“Try it on Tuesday” (or Wednesday) The Handkerchief Quilt

First things first…the winner of the the TWO jelly rolls from the Fat Quarter Shop is…
Hometown Jelly Roll Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics
Leslie J who said, “My hometown is Spring Lake Park, MN, known by the 2 red, white and blue water towers. My summers were spent in my mother hometown, Detroit Lakes, MN.  No better place on Earth (for a kid and all of her cousins)! Would absolutely LOVE the chance to win!”  THANKS so much to the Fat Quarter Shop for the generous gift.  I really loved reading everyone’s comments!!

Audrey from Sleeping Bear Press was so good to send me a children story book to review for my “Try it on Tuesday” post.  The book is “The Handkerchief Quilt” by Carol Crane and Gary Palmer.  I love children’s books and this particular one, is a good one.  I especially love books that inspire good morals and this book does exactly that.

The story takes place in a factory town in what I am guessing to be the 1950’s.  Miss Anderson, one of the school teachers, comes to school after Christmas break to find a broken water pipe along with  flooded classrooms and library.  The townspeople were able to repair the damage but they were not able to pay to replace supplies and books.

Miss Anderson has the idea to make a quilt from handkerchiefs that had been gifted to her.  With the help of the children and the townspeople the quilt is made and sold so books and supplies can be purchased.

The illustrations are great and the story is good too.

I thought that one of you might want to give this as a gift, add it to your book collection, your quilt guild’s collection or donate it to your local library.   It’s really a nice book with a great moral that working together for a great good can really be a good thing.

The only thing that I didn’t like the best about the book was that the group makes a Cathedral Window quilt with the handkerchiefs.  With my knowledge of quilts,  it would really be hard to make that style of a quilt using handkerchiefs.  Most people would never realize that so it really is just a minor detail.

If you want a chance to win, leave a comment…I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday.

On a personal note:  Thanks for all the thought and prayers you have been sending our way.  We spent the afternoon with her and the family.  If I disappear for a day or two, that’s where I am.


30 thoughts on ““Try it on Tuesday” (or Wednesday) The Handkerchief Quilt”

  1. What a fun book! My granddaughter, age 6, loves to quilt with me. She’s even helped make quilt blocks for several Project Linus quilts.

  2. What a sweet book. My daughter is building her classroom library as she finishes school and student teaching in December. What a great little book to add to her collection! Thanks Jo for the chance.

  3. The handkerchiefs remind me of my Grandmothers and the ladies of their age. They always had their hankies. I would love to have had a quilt from them. The book has a good story about the way people work together.

  4. Brandy Wade-Freeman

    My son and stepson love to read! This would be a great addition to the growing collection. I could also use it in my classroom when I become a teacher.

  5. jenetta hettrick

    What a perfect sounding book!! Would be a good book to have in my dayhome and for my own 4 children to read!! Hope you are well!

  6. Jo, just the illustrations makes me want to have a chance to win that book. I have plans to make a hankerchief quilt or wall hanging with the hankies I inherited from my Aunt Marie. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks. Daisy

  7. My little grandnieces are interested in the quilts that my mother and I make. This would be a great book to read to them (once they know a story, they re-tell it to us from the pictures). Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway. Meanwhile, praying for you, your family and MIL.

  8. The book looks and sounds wonderful, would love to have it to read to the grandchildren.
    Praying for you and the family.

  9. I would love to win this book for my grandchildren and also for me. Oddly enough, I also collect handkerchiefs and have tried to think of some way to use them in a quilt. Maybe this will help give me that push! Thanks, Sue

  10. Since I haven’t read this book I would love to read it along with my granddaughter. We could sit together and take turns reading it aloud.

    Sending prayers for your family.

  11. The book sounds great! My 2 year old grandaughter plays with my fq rolls and strips from my basket. I think I have a quilter in the future.

  12. I would love to have this book. I have a new grandson who loves gammie to read to him and he loves to snuggle in my quilts.

  13. I love books that inspire good morals. It would be a great read for my little daughter, inspiring her to be a more helpful person!

  14. This sounds like such a cute book! I’d love to read it to my 3 year old granddaughter! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great book! By the way, hugs coming to you and your family . . .

  15. Laurel from Iowa

    Hi, Jo – I love the cover illustration! That drawing alone would make me open the book. I have a tub of antique hankies from my mom, grandma and great-aunts and it’s just hiding under my bed. Maybe someday I’ll make a handkerchief quilt :D

  16. Would love to win a copy of this book. My grandkids would love it. They are very enthusiastic about my quilting. Will purchase it if I don’t win….

  17. Leah-Ann Walker

    My son is just learning to sew with his grandmother who is a quilter and this would be a book that they could share together and learn a great message from. It looks like a beautiful book! Thank you for this chance.

  18. All the little people in my childcare love to read…they get so excited when I go to the library and bring home new books to read. This would be a great addition to our home library.

  19. What a lovely book! I have to admit I’m selfish- I’d love to have it for my own collection. I’m both grandma and a kindergarten teacher, and I love books that are rich with cultural information and beautiful pictures. I love to share them with all of my children, related or borrowed.

  20. Jo, this would be a fun book to read and have the class bring in bandanas to make a quilt. And I think a lot of our kids here in the Midwest can relate to losin all of their supplies with the many recent storms!

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