Try it on Tuesday….More Take 5 Quilts

First things first….The winner of the book The Handkerchief Quilt by Carol Crane donated by Sleeping Bear Press is…Conni who said, “What a fun book!  My granddaughter, age 6, loves to quilt with me.  She’s even helped make quilt blocks for several Project Linus quilts.”

Now for this week’s “try”, I am trying Kathy Brown’s new book “More Take 5 Quilts”.  Kathy Brown has three different books available through Martingale and Company.  You may remember when I reviewed her Strip Smart Quilts (it was my first “Try it on Tuesday).  Martingale and Company sent the books to me to review.

More Take 5 Quilts: 16 New Quick and Easy Projects (That Patchwork Place)

If you liked the first “Take 5” book, you are sure to like this one too.  The premise is to take five different fabrics, and possibly a background fabric or border fabric and you’ll have enough to make a quilt.  I can see many of the quilts in the book being made for gifted quilts for graduation, wedding presents, and such.

One of the things that totally impressed me is the machine quilting on the quilts.  Check this out….

More Take 5 Quilts: 16 New Quick and Easy Projects (That Patchwork Place)

I also like that there is a variety of quilts…some have a touch of modern flair…

More Take 5 Quilts: 16 New Quick and Easy Projects (That Patchwork Place)

and some are completely traditional.

More Take 5 Quilts: 16 New Quick and Easy Projects (That Patchwork Place)

This one is my favorite.

Martingale - More Take 5 Quilts (Print version + eBook bundle)

Again, I love the quilting…The “Travels East” quilt features a cute Chinese Lantern block.

Martingale - More Take 5 Quilts (Print version + eBook bundle)

I didn’t know if I would like a tumbler quilt that uses only a few different fabrics, but I do like it.  I can see this making a good guy quilt.

Martingale - More Take 5 Quilts (Print version + eBook bundle)

There are 16 quilts in the book.

Martingale - More Take 5 Quilts (Print version + eBook bundle)

You can see lots more of the projects on Martingale and Company’s website.  All in all, I can see this being a handy quilt book for anyone who is looking for quilt patterns that aren’t complicated, can be finished in a short amount of time and for someone who is looking to make twin and large lap quilts as most of the quilts are that size.

One thing that is neat is that the book can be purchased as an ebook or as a paper copy.  Do you want a chance to win a paper copy of the book?  Just leave a comment here telling if you have ever bought a quilt book in ebook format or if you ever would.

57 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday….More Take 5 Quilts”

  1. This looks like a REALLY FUN book! I have never purchased a quilting e-book, but I have downloaded a free one. I haven’t used it yet, but yes, I think I would use an e-book on my iPad propped a my quilt table. Why not?

  2. I haven’t purchased an ebook for quilting yet. I’ve read a few free downloads on my computer, but don’t have a Nook or iPad. I can see benefits to both versions, though. This Take 5 sounds great.

  3. Valerie Boudier

    I haven’t purchased an e-book for quilting and don’t think I’m likely to. I love ‘real’ books

  4. I bought Quilt Made Modern by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr as an e-book. I really like it. I can set up my laptop in my studio with the book “open” on the page I want…..I would readily do it again; once you’ve bought a book (especially from Amazon), you can’t “lose it” if your computer crashes; you can download it again……

  5. I have purchased a book for reading on my iPad, but didn’t really care for it. Like the feel of it in my hands! I like the last batik quilt and have just the fabric for it, so I need this book!

  6. I have purchased many ebooks for homeschooling. They’re nice because the worksheets can be printed for however many kiddos you’re having work on that specific skill (adding two digit numbers, for example). I have one quilting ebook, and I didn’t really like it as well. I have purchased many epatterns, though, and those are nice. You just print them off and put them in a page protector. It works really well!

  7. I’ve heard such good things about this book. I’ve never bought ebooks, not sure if I would, I love being able to sit and turn pages

  8. I have purchased an e-book, over a year ago, and still haven’t printed it off. I guess I’m a hardcopy kind of gal lol! It’s like stroking fabric, we need to touch the book! Love that quilt with the spool blocks :)

  9. I haven’t tried ebooks for quilting as of yet, but a favorite past time of mine is to sit with a cup of coffee and turn the pages of my quilt books.

  10. I’ve never tired an ebook before.
    I have to tell you that one thing I LOVE to see in quilt books is the quilting designs. So many of the older books you can’t see the quilting and are left with “Quilt as Desired.” I see you took notice to the quilting as well. :-)

  11. I’ve never bought a quilting e-book, but now that I have a Kindle Fire, I would. My Nook would not be good for it – no idea how it handles color pictures. I do keep e-patterns on my Nook – easier to have it by the sewing machine than a laptop!

  12. I’ve never purchased an e-book either. Too many computer crashes though there’s probably someway to download again in that case. I’m one that likes to have the book in my hands – maybe it’s the feel of it? Or just too old fashioned ;-) Probably why I haven’t gotten a Kindle yet.

  13. Cute projects! Good question – if it was one of those smallish books that only has 2 or 3 projects in it, then maybe I would. Definitely love the epatterns! However, I so like to sit down with a cuppa and flip the pages of whatever book or mag that happens to interest me at the time. I can’t get that with an ebook and staring at the computer screen.

  14. I have not purchased a quilt e-book. I probably would not since my kindle does not have color and what is a quilt without color?

  15. I know alot of people who are interested in ebooks, but am kind of a touchy feely girl, so other than magazines, and books, I don’t think I would use an ebook.

  16. I don’t know if I would get an ebook – I just like the feel of turning the pages of a real book. Call me old-fashioned!

  17. I love these patterns! I have not purchased an e-book on quilts but I have downloaded some free ones. I really prefer the printed books. When I am deciding on a project, I love looking at a variety of patterns at one time – I think that might be hard with an ebook.

  18. I agree, I thought I’d only like a scrappy tumbler quilt, but that tumbler quilt is also very nice. I’ve gotten a few books on my iPad to read, I still prefer a REAL book. The iPad makes it easy for vacation, you know multiple books. For quilting, pattern type books I think I’d need a hard copy. Thanks for the chance, give Gracie a kiss for me. (your posts have been a little light on Gracie lately.) ;-> Toni Anne

  19. I wouldn’t purchase an ebook because I have too many computer crashes. Yes, I’ve lost a real book too, but I can carry a real book anywhere and I can’t carry my computer with me most places. I don’t have a laptop or ipad. If I don’t win, this is a book I will definately pick up myself. Thanks for the giveaway.

  20. I prefer a paper copy, but see the benefits of e-books, (with all my genealogy papers). The Jacob’s Ladder quilts are growing on me – need to make one, but what size, scrappy or set colors. Decisions, decisions, decisions….

  21. I have never bought an ebook for patterns – have downloaded tutorials, then printed. Guess I would not purchase an ebook.

  22. I haven’t purchased a quilting ebook. I have downloaded some PDF patterns. They are okay but I prefer the paper books and patterns. Fun looking book. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

  23. I haven’t purchased an ebook on quilting. I have done some magazines, ended up printing the whole thing and putting it in a binder. It has more to do with quilting convenience. . .all my sewing stuff is in the basement, the computer is on the main floor. Although that would be better for my exercise/diet program. . .:)

  24. Kathy Smothers

    I have a NOOK and I purchase novels on it frequently. I have however never purchased a quilting ebook. I love to smell and hold a new craft book.

  25. I have not bought an ebook. I like the feel of the book in my hands. LOL

    I love so many of the projects you showed in your blog.

  26. I’ve never bought an ebook, although I’ve downloaded and printed off some patterns. Just too traditional, I guess! (I’d love to make the Travel East quilt for my daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law, who are planning to teach in China next year.)

  27. I have purchased a quilting ebook. I bought Camille Roskelly Simplify and made at least three of the quilts that were included. They turned out great. Of course, I had to wing it on the templates but that was no problem. The More Take 5 book looks like a great one!

  28. I have never purchased an E-book and probably never would. I like to have the actual hard copy. To each his own, I guess. I think that book looks like fun though and would be excited to win a copy.

  29. This looks like a great book for ideas for charity quilts. I make quilts for the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Sandusky , OH, Heart beat of Ohio, and quilts to go to Haiti and Liberia. Thanks, Jo, for previewing the book.

  30. Oh! Your favorite is my favorite too! Looks like there are lots of great patterns to choose from. I’ve bought some e-books for my Kindle and I really do enjoy them, but I’ll never be able to go completely bookless. I have a whole house filled with books that I treasure. Thank you for hosting this great giveaway. I’m trying something new this week so I’ll link up next week. :)

  31. Sandy A in St. Louis

    This sounds like a neat book! I love the tumblers quilt done that way, it is more masculine looking! Always looking for ideas for quilts for guys.

    I haven’t tried a quilt book in eformat but would try one if there is a way to back it up (ie save to a disc.) Would hate to lose it if my ‘puter crashed!

  32. I have never purchased an ebook before. I seem to connect better with a real book vs. a computer. As a teacher I realize I probably should embrace new technology, but I love turning pages and am sentimental about all the treasures in a library. However, computer or not, right now I am seriously connecting with the Jacob’s Ladder photo. :-) Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  33. I have a couple ebooks on quilting. I’m not sure I’ll buy more. I really enjoy paging thru my books for the eye candy. I don’t get the same feeling looking on the computer screen.

  34. Nope, no ebooks for me. I like to hold the real thing in my hands. Especially if they are quilt books. I never get tired of looking at the same books over and over.

  35. No, I have not tried any ebooks, either for quilting or for reading. I do listen to audio books from the library (I’d be lost without them at work or driving), but for a quilt book, I think I’d have to have it on paper.

  36. No haven’t tried an ebook for quilting. I down load a lot of fiction to read on my Kindle, but I think I prefer paper copies for quilting. I just need a way to be better organized. Thanks for the chance to win this one.

  37. I always purchase paper books, I even take them to the park so a computer wouldn’t cut it! awolk at rogers dot com

  38. Hi Ya,
    YES I have purchased an E Book.
    501 Quilt Blocks.
    I LOVE the fact that I can write on the pages or if they get damaged I can replace them.

  39. I bought a few quilt e-books but I much prefer the hard copy ones. When the book is sitting in a pile by my chair I tend to pick it up and look at again and again but when it is in a file on my laptop it gets ignored after the first perusal. Love the look of this new take 5 book and thanks for the chance to win it.

  40. I’ve never bought an ebook and I’m not too sure that I ever would. I like to turn the pages! But who knows what might happen in the future! Thanks for the chance.

  41. I have never bought a quilting book – yet. I am just thinking about starting quilting. My grandmother did it and my aunt does it. It looks like so much fun! I have a Kindle, and I can see getting an ebook. It’s nice because you can leave it open and not have the page turn, plus keeps from having stacks of books piled up all over. I still like real books too.

  42. I have never bought a quilting ebook. There’s just something about being able to flip back and forth thru a hard copy book. Although, printing templates would be a lot easier from an ebook.

  43. If I ever purchased an e-book, I would probably end up printing it out anyway, so it would have to be a good price saving over a printed book because of the $ I would spend on ink and paper printing it out.

  44. I love my Nook and read both fiction and nonfiction on it all the time. But I would never….don’t ever say never…download a “to do” book because I need to study those, write personal notes in them and drag them around with the project, often forgetting where I put them. I can’t imagine doing that with my Nook! Thanks for the opportunity to win a Hardcopy. Jane

  45. I would love to win this book, thanks for the chance. Looks like the kind of quilts I gravitate toward.
    I don’t think I would ever purchase an e-book of quilts. The whole point is to have a pattern in my hands, isn ‘t it? There are literally thousands of available patterns on the internet for free to download, so I don’t need another file on my computer.

  46. I made my first Take 5 quilt a few weeks ago from the original pattern and I fell in love with this method!!! I would so love to win this book!! I do not like E Books. I like having the printed book in front of me!! I would be afraid that Cyber Space rat would eat my Ebook or lose it for me! I have nothing against Rats, I just like knowing my book is safe in my hand!

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