Try it on Tuesday: Making Quilts

Recently C&T Publishing sent an ebook copy of the book  Making Quilts with Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.  Let me tell you straight up from the beginning that both Kelli and I love this book.  We love the use of color.  We love the designs.  We love the layout.  We love the pictures.  We love it all.

I think if I could pick a style that I would sew…this is the style I could pick.  It’s not modern…It’s not traditional.  It has a folk art feel to it.  I just love it.

I like this quilt…I could actually see myself making several of the quilts in the book..if I ever have time.

Seeing the book made Kelli and I both want to make quilts from the book and we’re thinking we both might made a Material Obsession next year.  How I’ll pick only one, I’ll never know.  Kelli is leaning towards one that has (dare I say it) applique.

I’d love to show you more pictures from the book but being mine is on my Kindle as an ecopy, it is almost impossible for me to get a good picture.

There are 21 quilts in the book and in my view…there really isn’t even a single dud in the bunch.  Even though I have an ecopy….I think I just might have to purchase a hard copy so I can study the colors…I’m one that does that.  I can look at the same quilt magazine for hours and hours…that is if it’s a good one like this is!!

So the folks over at C&T Publishing have an ecopy to give away to one of my readers.  Just leave a comment here telling what type of quilts are you favorite to sew.

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  1. As far as style, I lean toward traditional quilt blocks, using cottons and flannels. Size-wise, I like a wall-hanging better than a specific bed size. I love warm, country colors~~ burgundy, browns, golds, olive. I make every new grandchild a quilt for them to use and/or keep, so I am always open for new ideas!

  2. I would say that my style is traditional. Most of the quilts that I make are like that. However, I love some of the modern quilts I see now. As for this book, I love the applique quilt with the people on it. Thanks for the giveaway and I love seeing the progress on your new house.

  3. I love color…..I love clean lines……I love a soft look……scrappy, modern, traditional can give you that look & feel depending on color choices……I really love them all….just not enough time to execute ideas.

  4. I am still a newbie at quilting, but I have finished a few lap sized, and so far I like traditional. I tend to like bright colors rather than muted. I looked up Kathy’s book on Amazon, and I love this sentence in her introduction, “Each quilt is but a starting point for a new quilt!” I like all the quilts I saw, especially the one on the cover, and also the one called Soul Searching.

    Thanks for the giveaway, and I love reading about your new old house. ;)

  5. I love to applique and go more for the traditional. I seem to always go for fall colors. Have done others and try to do at least one new thing a year. It may be using a new ruler, pattern or way of doing.

  6. I love Asian fabrics, so I tend to like modern quilts with big pieces so that the prints will really be at their best. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. You want me to pick just one style?!! I have ADD when it comes to quilting within a style. I do so many different types of quilts. If I’m inspired, I give it a try. There are a lot of neat quilts that you pictured. I’m inspired!

  8. I’ve been MIA! I picked a good day to bounce around some of my fav blogs. I follow Kathy’s blog and love her quirky quilts. I’d love to win a copy of the ebook.

  9. I really like the quilts from the book! They are a nice mix of contemporary and traditional. I like pieced quilts with a planned colorway, and I enjoy using solids in my quilts. I like experimenting and right now my style is difficult to define.

  10. I am all over the board with my style, I love some traditional like log cabins, but love some modern too. For me the color is what makes it.

  11. I like anything but the “a” word. Ok change that, I like simple quilts, but this book looks so cool it might influence me to try something harder.

  12. I’ve never seen this book, or an ebook before.
    I love all styles but mostly like patchwork with lots of pieces, lots of bright colour and am leaning toward a touch of applique now (never thought I’d say that!)

  13. Ok, I’m more a traditional quilter BUT last week I did a baby quilt with bright colors and really out of my usual and I loved it!
    So I guess my next book is going to be “modern” to explore new colors and see ……

  14. I have only finished a few but they have mostly been applique! Just getting a chance to sew makes me happy, it doesn’t matter what:)


  15. I like the scrappy quilts. I love that circle with stars quilt. As for style, I started out with the 2,3 or 4 fabric quilts, but now the more fabric included in a quilt, the better. Thanks for the giving us a chance to win this ebook.

  16. I love making scrap quilts, using my stash plus “rescued” cotton shirts and wool skirts from the thrift shops. I’m inspired by Kathy Doughty, Gwen Marston, Freddy Moran. But I have years and years of stash to use up!

  17. I love to make traditional quilts with modern fabrics. I love bright, funky colors and patterns, made into stars, broken dishes, churn dashes, etc. I have two of the Material Obsession books and know I would like this one, too.

  18. I am all over the map with my quilting (or should I say sewing, as I have a stack to be quilted!) but I love anything scrappy, particularly Bonnie Hunter designs. I throw lots of modern colours in for brightness, but will use anything as they all work so well in her designs.

  19. Currently my style includes working on UFO’s. I love scrappy quilts. The more different fabrics the better. I love handwork too so I love doing appliqué as well. I love red and white quilts so next year I’m going to make a few or more of these. I need more hours in the day and more days in the week to make all the quilts that I’m imagining in my mind.

  20. I can’t believe that I am saying it, but I have become a string addict. I have been known (in the past) to mock my mother for saving the smallest pieces, but I have stepped up my own hoarding (I mean collecting) and am really excited about the quilts I have started with strings. I finished Bonnie Hunter’s RRCB in Aug. and am hoping to get her Fair and Square into a quilt top this weekend. TWO DAY RETREAT! YAAHOOOOO!

  21. I tend toward tradional quilts but I’m tempted by some of the modern quilts, especially in some of th bright colors. The modern one often are simple piecing and should go quickly which can be very satisfying! So I guess I do all kinds of quilts, most of which are scrappy.

  22. I’m super eclectic with a lean toward modern. I’m sewing a quilt as you go modern quilt at the moment with a side of Halloween/witch inspired pillow covers ;c)

  23. I LOVE this book! I was introduced to it in the blog world, so I ordered it. I immediately started making the “Soul Searching” quilt, and blogged about it! It is such a therapeutic quilt to make!

  24. The book looks wonderful. I enjoy all kinds of quilting and love trying something new. Unfortunately I’m a starter, but not a finisher. When I get something going, then I’m ready to try something new. This leaves me with tons of UFOs. Helen B.

  25. I’d say, that I agree with YOU !! Art quilts speak to me, I love Material Obsessions works as well as Kaffe Fassett’s fabrics and quilts ! I really would like the book!

  26. I love to sew all kinds of quilts. I am constantly changing what my “favorite type” is. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. I like a mixture of traditional and modern. I also like modern, traditional and anything else you can name. I guess I don’t have a favorite. I’ve been loving the Bonnie Hunter scrappy style for a long time now, but each project is different depending upon the look I want to achieve with it.

  28. I just like quilting – scraps are sometimes more fun than a stack of co-ordinated fabrics. My style is probably traditional with a twist at times.. love lots of pieces – color and a challenge to keep it interesting.. Making Quilts looks to be a wonderful book – ideas shown are very interesting — thanks for the chance to win..

  29. I have been on a “scrappy” quilt kick for awhile now and would have to say that I am have been more into “traditional” quilting in the past. But, I love to try out new techniques and designs. There is something about making it which helps to decide whether you want to delve into it further.

  30. I’m all over the place but currently am drawn to the more modern quilts – more clean lines, fresh fabric choices. But I do have a collection of Civil War prints ready for cutting and a couple of more traditional quilts in the works.

  31. I’m a traditional girl. Love sampler quilts as I get to learn how to make lots of different blocks.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  32. I love this book! I have made a smaller version of “fractured”. I plan to make several of the wonderful patterns in this book.

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