Try it on Tuesday: Pieced Hexies

Here’s a book that the best way to describe it is….FUN!!  The book is Pieced Hexies: A New Tradition in English Paper Piecing by Mickey Depre.  The great people at PickleDish supplied us with the book to review and I am so glad they did.


The idea of pieced hexies came from Mickey Depre when she was making this quilt.

Awesome quilt-RIGHT???   The layout of the book is really clean and neat.

Look how cute the designs are.

They are just adorable.  I’ve always thought that hexies were but these are super cute!

There are so many ideas in this book for designs.  There are however not quilt patterns in the book.

The book is set up to give you ideas for hexies you can put together and make.  From there coming up with the layout is up to you.

As summer comes this way and all of you are out and away from your sewing machines, working on hexies would be a perfect project.

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Pickle Dish also has an awesome template set that is a companion to the book.

You can find more information about the pack here.

As much as I love the book.  My shelves are bursting and I know one of you would love to win the book…so if you’d like a chance leave a comment and let us know if you’ve even done a project with hexagons before.

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  1. My great grandmother started a Grandmother’s Flower Garden for me when I was born. She was the grandmother that I was named for, and she died a month before my 3rd birthday. Then my grandmother continued to work on it and got the top to twin bed size. When I became engaged my grandmother gave it to me along with the cut out hexies and I worked on it during dorm meetings. I got it big enough for a double sized bed. Then my grandparents had it finished for us for a wedding gift. I still have that quilt after 50 years of marriage. Since then I have only made a few blocks with them but this time using the English paper piecing method.

  2. I first made hexagons for a quilt for my sister’s baby a few years ago, then another baby quilt for a friend. My biggest hexagon project was a Christmas quilt, made of hexagon “flowers” in red, white, and green. Thanks again for a fun giveaway!

  3. I have never made a hexie. I would love the chance to try. I will be driving from Michigan to New York the end of the month and I thought I should take some sort of hand work to do in the car. This looks like the perfect book to take along.

  4. I love hexies. In the last year, I have made three wall hangings and am now working on a queen size quilt with 1/2″ hexies. At the rate I am going, it will take me about three years just to finish the top – and then I have to quilt it (all by hand of course). Thanks for all your inspiration.

  5. I made an eye spy quilt that turned out great. I started a paper pieced grandmother’s flower garden quilt but never got it finished.

  6. Charlotte Betts

    I am currently working on a Grandmother’s Flower Garden that my grandmother began sewing in the 1930’s. She never finished it, and it was given to my sister who does not sew or quilt in a plastic bag with all of the hexagons cut out and partially sewed flowers. My goal is to finish it.

  7. I have not tried hexagons, but I love the shape as a quilt pattern and hope to try it someday. This book really looks fun and interesting.

  8. I’ve done a small project with hexagons — now, I am seriously thinking about undertaking a big one. Seeing what Bonnie has been working on and some other friends has really tempted me. …and I like the pieced hexies in this book.

  9. I only made hexes once and must say I enjoyed making them. I’d love to read this book and perhaps make a small quilt

  10. Hi..I would love to have a chance at winning that book. I so do love hexies they make great portable projects for my bus rides. Thanks for letting us see the book.

  11. I have just started learning about Hexies and I am gathering my materials to start my first project. I would love to read this book to learn more!

  12. I’ve started a few but haven’t finished any. I’ve seen some beautiful quilts made from fussy cut hexies and this book looks like it would be a great place to start. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  13. Just getting started on a hexies! They are much like moving grain bins. A little work up front and then it’s a pretty easy road.

  14. That looks like a great book. I have not yet tried any hexies but they are on my list of projects to make.

  15. Glad to hear you liked the book…I found out last week I won a copy from Quiltmaker’s Quilty Pleasures blog (so don’t enter me in your giveaway!). I can’t wait until the book arrives in the mail. I’ve been making a lot of hexagon flowers lately, and I know I’ll be adding a few pieced ones to the pile soon.

  16. I love Hexies!!! I have made a Grandmother’s Flower Garden out of 30’s reproduction fabrics and then quilted it by hand:) Recently I made a few hexie flowers for a BOM I am working on:)
    Love the new versions they are designing!!!

  17. I am working on a Hexie project right now & would love to win the book. It really looks like it has great ideas.

  18. I have not actually ever tried making hexies, but they are high on my “to try” list. I would love to win this. Thanks

  19. Yes I learned how to make them in a Craftsy class … I think they are fun and I like that they are portable

  20. I have done a project with hexagons before. A baby quilt that is still in progress and have been for years. I started it a while back hoping to have a new born grandchild. That didn’t come to pass. I will finish it some day. Thanks for the giveaway. I have two of her templates and I am also enrolled in her Craftsy class.

  21. Find doing hexie’s very relaxing. Have several English Paper Piecing projects in the works. Like to get ideas. Thanks.

  22. I am just teaching myself how to EPP. I have 2 projects started using different methods I have seen for the basting. Would love to win the book so I can see how Mickey does it and if she has any more tricks. Thanks for the chance to win.

  23. I have completed handwork projects with lots of yo-yos, but not hexies. They look beautiful in the book. Thank you for the chance to win this inspirational resource!

  24. Hexies have been on my ‘to do’ list for a couple of years now and Ms. Depre’s book is most intriguing. Since I’ve done hand sewing, yo-yos, learned hand quilting and needleturn applique in the last few years, I’d like to add hexies of any style to my list!! thanks!

  25. Just made a small hexie quilt, I think I would definitely like pieced ones. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. I’ve made one quilt with hexies and now I’m hooked. I would love to start making pieced ones.

  27. Have pieced hexies with the plastic templates, but this looks like it would be so much better and love the designs. Need a new take along project for grandkids sports activities.

  28. Well, I haven’t done one with one piece hexagons, but I do have one in the works that is a tumbling block (3 diamonds sewn into hexagons)… does that count??

  29. I made a grandmothers flower garden on my first all hand-pieced and quilted sampler wall hanging quilt.

  30. I am currently working on a table runner using 1″ hexaies. I tried 1/4″ inch hexaies, did two flowers but they are just too small, cut but wow!

  31. I have hand pieced one hexie flower and was not satisfied with my stitches showing so put it away. This book looks interesting and might motivate me to try some larger pieced by machine. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Barbara Pricola

    I have never done a project with Hexies, but the book makes it look fun! I would love to try.

  33. Mary Arline Smith

    I have not pieced “Hexies”, but I have a hand pieced pillow top my materanal Grandmother Agnes made, but never
    finished. She passed away in 1966. Perhaps I should finish the pillow, as it will be an Heirloom I will give my sister
    Janet. I have so visiting your blog! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  34. Mary Arline Smith

    I have not pieced “Hexies”, but I have a hand pieced pillow top my materanal Grandmother Agnes made, but never
    finished. She passed away in 1966. Perhaps I should finish the pillow, as it will be an Heirloom I will give my sister
    Janet. I have so enjoyed visiting your blog! Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!

  35. Yes, the hexagons have been made easy for me by watching Linda Franz Inklingo and her technique suits me best. Loving the handsewing and I am making a grandmother’s flowergarden quilt. It is for a new baby. I also sewed up some half inch scrappy hexies for a bag and was very pleased with the effect… they are just plain fun. Thank-you for the chance to have such an interesting book.

  36. I have made a few baby blankets out of hexies and currently making a forever one for my oldest grandso. Never made hexie quilt like one of these and would love to win the book and try it out!

  37. I have made ​​a whole lot of “Grandmothers flowers”, but has not been compiled them into a quilt yet – expect that I can sit in the sun and sew them together.
    Now that I’ve been peeking in “Pieced Hexies” – beautiful ideas have come to me – so now there is more that can be sewn in the sun.
    Thank you for a fine fine book

  38. Looks like an awesome book! I have a couple orojects going using hexies. I’m doing them EPP way. I have a small quilt and a table runner I’m working on. They are addictive!

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  39. My first ever project was hexies – at Primary school! It was a single Grandmother’s Flower Garden in little florals on a smokey pink background. The cushion is still being used in my parents home. Nothing as fabulous as the ideas in Mickey’s book, though. Besides hexies I am a BIG EPP addict.

  40. I’ve never done anything with hexagons. I have a quilt my great grandmother made that uses hexagons. I think it’s called Grandmother’s Flower Garden, or something along those lines. I miss her a lot and think of her whenever I look at her quilt.

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