Try it on Tuesday: Scandinavian Quilts

I have a new Yoko Saito book courtesy of Stitch Publications.  This one, just like the others, is a gem.  It’s called Yoko Saito’s Scandinavian Quilts.  When I saw the title I just knew I had to see it.  My grandparents on my Dad’s side both came from Sweden so I always feel attracted to anything that says Scandinavian.

There are some wonderful projects in the book…projects that I am dying to find some time for and try.

The projects are so darn cute I don’t know if I could use them if I did make them.  I would be afraid to get them dirty…  But again they are so cute they could hang on a hook in the house and be a decoration.  See…totally cute!!

I’m typically not one for small intricate details but these projects make me want to try.  Don’t you love being inspired to try something new??  I do, and for me, her designs are it.

Check out how the fabric on this bag look woven.  Amazing!!

It’s not all bags…other fun projects are included too!

That journal is something I really like.

There are over 20 projects in the book and I didn’t even show you all my favorites…Dala horses and cute wool pincushions.  Don’t be surprise if one day after this wedding quilt is finished that I drop everything and make on of these projects…the are calling to me and so far, I’ve resisted.

I see that Stitch Publications have translated a few more of her books into English….hmmmm…I can’t wait to see them!!!  Tempting….

Willow Lane Quilting Company has many of Yoko Saito’s books along with fabric and notions to get you started.  Head on over and check them out.

If you haven’t guessed yet…yep, I’m keeping this book!!  Sorry readers.

3 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Scandinavian Quilts”

  1. My grandfather came from Denmark, so I live anything Scandinavian too. Although I have to say, what you’ve shown doesn’t look very Scandinavian. :)

  2. Very nice items…I’m attracted to Scandinavian also, being 1/4 Swedish. But…I have to agree with LoriD. Maybe the book should be called Yoko Saito’s Interpretation of Scandinavian Quilts. I think of Scandinavian as simple graphic designs in clear colors.

  3. My grandmother came from Finland and my grandfather came from Sweden, so I totally get your attraction to everything Scandinavian!! The simplicity of the designs, rather organic, do speak to their attachment to nature, but I have to agree with the other two commenters, I really don’t see Scandinavian! The applique designs do remind me of the motifs painted on Scandinavian furniture, but the colors, I think, are what feel wrong. More used to the bright reds, blues, greens and yellows, but I do like the color palette!

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