Try It on Tuesday–Quilting Block and Pattern-a-Day Calendar

A guest post from Kelli…

Each weekend when I go home, the first thing I do is scope things out.  Mom usually has a box with books for us to review, fabric for a new Bakeshop quilt, or products that companies have given to us to try out or give away.

This weekend I found a gem.  Debbie Kratovil was kind enough to send us a copy of her calendar–Quilting Block & Pattern-a-Day 2013 Calendar
-to review.

Just by looking at the cover, you can see what wonderful blocks are included in this beautiful little calendar.

One thing that I really liked about the calendar is that every few days a new quilt or pattern is introduced.  On the back of this calendar page, yardage requirements for the quilt are provided.  Then for the following few days, instructions are provided to make the blocks needed for the final project.

One of my favorite patterns that I found when looking at the calendar was shown on November 8th.

I’ve never completed an appliqued project, but this my friends may be my golden opportunity.  I love the colors used in this particular design as well as the pieced blocks.  You can see here that each day has space to take notes or write important information.

To learn more about Debby and her designs, you can check out her website here.  Be sure to check out her book Supersize ‘Em!: 22 Quilts from Oversized Blocks (That Patchwork Place)
or see when she’ll be visiting a guild near you.

For those wondering what I’m going to do with this beautiful calendar, I have bad news.  I’m keeping it.  I think I’ll take it to work with me so that if I’m ever having a bad day or in a frustrating situation, I’ll be able to just glance over and remember that in a few hours, I’ll be home doing what I really love–SEWING!


4 thoughts on “Try It on Tuesday–Quilting Block and Pattern-a-Day Calendar”

  1. I really like the calendar. It looks like it is well planned.

    What a nice surprise to look forward to finding out what’s in Mom’s “new” box when you go home. It’s almost like Christmas every day.

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