Try it on Tuesday: “Quilter’s Desk Diary 2013”

I had made a mental note to start looking for a desk planner/calendar for 2013 when D&C Publishing sent me a box of goodies to review.  In the box was their “Quilter’s Desk Diary 2013”.

I am a little picky about planners as I like them in my style.  I like the week listed out on one layout.

This one has that.

I like to be able to see the whole month too.

This one has that too!  The left hand page always has a quilt.  The right hand side always has the planner.  That means there are 52 quilts and quilted projects to enjoy throughout the book.  In the back of the book is a listing of each quilt and tells where the pattern for it can be found.

I love the planner and am keeping it.  Planner shopping is one thing I can check off my shopping list..I have a perfect one!!

Come back next Tuesday and see what I'm reviewing then.

5 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: “Quilter’s Desk Diary 2013””

  1. Very cute planner! My “new” thing ties in with a recent post of yours. I am going to do Bonnie Hunter’s mystery quilt with the colors she suggested. I’m a civil war colors kind of girl, too, but thought it would be fun to do something outside the box. I only had a few pieces that would work, so I’m going to shop around a bit…that’s always fun!

  2. I tested a new pattern for a designer…of course, I had to tweak the border (just like bobbins, I guess!) and fell in love with the pattern. You can see it at The designer sent it to Quilters Magazine but said I could post pictures before publication.

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