Try it on Tuesday: It’s Elementary

Last week I told you about the great book with the puppy quilt in it, Story Time: Picture Quilts to Stir a Child’s Imagination by Kim Gaddy.  Well when Kansas City Star sent that book for me to review they also sent another book by Kim Gaddy, It’s Elementary: Schoolhouse-Inspired Quilts for Home and School.  I was so excited to see it!

I’m a teacher at heart so all things school relate, I love!

I have yet to make a house quilt or a school house quilt but this one sure is tempting….


…and what do you think about this quilt with kids on it?  Kind of cute, right??



I love this big pillow!!  Once I get doing childcare I would love to have this pillow in the reading area.  It’s so cute.


Of course anything dog related always catches my eye and this this little wiener dog pencil case is super cute.


There are more project in the book with a total of 4 quilts and 6 other projects.

I have high hopes of making that pillow….It’s just too tempting to not think about.

You can find the book, It’s Elementary: Schoolhouse-Inspired Quilts for Home and School by following the Amazon link or you can find it here at Kansas City Star.  I think Kim Gabby does a wonderful job at coming up with some fun projects.  You can bet that I’ll be checking out any other books that come out by her..especially if there’s a dog involved!!

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  1. Could you tell me if the quilt with the kids on it is pieced or paper pieced ect? I haven’t learned PPing yet. My daughter & her family are missionaries in Bulgaria and she works a lot with the children this would be a great picnic quilt for them if it’s regular piercing. Thanks for responding if you get a chance to my email address.

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