Try it on Tuesday: Story Time

A while back we had a regular post that we called “Try it on Tuesday”.  Every Tuesday I would review something from the quilting world be a notion or new book.  We are completely reviving it but I am going to throw a few in here and there.  This week I am reviewing the book, Story Time by Kim Gaddy.  It comes from the good people over at Kansas City Star.

When I first saw the book I was at JoAnn Fabrics wasting time.  Kelli was in the yarn section taking way to long.  I picked it up and put it right back down.  That book had the “A” word in it….yep applique.  I continued to look at other books and Kelli still wasn’t done.  Out of desperation I picked up the book again.  I had looked at most everything else that was interesting so I guessed I would look at the applique book.

Oh. MY. GOODNESS!!  I was in love with this>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Then Kelli came around the corner and said, “Okay mom, I’m ready.”…What now I wasn’t ready but we were running late as it was so I put the book down hoping that I could remember the name of the book.

I could totally imagine making this quilt for a grand kid.  It’s pictured as a brown and white Jack Russell Terrier but I could change the spot on the back to black and make it bigger…oh it would be so cute.

Then I got home and forgot about the book as life took over.

Then a couple weeks later I got to thinking that I would like to do a few book reviews again.  It’s been a long time and I kind of missed it.  I contacted Kansas City Star and asked about doing reviews again and they set me up with some books.

I was delighted to see this book in the bunch as I immediately recognized it as the book with the amazing dog quilt in it.  I’m simply excited at the prospect of one day getting to make one but that would require one of kids to be expecting a baby and at this point, I’m not holding my breath over that…but I have the book here should the occasion ever arise that I need a baby quilt for one of my fellow dog lovers in the family.

Anyway, back to the book.  There are other fun patterns in the book too.  I liked the chicken quilt….


The cat quilt was cute too.


There are many other cute quilts in the book all small and all with some type of applique in them.  Turtles, owl and pigs are all featured and don’t forget the great cover quilt.

If you’re looking for a cute animal baby quilt, this book is an awesome choice.  I am super excited about someday making that puppy quilt!  You can find it through the link to Kansas City Star or through this Amazon link, Story Time: Picture Quilts to Stir a Child’s Imagination.  I think it’s a great choice for you quilt library.

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