting until I go into a larger city to pick up the crushed walnut shells. I live in the country and there are no sewing/quilt shops for 50 miles.
    Thank you for the giveaway. Sounds like an interesting book.
    Joyce Barham, living on the Ozark Mountains of AR.

  20. I have about half a dozen pincushions scattered around the house, ranging in size from about a 2″ circle to a 8″ square with pockets! I love the dragon one, it would be perfect for my 5-year-old grandson who’s learning to sew.

  21. I have a few, all that I’ve made. Have given away some as gifts so would love some new ideas, this book would be perfect.

  22. Oh Jo, I love pin cushions. They make great gifts to my quilting buddies. Personally I have 4 in my sewing room. This book will give me new ideas. Thanks for the opportunity.


  23. I have about 10. The most special is just a simple round stuffed one that my Grandma made and used for years. It still has her pins in it. It inspires me to do my best because she was a wonderful seamstress.

  24. They look like a lot of fun! We have six pincushions in the house, but they are mostly the plain metal magnetic ones. These are cut and look like a fun project for kids!

  25. Just one! I bought a Fons & Porter in primary colors, but remembered that my friend’s birthday was coming up. I always seem to buy gifts that I would like to get! I saw this book at Joanne’s. It’s very cute. Anyone who gets it will love it.

  26. i have quite a few pin cushions but only one hand made these are cute most of mine are magnic so when i spill them they are eay to pick up do enoy yur posts

  27. I don’t want to tell… hubby would say too many but I rotate them in and out. Got stuck on Mary E. for a while so I have all her “chairs”, then there are the birds and the tomatoes but my favorites are the vintage and/or antique ones that I scour the shops for. My favorite right now is a tiny enameled bowl with raised flowers and leaves with the pincushion being the center. It is also my favorite gift to give other quilters so some new ideas would be greatly appreciated and used! Thanks for the chance.

  28. I have only two pincushions, believe it or not. I had only one (red tomato) the first 30 or so years of quilting. I used the magnetic ones for a few years, but I finally got tired of all of the pins becoming magnetized. When by granddaughter was about 12 years old and had just learned to sew on her new sewing machine, she decided I needed to have more cute things in my sewing room. She went home one evening and made me a little pincushion, a pillow, and an envelope for patterns. I still have no idea how she did it because she was just learning, and her mother does not sew. The pattern envelope she made was lined and had a folded hem for decoration, and it was exactly the size of the patterns she had seen at my house. She said she knew what she wanted to make and just did it. I wish I could do that! Unfortunately, she lost interest after a few months, but I have hope that she will try again some day.

  29. I have probably about 4 that I use as pincushions about another dozen that are scattered about the house that may have 1 or 2 pin in them. As a guild demo last fall, I showed members how to make the chicken pincushion so have quite a few as examples done and in various stages of completion. Also at one time bought a sack of the ground walnut shells at a pet store, so have plenty to make more. Have a good day. From northern iowa. . . . .

  30. I love pincushions! They are such fun to make. I probably have about 14 or so, some bought, some made by me. Have given many away, too. This pincushion book intrigues me–love the dragon! Not seen one of those….Thanks for the opportunity to win…:-)

  31. These pincushions look adorable! I have two pincushions now – the classic tomato and a vintage silk pincushion that I found at an estate sale. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. Sharon Hughson

    I probably have 6-8 pincushions. Many are just the tomato kind some with the strawberry needle sharpener. One was made by my daughter and I’ll never get rid of it. It’s needlepoint.

  33. We have 3 pincushions. One was my MIL’s, and my husband uses it upstairs, one was my Mom’s and it’s in the sewing kit, and one is mine. We really could use some more pincushions. My husband and I are always fighting over the one in the quilting room, and I need one upstairs where I do my hand sewing.

  34. I could find 10 for sure. Not sure if some of them are hiding somewhere. I enjoy reading your blog from a fellow Iowan (southeast). Thanks for the opportunity to win the book.

  35. Thank you for the chance to win the book. I have at least 4 pin cushions that I use and I have 3 homemade ready to send back home to friends in GA. I love to collect ceramic egg holders to make unique pin cushions for my friends. Good luck with the giveaway everyone ;)

  36. I have 2 pincushions that I use regularly. I have several more around the house along, including one that I made, besides 4 or 5 of the clover needle holders that I used for binding. I would love to win and try my hand at these cute pincushions.

  37. I only have 3 pincushions, but I must make the turtle for my daughter. She loves turtles, and I have just been making hexies. They are addictive. Thanks for the op to win this great book.

  38. I only have 4 pin cushions… so based on everyone else commenting ahead of me, I need to get moving and make more… wouldn’t this be the perfect book to begin???!!! Thanks for the chance, you have shown some very sweet pin cushions from the book too!

  39. This book looks great – I can’t believe that it has 35 pincushion patterns!! I have 3 pincushions at home. Thanks for the chance!

  40. My favorite of my pincushions is one of my mom’s of the standard but tomato sitting in frying pan. So with th book I could add to my collection.

  41. Have 5 pin cushions that are used every where I sew, enjoy making pin cushions for gifts. Need to find this book for more ideas, the most interesting I’ve made are donuts and eclaires.

  42. Love cute pin cushions but don’t have too many – about a dozen. Now that I’m retired, I hope to have some time to make a couple.

  43. I only have 4 pincushions but nothing as sweet as the dragon! Oh my do I love that one :) If I don’t win a copy then I will have to find money some where to buy a copy of this book, that dragon has got to be by my side.

  44. I have at least 10 including 1 magnetic pincushion that disappeared in my house 3 years ago. How I could misplace a bright red 5 in. square is beyond me, but I did. Someday it will show up.

  45. Hmmm, I only have 2 and they were given to me from friends and family…yep, I need this book :-) Thanks for the chance!

  46. I have over 100 and counting. I make all kinds of pincusions for gifts, swaps and to sell. Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of these. I would definately use it.

  47. Sue Richardson

    I only have two — can you believe it? One is the vintage tomato with strawberry that my mother used, and the other is one that I made. I’ve been itching to make more…

  48. I have 2 pincushions, plain and lonely looking. They need some new companions, so this book would be just the ticket for me to get started on my pincushion family!

  49. I only have two: One my grandmother made and used. It is rectangular and sharpens the pins not sure what inside but it is heavy. One a dear friend of mine made me . It is a pincushion with a removable thread catcher attached. I love them both but am always making pincushions to give as gifts. Love the dragon and turtle. My 8 year old granddaughter is starting to sew and would love to make a pincushion for her. The book looks so fun…

  50. I have 5 or 6 pincushions, but only use one of them. I’m wanting to make a cute one for my granddaughter, so this looks like the book for me to find one in.

  51. Sadly, I only have 2 pincushions. I have seen so many cute ones out there and have wanted to make some for quite a while. This book would be what I need to motivate me to make one.

  52. I only just recently developed a “thing” for pincushions, so I only have 4, but I have a feeling my collection will multiply quickly!

  53. Sad to say, I don’t have a pincushion – I have to keep the box handy. :-( I would love to make the jar pincushion.

  54. I developed a taste for pin cushions about 2 years ago and when I just need to sew I make another one. As to the question of how many that’s a difficult answer. I must have between 20 and 25……I tuck them into different bags of projects and untill I go to finish that project I forget I have this surprise pin cushion. I’d love a chance to sew something from this book. !

  55. I could really use this book because I only have one! On Pinterest I have many, though. :) Would love to win. Thanks so much!

  56. I have 8 pincushions. Most of them are handmade. I love pincushions. My very first pincushion I had was given to me by my grandmother. It was the one that was round with little chinamen. Unfortunately that one was lost along with a tin of old-fashioned buttons when my family and I moved after my dad left the military. With that pincushion, I believe, was the desire to collect pincushions.


  57. I have only one pincushion. I have a magnetic pin holder too but I have looked at a few patterns recently. I love little projects to do in between the big ones!

  58. I am embarrassed to say that I have one lonely pincushion at my house… Definitely need others, so the book would be great!

  59. I love pincushions. I have two magnetic ones, a chicken that was made by a friend, one my late aunt made me, one I made from a jam jar, a cathedral windows one I made from Christmas fabrics, and small ones in every little project bag… too many to count really. I do love them. I don’t really collect them as I tend to give them away from time to time. I may be a little fickle! :-) Would love to make a few out of that book. I think I like making them more than anything. Thanks for the giveaway, and all the fun info on your site!

  60. I love making pincushions. An added plus is that they are great decorations for your sewing room. Thanks for giving me a chance to win.

  61. Maxine Zimmerman

    I have four pin cushions. Two are red tomatoes which I have had since I first started sewing while in high school (58 years ago), They’re a little worn! I have a magentic one
    and I really don’t like it so much, as it’s harder to pick up pins from it. The one I use the
    most is a small basket, and since I use it constantly I really need to make a new one. The
    patterns look like they would be fun to make. Cute ideas.

  62. I have eight pin cushions, and know I need somemore. I like all my pins by color and size, drives my friends nuts. Haha. Love the dragon and that darling book. Thanks Jo

  63. I have three tomatoes, a pincushion I bought forty years ago in Chinatown and a beautiful little hexie that was gifted to me. This looks like a fun book – thanks for the giveaway.

  64. Gosh, reading some of these comments I feel I am missing something! I have three pincushions and all pretty boring ordinary ones….. hmmmm looks like I am going to have to start making some for decoration too! Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. I have 3 tomatoes and 1 magnetic pincushion. I do, however, have about 5 kits for some really cute pincushions that I need to work on.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

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