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The great people over at Lark Crafts sent “Pretty in Patchwork:  Holidays” by John Q. Adams for me to review.  If the author’s name isn’t familiar maybe his blog is, Quilt Dad.  The book is hot off the press and ready for you to enjoy.  If you are someone who makes many of your Christmas gifts, this book has several cute ideas…well more than several THIRTY TWO!!

Most of the projects have a modern feel to them…but you could easily make them in fabric that appeals to your taste and take the modern feel from them.

I am totally in love with this idea…the “Read Between the Lines Pillow”.  Notice it says “Ho ho ho”.

He shows it in an alternate version with Boo written on it too.  Then he takes the same letters and makes a banner that says Merry Christmas.  Better yet, he gives directions to make all the letters in the alphabet.

How fun would it be to make a pillow with the letters spelling a child’s name and give it as a gift??  I know my kids always had trouble finding things that were personalized with their names on it.  This would be perfect.

Kids would like these pillows too.

Check out this wine bottle holder….

Of course there can’t be a Christmas project book without a tree skirt….

I wish I could see the whole skirt lying flat.  It looks cute as is though…

These little draw string bags are cute.

I also loved this apron….

There are a couple quilts in the book too. There are mini projects and big projects.  Some are super easy and some more complicated.  It would be a great book for mom and daughter to share.

All in all, I think the book was great.  The only downfall for me is that the patterns in the back of the book need to be enlarged.  The upside to that….making the pattern pieces small allows all of us to enjoy more designs all packed into one great book.

Would you like to win it???  Just leave a comment here telling how many Christmas gifts do you typically hand make?

Now the winner of recent “Try it on Tuesdays” are:

From Martingale and Company…”Follow the Line Quilting Designs” by Mary M. Covey…the winner is Carmen who said, “I am a beginning machine quilter, so this would be a great help. I have quilted a few small things, but never sent anything to a long armer!”

From Pickledish…Bonnie Hunter’s “Spring Fling”-Happy Scrappy and Loving It!”…the winner is Elaine who said, “Love them all but am looking at Wild Child, maybe because of the lovely blue. Your Pineapple Crazy almost makes me want to try paper piecing. Thanks for the chance to win without the jumping thru hoops. Have a great day!”

61 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays”

  1. Oh my gosh, this book sure does look fun! I don’t usually make many of my Christmas gifts except for a min wall hanging each for my mother and mother in law. This book would really inspire me to step up my handmade gift giving…that pillow is fantastic!

  2. Pauline Kennelly

    I ♥love♥ the Ho Ho pillow. That’s “must do” for me. Looks like John has some very clever ideas for Christmas. As to how many Cristmas gifts do I do? I never know. Sometimes one or two home made gifts, sometimes many more, sometimes none. I love giving all year instead of just special occasions. A gift in mid February for no season or reason brings unexpected joy to the receiver. That’s really how I like to give.

  3. I see a couple things I might need to try. Love the pillow! As far as handmade gifts, some years more than others, but I average at least two or three sometimes more. I made two quilts last year and will be making quilts this year. Well I only have one completed but two more tops in the works. Thanks for a chance to win this neat book.

  4. This looks like a wonderful holiday project book. I plan to make several small hand made Christmas gifts this season.

  5. The book has some really cute ideas. I usually make 2 or 3 gifts for Christmas. I was thinking about making table runners for my 2 daughters and daughter-in-law but haven’t gotten started yet. Been busy trying to catch up on UFO’s. Guess I better get going.

  6. I generally give one or two handmade holiday gifts. I love the ideas in the book, especially the bear/penguin pillows. White bears are the symbol of my town, so I’m always on the lookout for bear patterns!

  7. I always have high goals of making everyone a homemade gift at Christmas, but usually run out of time! I love, love, love the HOHOHO pillow!! I can imagine my grandkids’ names on pillows!!!

  8. I usually make around a dozen or so handmade gifts each holiday season. The gifts range in mug rug size, placemats or even bigger things like wallhangings, table runners or lap quilts.

  9. I have been pretty good about getting at least 4 handmade things done for Christmas gifts. I love that lettered pillow – and my kids would adore their own!

  10. debbie siltala

    I make most of my christmas gifts……I am lucky enough that most of my family and friends love things that are made from the heart! thanks for the chance to win the book

  11. Letty Shirkey

    Typically I like to give out most of my Christmas gifts as homemade gifts. The kids love homemade jams and jellies with breads wrapped in somethings quilted or kitchen aprons. So basically whatever DH and I are able to put up during the year.
    I have done lap quilts, pillows tree-skirts and tree ornaments. Would love some new ideals to fuel the imagination.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  12. This book looks great!! Thanks for the chance to win it! Making gifts for Christmas? If it’s sewing, I usually make four gifts and I also bake for three of our neighbours. Less than 5 months to go!! Have a great Tuesday!

  13. I make all my christmas gifts. I just hate giving something made from another country. The fabric may have been made out of the United State but at least the present isn’t.

  14. This book looks like alot of fun !!! I am fairly new quilter so I really haven’t hand made alot of gifts yet but this book looks like it has alot of great ideas!!

  15. I’m always making personalized baby quilts…this would be a different technique for me to try. I sure would love the opportunity to win this book. Then I could diversify instead of always doing embroidery. I have never made quilted letters.

  16. Last Christmas I made fleece mittens for our 11 grandkids, 2 extra guests, couple neice and nephews and 15 dozen (or more) for underprivileged kids in the cities and Alaska. (I’m already stocked up on fleece for this year!)

  17. Janet Currier

    What a great book! I hand make Christmas gifts for all of my sisters and their children. I’ve been doing it for years and look forward every year to coming up with new things. This book looks like it has great ideas. If I don’t win it I just may have to buy it.

  18. Thanks for the informative review and the opportunity to win a fun book. I make gifts every year, but the number varies: 2-3; a couple times more than 12. One year hand made gifts included 12 reed baskets I had made; usually i give knitted gifts: hats, scarves, cowl, fingerless mits. 8 years ago included hand smocked bishop’s baby dress. I’m so glad you asked this question… Based on these lovely ladies’ responses, I now think I’ve had unrealistic expectations! Whew, what a relief & just in time for the “make it by Christmas” crunch time. Now i’ll relax some!

  19. Handmade Christmas gifts … I usually make a few ~ Trying to make REALLY NICE Christmas gifts handmade limits me to just a few. (Is that perfectionism? Not sure.) Thanks again for a great book review, and the chance at a fun giveaway!

  20. I would love to win this book, it looks like it is stocked full of fun projects. I usually don’t make too many gifts for Christmas. Last year I made a couple of Christmas/winter aprons for my mom and MIL. I also made a box full of American Girl doll clothes for my daughter which was a huge hit.

    Thanks for the chance to enter:)

  21. maureen prendergast

    I would love to win John’s book! I used to make a lot more holiday gifts, but lately I’ve slowed down to maybe 2 or 3 a year. Was running out of ideas! Love the HOHOHO pillow (and would like to make pillowcases with the names of my nieces too!!)

  22. I make soap every year for lots of teacher and hostess gifts at Christmas. Probably over 30 people. But I usually can only eek out one or two sewn/quilted gifts for Christmas. Love Love Love the personalized pillowcase idea. I have at least 3 college Freshmen on my list!

  23. I try to make all of my gifts myself, and people, especially my kids, have come to expect it! This book would help me with new ideas, cuz I’m runnin’ out!

  24. Congrats to all the other winners! Enjoy your goodies! I think it would be fun to have a gift book to be able to make more gifts for the holidays as well as birthdays etc. This looks like it will be an awesome book.
    Thanks Jo!

  25. Like all those before I love the pillow. Clever way to insert the alphabet into the strips. My youngest niece has an unusual name…great idea to fulfill that void. I tend to spread out my handmade gifts throughout the year. I can’t hold on to them long enough to wait for Christmastime. Sandi

  26. I like to make scarves, bracelets and other jewelery as well as the occasional quilt. It is lots of fun to create things for others. The book looks like it has lots of interesting ideas.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  27. It varies from year to year if I hand make anything as a Christmas gift. I used to make more handmade gifts for my kids when they were younger. Now that they are older I don’t make much for them for presents. This year though I am going to try and finish two quilts one for each as a surprise.

  28. No longer make handmade gifts for Christmas. To much stress that time of year. Save the hand-mades for births of a child, and birthdays of course. Will make assorted hand-made items thru the year, and give them as “no reason – Just thinking of you” gifts. I like the wine bottle holder/bag, and the tree skirt – leave out the center hole and you have a table cover. The draw string bags would be great to have on hand for unexpected gift needs.

  29. Oh, wow! I love the HO HO HO pillow! What a clever idea! I try to make as many handmade gifts for Christmas as I can. My mom and sisters love getting something homemade!

  30. I love that HO HO HO pillow. I have seen John’s projects in the past and admire his creativity. I don’t usually make holiday presents but since I just started quilting I just might try a few

  31. Oh This Looks like a good book with lots of ideas to get you in the creating mood – What a surprise it would be to win it???? I am learning to start earlier in the year – so there is time to enjoy making things for others – not much fun if you rush the fun – usually make about 6 or more home made things for the Holidays – starting earlier may have time for more.
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  32. I love to make Christmas gifts – usually a quilt for my kids or the grandkids. It would be nice to make something smaller, so I could make more. I like the pillow! Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  33. I always try to make all my Christmas gifts. Sometimes its not possible, but I always get at least some made. I love making things for my family – I spend the time thinking and praying for them.
    The book looks really fun, I would love to win.

  34. This book looks wonderful…it reminds me of the Zakka style book. I usually make 8-10 homemade gifts each Christmas, and some things each year for my own home.. I would really love to win.

  35. Every Christmas I make many batches of rock/ribbon candy and peanut brittle — given to friends and relatives. Also do some baking and usually make at least ten gifts, using the sewing machine. I love the idea of the name pillows — great for grandkids. Thanks for reviewing the book and giving us a chance to win it.

  36. I make crocheted snowflake ornaments and send them in my Christmas cards and give one to each of my family members ( brothers, sisters, in-laws, nieces, nephews and that next generation, too) at our Holiday get together. Great nieces and nephews (13) receive a handmade gift (last year was sprocket pillows). We have a name draw, so I typically make 2 gifts for that (last year was throw-sized quilts). I make for my grandchildren (5) (last year was twin sized quilts). I make candy and cookies for friends and usually a yule log and some caramel corn. I guess you could say we have a hand made holiday. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. Oh, how fun! Because we’re so far away from everyone else (half the country!!), we send checks, but I always try to have something handmade for everyone, in addition to their money. I like to make stockings for each grandchild as they come along, and wall hangings for the whole family; the guys are really hard to do – I usually end up with knitted scarves…boring, I know, but I’m out of ideas…so this book would sure come in handy!!

  38. I try to make a homemade gift for each of my 3 grown children each year. I haven’t started anything yet this year so this book would really come in handy.

  39. What a great looking book. I love some of the photos you included! I already see several projects I’d like to make. As for my homemade gifts…the number varies. I try to only make homemade gifts for people that I think will appreciate them. I usually make 5-7 small to medium items for people I work with and 3-5 medium to large items for close friends/family.

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  41. eileen in spain

    I try to make one or two quilty gifts for christmas, but only for close friends or family. The book looks great, I really like the ho ho ho pillow!

  42. I make Christmas ornaments for everyone in my family – brothers, sisters, parents, kids, etc. I also make place cards for the table for everyone who joins us for dinner – these could be little terra cotta pots painted for Christmas or even clear ornaments with names in glitter. I also make a stocking for anyone visiting for the day with little silly gifts to make them feel at home. Yes, I craft year round. ;-)

  43. I always plan to make a lot of gifts, but usually only make a few for the kids in the extended family. My daughters and I always make handmade gift tags and Christmas cards. We invite some friends over and they go wild with my stamping supplies. I am hoping to make many more gifts this year, and will start soon to avoid the last minute panic!

  44. The first year I was married I made 10 ornaments for friends. This year will mark our 46th anniversary (next Monday) and together my husband and I create about 75 ornaments for friends. We have made them out of wood, paper, found sea glass, fabric – cross stitched, quilted, screen printed, paint on fabric, embellishments of too many types to even remember although gem stones, googlie eyes and pompoms have frequently been incorporated! We have friends who only decorate their tree with “jones originals” which embarrasses us a bit. The last 8 years, as many of our friends are attempting to downsize their lives, we have tagged our ornaments with notes as to where donations have been sent – originally the ornaments were tied to the gifts as a sort of name tag. Since it is August it is time to begin the planning for the 2012 version…maybe something with 5 rings since it is an olympic year??? we shall see.

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