Try it on Tuesday: Perfect Scissors

Some time ago Karen Kay Buckley sent me one of her medium sized Perfect Scissors to try out.  In fact, it was probably way back in July when I got them.


I didn’t loose them.  In fact, the scissor quickly became part of my sewing life.  I love it.  Next to the sewing machine and iron, it is the most used piece of equipment in my sewing room.

Most often it can be found right here by my sewing machine.  I use for clipping the chain piecing apart.  I use it for clipping threads.  I use it as a seam ripper if I am too lazy to go get the actual seam ripper.  The point on it is awesome and unlike most scissors, it clips all the way to the very end of the tip of the scissor.

The rest of the time it’s sitting by the iron board and is working on clipping things apart or tackling the dog ear points.

I love the big handles because my chubby fingers easily fit into them.

Once I get to the new house I want to have a bigger studio so the we can easily have three or four people sewing at a time.  I’d love to have one of these scissors by each machine…yep, I love them that much.  You can find them here on Karen’s site.  I’m off the sew…I hope you get some sewing time in today too.

Counting down to Thanksgiving, each day I write about something I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful for our son Buck.  There are certain things in my life that Buck is the one who understands best….like dealing with his Dad.  When we were going to be working on the house and taking out the chimney which required Hubby to be on the roof I called him and said Hubby was planning on doing that.  Buck quickly said to tell him to wait and that Buck “wanted” to help with that so please wait for him and not to do it alone.  I didn’t have to tell Buck that I didn’t like him crawling around on the roof by himself.  Buck just knew what to say to make Hubby wait.  Buck is good that way.  He watches out for us from afar. Everywhere that he has worked he has been well respected and always at the top of his game.  He volunteers doing wild land firefighting and is always taking classes to improve and learn more so he can be at his best.  Early this summer he started a new job framing houses.  He hadn’t done it before and knew little about actual house building.  He was comfortable with tools and had built small projects but framing a house is a much bigger task.  After working there seven months the foreman of the crew quit.  Buck was promoted to foreman.  He works hard and strives to be the best at whatever he does.  I admire that and am very proud of him for that.  He’s a really fun guy to have around.  Today I am thankful for our son Buck.

3 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Perfect Scissors”

  1. Gosh Jo, when writing about your Buck I thought you were writing about my Buck. He is the laid back one in the family and the youngest of three. He is not a fireman, but our oldest son Trent is, and is always taking classes. Our Buck works for a custom farmer in the area and travels into Minnesota, lives in the same town as us, but we don’t see him very often. I am very thankful that my kids are close by, as once in awhile this “Grandma” needs to get her fix with the grandkids.

  2. I don’t have KKB’s brand, but I do have two pairs of indispensable scissors that are always close at hand. Both have colorful rubbery handles that won’t slip off the table and show up in a pile of bonus triangles. And they have sharp points and cut to the tip. I think that feature is greatly underrated.

    PS: I want to come sew with you in your new place. It’s going to be lovely!

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