Try it on Tuesday: Marriage

Apparently our daughter Kelli has decided to “try” something new…Marriage…and fingernail polish.

HA!  She’s usually not a big nail polish wearer so I am guessing she painted them up to show off the ring!!

Here’s the scoop.  Kelli and Jason have been dating for YEARS..I think 6 or 7 years…long enough that Jason feels like part of the family already.  They have talked and talked about marriage but Jason wanted each of the other kids in our family have their turn at being the special couple so never proposed earlier as first Kayla got married last November and Buck in August.

Well…it’s finally their turn.


As of right now, they are hoping that dates are open for March.  She is planning to take today’s lunch break from work to call around and get some information on what dates are open at the church and reception hall.  Then they’ll pick a date.  If it is March, we better hurry and get some dress shopping done…and hurry with a whole bunch of other things too…oh and I just remembered.  I’ll have another quilt to sew!!  I am afraid to ask what design she wants!?!?!

Stop back next week and we’ll have a regular “Try it on Tuesday” post.  It you are looking for a giveaway we don’t want to disappoint.  We have $50 Visa Gift Card and a Monsters University Blu-ray Combo Pack giveaway going on here.

18 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Marriage”

  1. waaaaaaaaah!!!! congratulations! this is such good news! I am curious about the design she wants for their weddingquilt, can’t wait to find that out!

    love fromo the Netherlands

  2. That is lovely news! Congratulations to the special couple and mother of the bride. We look forward to seeing the wedding preparations.

  3. Congrats to you and the happy couple – look out mom – empty nest soon – what am I saying – the kids are always at your house anyway! LOL!

  4. Congratulations, Kelli and Jason!! Such a sweet couple…and so thoughtful of their siblings! Can’t wait to see what quilt design they pick!! :o)) Your nest really is getting empty…you will have to fill it up with grand-babies!

  5. I think that this might be my favorite Try it on Tuesday ever! My grandma always said “the best comes to those who wait”.Congrats to Kelli and Jason!

  6. What a beautiful couple – and Jason is so thoughtful – he will make a wonderful and kind husband for Kelli. Jo you and hubby did a fantastic job raising such terrific kids! Wish I could see my daughter more, but we keep in touch via FB and phone!

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