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As I’ve previously stated, mom and I have some very different habits and ways of doing things.  In general, I am quite a bit messier than her.  She always jokes that I need someone to follow me around with a garbage can.  If I’m cutting something out, I’m really bad at throwing away the scaps, salvages, and ity bits that are left over.  At most times, I have quite the collections hanging out at the end of my cutting mat.  A while back, mom and I received a package from The Gypsy Quilter.  When I had been talking to mom throughout the week, she kept telling me about how she got a package and there were some wonderful new things to try that she thought would be so helpful to me and she just couldn’t wait.  She was like a little kid on Christmas!

When I got home the next weekend, I realized why she was so happy.  She pulled out the Sip and Snip that the Gypsy Quilter had sent to us.

Try it on Tuesday--Snip and Sip--9-3-13--1At first I was a bit skeptical because my sewing table has a bit of a lip to it, but after I unscrewed the clamp, I got it clamped onto my table with no troubles.  On thing that I really liked about the Sip and Snip is that the trash can part is removable.  This makes it super easy to empty it out with out spilling the trash and scraps everywhere.  Another thing that I liked is that I can have a glass of water and not have to worry about knocking my glass over as I’m a bit clumsy (I once broke my ankle walking down the hall at school, laughing at my own joke).

For all of you coffee drinkers out there, you will be interested to know that there is an opening in the “sipping” part so that you can use it to hold your coffee cup or mug also.

I don’t have another to give away, but you can order one for yourself from The Gypsy Quilter.  While your over there, you should check out some of the other cool gadgets that they have.  I really, really love the cutting gizmo.

Stay tuned for Wedneday!  I’ll be back to show you what we’ll be working on for our Pieceful Nights Sampler!

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  1. Pat C in Washingon

    Very cool! The sippy cup is just the thing for someone who can trip over the design in the carpet (naming no names, here…..)

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