Try it on Tuesday: Jumbo Wonder Clips

I am so fortunate to be a blogger and have great companies to work with.  About two months ago I got a note from the people over at Clover Needlecraft asking if I would like to try their Jumbo Wonder Clips.  Of course I said, “Yes, please?!”

Over the last two months we’ve been finishing quilts right and left so I’ve had a great chance to use them and give an good honest opinion on them.  Let just say…I LOVE them!!

The look like this.

They come in a bag of 24 clips.  I’ve been using mine for binding quilts.  If you don’t know, I am a gal who machine binds.


I get lots of questions on how to machine bind.  Here is a tutorial I did long ago that answers many of those questions.  After seeing Judy at Patchwork Time’s tutorial, I have changed the way I pin.  You can see her video here.  Then ran across a tutorial at Cluck, Cluck, Sew.  She has yet another method that you can see here.

Well now, I’m to yet another method.  I sew my binding strips on just like you would for hand binding.  I cut my strips at 2 3/8″ as that seems to work best for me.  Then I flip the edge over and use the Jumbo Wonder Clips to hold in place.  I typically work with about 8 at a time.  I attach them.  Then as I come along with the sewing machine I just take them out.

I don’t know how many times I’ve been poked when using pins.  Not anymore.  I really love these clips.

I have plans to use them when I bundle quilt blocks together too.  After I get ten made I’ll clip them together.

Sadly, I don’t have any of the Jumbo Wonder Clips to give away but I do have a package that are similar only these are designed for use by knitters and crocheters.

Twelve of these come in a bag and are called Knitting and Crochet Jumbo Wonder Clips.  Do we have any knitters or crocheters out there who would like to give them a try??  If you do, just leave a comment here telling what yarn project you’re working on.

If you are looking for Jumbo Wonder Clips and you local quilt store doesn’t have them, you can find Clover 3157 24-Piece Jumbo Wonder Clips with Seam Allowance Markings, 2-1/4-Inch, Green
here on Amazon.

16 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Jumbo Wonder Clips”

  1. Our community here in Canada is having a day of service on September 28. I have been busy crocheting 10″ x 70″ strips, and so have many other women. They will be sewn together to make strip afghans for the homeless. But I am also getting ready to crochet an afghan for a gift, and crochet a Christmas stocking for a new grandson due next month!!

  2. I am currently working on a hooded baby sweater and my mindless knitting projects — dishcloths. I haven’t seen these clips before and am curious to see how they would be used. I find I need “mindless” work at night, when I am tired and so are my eyes.

  3. I love the wonder clips for holding binding. My sister saw them when we went on vacation this summer and I bought a box for her. My current yarn project is a crocheted afghan for my granddaughter. Would love to see how these clips could help.

  4. I knit and crochet, too. I can’t wait to see how I could use these! I’ve heard great things about the wonder clips! Thanks for the binding info!

  5. I would love to try the crochet/knit version of the clips. I have been using the quilting ones to clip the hexagons together that will make a rosette. Yes I think they are great.
    I am making baby quilts and flannel blankets for a great grand baby due next March. My daughters 4 th grand child. My mother is still alive so she is a great great grandmother 4 times. Love it. She helps with the quilts and pays for the flannel for those blankets that I do a simple crochet around.

  6. I use the red ones for hand stitching binding. Because the stay on so well I can clip a whole quilt at one time. I bought of box of 50 at a quilt shop and then found them on Amazon at a much better price. I have 3 sets of 50 now. Not sure how the knit and crochet one would be used except when you are putting together parts of sweaters. They sound interesting!

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