Try it on Tuesday….”Sunday Morning Quilts”

Today I  have a great book to review…”Sunday Morning Quilts:  16 Modern Scrap Projects Sort, Store, and Use Every Last Bit of Your Treasure Fabrics” by Amanda Jean Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison.  The great people over at C&T Publishing provided me with an ebook version to review.  Let me say, even though “modern” quilting isn’t really my thing, I love it.

I’ve been a fan of Amanda Jean’s blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, for a LONG time.  It was one of the first quilt blogs I ever read…in fact, reading her blog inspired me to start mine.  I have done three of her quilt alongs..this one, this one and my favorite, this one.  If you are like me, sometimes I get nervous about purchasing books from a designer I really like because I am afraid to be disappointed but honestly, this was complete fun.

Even the gals over at Country Threads have even made a few of quilts from the book.  Here’s Mary E and Mary B showing their quilts off.  They used jelly rolls to make their versions.

The book includes 16 bold and scrappy quilt projects include piecing, appliqué, and improvisational work.    Being I have the ebook, I can’t take pictures and show you all the great quilts but I can direct you over to C&T Publishings Flickr page.   You can see several of the quilts there.

For the last several Sunday’s  on Amanda Jean blog, she has been writing about her book writing process showing the quilts, adjustments they made and little happenings along the way.  It’s been lots of fun to read them and see peaks of all her quilts from the book.

Like I said earlier….I am not a “modern” quilt lover…but I am a scrap user… I have friends that I sew “modern”  quilts for… I do enjoy improvised quilting like my crumb quilts, so there are lots of things that draw me to the book.  I think my great-nieces who are nine, very creative, and have been doing a lot of sewing will love looking through the book.  They’ve been doing a big of improvised sewing.

I’ve really been trying to curb my book buying but I made the decision that I am going to purchase this book in hard copy even though I have the e-book.  I love love my e-readers but there is just something about quilt books that for me, I love to snuggle up and take in the large pictures that only a hard copy offers…maybe I need an Ipad.  Those pictures are bigger!!

If you want a chance to win a copy of the book, leave a comment here telling if you are a “modern” quilter….not a “modern” quilter or a whatever strikes your fancy quilter.  If you are a US resident, you have your choice of a hard copy or and ebook.  If you are an international resident, you will be awarded an e-reader copy which can be read on your computer.

Stop back later and I will announce last week’s winner of Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.’s Make it Sew Modern:  Gather, Twist, Pleat, Texture donated by Martingale and Company and the Tri Recs rulers donated by Soft Expressions.

65 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday….”Sunday Morning Quilts””

  1. I am usually not a modern quilter but Amanda Jean is such a sweet person. I will be joining her at the end of August at a quilting work party for Margaret’s Hope Chest and would love to have the book for her to autograph.

  2. Because of my grandkids I am pulled into making some modern quilts for them. My montra has been use it up wear it out and make some more . Scrap quilts are my most favorite ! Would love to win this book for more ideas to use on quilts for my nine grandkids.

  3. as a lover of scrappy quilts i would love a chance to win this book so maybe someday i will be able to use up more of my scraps as they are starting to overtake my house.

  4. Personally, I’m a traditional quilter, but my DD’s love fresh, modern colours and patterns. I feel myself pulled ever so slightly in their direction. Especially during the warmer months of the year. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I am a modern quilter. I have been quilting for just under two years and I have a massive scrap collection that I need to put to work.

  6. I think I am a “whatever strikes my fancy” quilter. I have done modern and traditional quilts and like doing both.

  7. I love to quilt – anything goes! I’ve done traditional and modern, strings, crumbs,… I love it all! I follow Amanda Jean’s blog and Cheryl’s blog and I would love to win their book. ~Jeanne

  8. I don’t think I’m a modern quilter. I’m more of a traditional scrap quilter ala Bonnie Hunter. At the moment, I’m a UFO completer. Can’t wait to start something new!

  9. I am not normally a modern quilter. However, we had Crazy Mom Quilts to our guild, (I too love their blog) and loved her quilts. I would love to try this book… would be so refreshing to go to a retreat and actually finish a top:). I love my little civil war blocks, but sure takes alot longer then strip piecing and bigger quilts. Also, I have a grandaughter who likes brights and quick to keep her interest. (just turned 13 and friends and boys are becoming more important:)

  10. I am a traditional quilter who is wandering into the modern quilting world. Right now spending my time using up my tons of scraps!

  11. I love Amanda’s blog and style! I have made several quilts from her tutorials. I would love to win her book and try her ‘slab’ technique. The scraps are calling!

  12. I’m not a scrappy quilter although I’ve used jelly rolls and charm packs. I don’t think I do modern quilts, but some do look more contemporary. The book sounds great, and I want to check out her blog. Thanks.

  13. I would love to win a hard copy of this book. It does look modern but it looks like quilts that I could make with scraps on hand. I like scrappy quilts and CW repro quilts but if I find a fun modern version that ‘grabs’ my attention I just have to see if I can make it.

  14. I’m thinking about modern quilts, but all my current projects are traditional scrappy stuff. I usually do traditional patterns in contemporary fabrics, so I don’t think I’m too far off the mark. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Carol Collier

    I love traditional quilts, but find myself drawn to modern quilts, as well. I have made one, and love the crisp white with splashes of color — I will definitely make more!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. I tend to lean towards the traditional quilts to make, usually mad out of scrappy material. I do love alot of the mor modren quilts but have not got around to making any.
    Thanks for the link-up as well as the giveaway!

  17. I don’t think I fall into either category — just like both. I am a scrappy quilter, so, in many ways, that is more traditional. I like the look of the quilts in this book, so thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  18. Glenda in Florida

    I’m a “fast, fun and easy” kind of quilter. I sew whatever strikes my fancy, but I would surely love to win this book.

  19. I would love to win a copy of this book. I make whatever pops into my bizarre mind. I like the look of modern but I am also drawn to the traditional. I want it all!!!!!

  20. I’m mostly a traditional quilter with a strong lean towards scrappy. Truth be told, I love them all. I follow Amanda Jean’s blog also and am always anxious to see what she is up to. I love her style and how easy she makes things for all of us. Thanks for the offer. This would be a great book to own.

  21. I’m sort of a traditional quilter but enjoy the modern touch. I love the designs I saw from the book and it would be wonderful to make some of them. I’d love to win the book to try it out. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Love making scrappy quilts,, quick and easy and lean towards modern. I also always have a few traditional projects in my pile og projects in the works. I follow Amanda Jean’s blog, it is always fun! Thanks for the give away.

  23. Jenelle Boxberger

    I’m a ‘whatever’ quilter. If I see something I like and the colors are ones I like than that is what makes me want to make the quilt.

  24. I am a traditional quilter, but have grown to love some of the modern fabrics. My first love is scrappy, because you can do so much with scraps!! Thanks for the giveaway. I have been a LONG time follower of Amanda Jean.

  25. I am not what would be considered a “modern” quilter but I do love Amanda Jean’s blog and I also have done her quilt-alongs. I think you can take a so-called modern pattern and use your own fabric or scraps and make it your own like with any pattern. Some of the modern stuff today is too far out there for me as I am more of a Bonnie Hunter type of girl. But I have seen this book and I would really like to have it.

  26. I am a scrap quilter who normally stays pretty traditional, but I am not opposed to stepping out into more modern styles occasionally. I’d love to have a copy of this new book.

  27. I’d love to try something new so this book would fit the bill. I am a traditional quilter using mostly Civil War type fabrics.

  28. There is a semi-modern quilter somewhere inside me trying to get out, but I have to consider myself a traditional quilter. With lots of scraps on hand, I think this book could be the ticket to freedom for that wanna-be-modern part of me!

  29. I love the simple lines of modern quilting, but definitely consider myself a traditionalist. However, I am a scrap hoarder (my oldest said it is official, since I dug three bags full out of trash baskets at the last workshop I was at), so could definitely use a book that gets me to use some of them up! :)

  30. I gravitate toward modern quilting, so if I were to label myself, that would be it. I’ve enjoyed traditional blocks and love using scrap pieces, whether in blocks or improvisation. I really love how modern quilters alter traditional blocks….love the full (quilt) size blocks.

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’ve been wanting this one.

  31. Admittedly, I will quilt whatever strikes my fancy… but what strikes my fancy is usually something old fashioned. Still, I’m drawn to the look of so many of the modern quilts that I think it may be time to really jump in and see where it takes me. I’d love a copy of this book!

  32. I’m traditional in that I prefer quilts with blocks. I am modern in the choice of some of the fabrics and internal design of those blocks. I’m traditional in that I like hand quilting and making bed sized quilts. What am I? A quilter who is eclectic in their choices of fabrics, quilt designs, and quilting motifs used. This would be a fun book to win and use. Thanks for the review and the giveaway.

  33. I guess I am traditional since I love scrap quilts… I also like crazy mom quilts blog and would love to win a book authored by her… thanks for another great giveaway!!

  34. My own quilting probably tends toward modern because I am attracted to simple, fast patterns. I find the modern fabrics so refreshing to look at, but I always admire the completed, traditional quilts.

  35. Lynne in Hawaii

    I am whatever strikes my fancy or is easy or….quilter! I spend a lot of time putting together quilts from leftovers others have given me or remaking or reworking a project someone else began. Just finished a jelly roll race quilt but I also do a lot of applique projects of my own design (sea turtles, gecko’s).

  36. I tend to lean more traditional, but I’ve been known to give my traditional stuff a modern twist … So, a little of both. Which probably puts me in the “whatever strikes my fancy” category. :-) Like you, I’ve loved Amanda Jean’s blog for a long time!

  37. I’m truly a scrap quilter with civil war and other fabrics I just don’t use modern fabrics and its not that I don’t like them either.

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  39. This book looks like so much fun. I am mostly a scrap quilter but I’ve been known to turn out a more modern quilt and I definitely like some of the patterns in this book.

  40. I was not a modern quilter but just did a small wall hanging. I must admit it was quite liberating and less stressful then worrying about all of my points matching so I might be a convert. Plus, I love everything that Amandajean does!

  41. I am a modern quilter in the sense that I love the bright colors of today, but I also love to make traditional blocks. Thanks for the chance towin a copy of this book. I have it on my wish list. :-)

  42. I love both modern and traditional quilts, but I am often drawn to the bright colors of modern quilts. I’ve been looking at this book for a while now. Thanks for the chance to win!

  43. maureen prendergast

    I LOVE scrappy quilts. Most of my quilts have used traditional patterns, but lately I find myself lusting over more modern quilts. I would love a copy of this book!! Thanks for the chance to wine it!

  44. I am a quilt whatever strikes my fancy. I just see a pattern and either like it or not. I do love the more modern fabrics that are bright and cheerful.

  45. Stephanie LaHaye Cauley

    I am a new quilter and attracted to the old fashioned scrappy quilts and also the modern quilts! I’m working on my 3rd quilt, a scrappy one of Japanese fabrics. A modern quilt will be my next project, and this book looks like the perfect inspiration for a modern project!

  46. I am a traditional quilter but lately I have been drawn to “some” modern quilts. I guess you are never to old to come out of your “box”

  47. While the quilts I make are mostly traditional, the quilts that inspire me are modern. The colors, lines, negative space all get me excited to pull out fabric and sew, even when the project I’m working on has a traditional vibe.

  48. Hmm, I guess I would say that I’m a blend of the two. I tend to take traditional quilts/blocks/patterns and use modern fabrics./

  49. I am getting into modern quilting. I just got this book from our library and I would love to add this book to my very own collect! It is a keeper!

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