Try it on Tuesday: My First Quilting Book

Today from Cico Kidz we have, My First Quilting Book: 35 Easy and Fun Quiliting, Patchwork, and Applique Projects for Children Aged 7 Years + (Cico Kidz) by Susan Akass.

It’s a really cute book that I am sure beginning sews will love.  The title is a little deceiving though as the projects are all sewn but not necessarily “quilting” projects.  Many of the project incorporate hand stitching.

I love the step by step visual instructions.  It makes the projects easy for anyone to make.

If you are a grandma or mom looking for projects that are kid friendly, this book is great!


The projects are all things that girls from 5-12 would really like.  I am sure boys would like several of the projects if you can get them to pick more boyish colors.


I know my nieces would love this book so sorry…I am not giving this one to one of my readers.  It’s going to my nieces.  I am sure they have some time this summer to work on them.  Keep this in mind if you are giving a gift.  I am sure a little one in your life would love it!!

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