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Each Tuesday, I review a quilt product or try something new.  I often host giveaways too….Make sure to stop over each Tuesday to check  it out.

The good people over at Lark Crafts sent me a copy of “Quilt It with Love:  The Project Linus Story” by Mary Balagna and Carol Babbit to review.  The book is filled with over 20 quilt patterns but also features some great stories that will warm your heart (or bring a tear to your eye!)

Prior to reading this quilt book, I was aware of Project Linus but I was not aware of how the organization came to be.  That was very interesting to read.  The project in the book are great if you are looking for a quilt pattern to make for kiddos in your life or for children in need.

Visually the book is great.  The quilts and patterns are laid out in a very easy to read format.

This quilt is a giant checker board.  How cute is that??

The farm girl in me of course likes this one!

I have a novelty print here that would work great with this one.

This one I liked too.  Tags are put around the edge of the quilt, rings and toys are added to make it a great little quilt for tummy time!

The stories and thank you notes in the book are great reads too.  So many time quilters send quilts as donations to others, never knowing where they are going or if the recipient will even love them.  Often we don’t hear those thank yous as the recipients have no idea who to send them too.   Reading the thank yous and appreciation letters in the book were truly touching.  Another thing I loved is that a portion of the proceeds from the book will go to Project Linus.

To learn more about Project Linus, you can follow this link.

Whenever I hear the name Linus my mind quickly flies back to Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang that Charles Schultz created.  If you want a chance to win the book, just leave a comment here telling which Peanuts character you liked best.  For me, I think it might just be Snoopy himself…creative and always doing his own thing…but then I’m bossy so can relate to Lucy…then I don’t care how I look so maybe Peppermint Patty….I am the little sister so maybe Sally…I am too hard on myself  so maybe Charlie Brown.  Anyway, just leave a comment with your favorite character.

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Last week’s winner of “Stitches from the Schoolhouse” by Renee Plains donated by Pickle Dish is…Marjorie Nath who said, “I graduated from West Seattle High School in Seattle, WA in 1969. There were 500+ that I graduated with.”  Congrats Marjorie!!

50 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Quilt it with Love”

  1. Charlie Brown as I felt bad that he was always picked on. But he usually came out fine and continued to show love to all. I love the book and the Linus quilt project. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. I always felt bad for Charlie Brown as everyone teased him. I have donated a few quilts to Project Linus and enjoy doing that. Thanks for the chance to win their book. It looks like a lot of fun quilts in it.

  3. I agree with you, there are characteristics that I appreciate in all the Peanuts characters, but, if pushed, I pick Charlie Brown.

  4. I have to say Snoopy. He is wise and imaginative.
    We have an entire tree full of ornaments of him at Christmas time and we have a Beagle (Barney). I only wish Barney was as quiet as Snoopy!!

  5. I always liked Peppermint Patty, and I’ve had my Charlie Brown moments. Snoopy is always so happy, though. Project Linus is great, and I’ll look for the book. Thanks.

  6. I can identify with Charlie Brown, as I always felt like the one who couldn’t do anything right, but I’ve learned through many yrs. of living, that I had a lot of good qualities and talents. I’ve used my quilting and giving talents to make quilts for the Linus Project.

  7. Pig Pen…I can definitely relate with Pig Pen! I don’t have a cloud of dust around me, but have plenty of “quilt strings” hanging around.

  8. I’m a bit like Peppermint Patty… not that I don’t care how I look, it’s just that I like to be comfortable. My great grandmother’s name was Sarah and she was called Miss Sally. My granddaughter’s name was Sarah and she had a dress with Sally on it. I thought it was a cute nickname for her.

    I love Project Linus, too. Our guild donates quilts to My House, for special needs children, and the Battered Women’s shelter.

  9. Oh the book looks awesome! I would go with Linus. Who wants to give up something to comfort us? That’s why we make quilts. :)

  10. I like Charlie Brown! All of the characters made for a wonderful show though. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book. Project Linus is a great organization!

  11. I was always partial to the little curly-haired girl…I think her name was Susan. Mostly because she’s me. lol Well, maybe not quite so prissy, but I DO have that super curly hair.

  12. Laurel from NW Iowa

    Even though we never saw “Ma’am,” (the teacher), I always loved the “Waa waa waa” voice that she had. I do that to my own kids when they’re rambling and won’t get to the point! Thanks for the chance to win, Jo!

  13. My favorite character would have to be Woodstock. I just love that adorable little bird:) Thanks for the chance to enter.

  14. Snoopy is favorite, but I should choose Spike as he’s from Needles (where I was working for the last several years!) And who doesn’rt love Charlie, Linus and Lucy!

  15. I’m going to say that I probably resemble Peppermint Patty the most. Thanks for the chance to win this book. Thanks for sharing.

  16. My favorite is Snoopy, but every time I think of Charley Brown I think of that sad Christmas tree. I feel for him, but Snoopy wins hands down.

  17. Well lately I would have to say I am the teacher… Feel like I am talking, people should understand, but they are just hearing blah, blah,blah. LOL Can you tell I have a teenager?

  18. I like Linus best. It seems like he always looked at the good side of things and just did what he felt was best. I’m sure his blanket was actually a beautiful quilt made by his Mom! :) Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great book!

  19. When I was being a crabby big sister I worried that I was like Lucy. Kept me in line a bit. I had a Snoopy doll that I adored–such a blissful expression on his face–so I guess he is my favorite.

  20. Glenda in Florida

    Woodstock! Looks like a great book–I’m in several groups that make charity quilts for various organizations, and am always looking for new patterns to try. Thanks for the chance to win.

  21. I can relate to all of the Peanuts characters, but I am going with Pigpen as that is what my sewing area is right now. :)

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