Try it on Tuesday: In the Studio with Angela Walters

I am always looks for new or more information about machine quilting…new techniques, more designs…anything to improve my quilting.  A while back I had reviewed a book Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters.  I loved the book and have even tried a few of the designs.  Then I saw that C&T Publishing had another book written by Angela so I had to check “In the Studio with Angela Walters” out too.

My dream would be able to machine quilt like she does.  Her work is just amazing.  I have to say being I don’t classify myself as a modern quilter, I am not attracted to the quilt patterns in the book and can’t for see myself making any of them.  I can however see myself trying a few or her machine quilting techniques.

The patterns for all of these quilts and more are included in the book.

I have to say, I LOVE the machine quilting.  It’s just gorgeous.  I got this via ebook and would have loved to share a few different pictures with you.  I do a little machine quilting and am always very critical of myself.  Every arch isn’t perfect and I do flubs all the time.  I was happy to see that most but not every arch of hers were perfect either.  That really made me happy to say…maybe there’s hope for me yet?!?!?

All in all, this is a good book-more modern than me but good.  I can say, if you are only going to purchase one of Angela’s books, I would say Free Motion Quilting with Angela Walters was more for me.  I think that book focuses more on the machine quilting techniques and that’s what I am most interested in…still, this is a good book too.

I do have an ecopy of this to give away if anyone is interested.  Just leave a comment here telling if you are a black Friday shopper or not…Me NO WAY!!

As part of my count down to Thanksgiving each day I write something I am thankful for.

Today I am thankful that my niece Jody’s health has been restored.  You might remember at the beginning of summer I told you that my niece was diagnosed with breast cancer.  After three surgeries over the last months she is cancer free and working her was back to 100%.  Jody is just four years younger than me so growing up we had lots of fun together.  In most families cousins hang out together-not for me, I was way more attached to my nieces and nephews.

Jody’s cancer was caught early through a mammogram.  Please take the time to get one.  If you went years ago and hated it, be assured that it is much better than before.  If you are someone who doesn’t go to the doctor because you don’t want them to weigh you.  You have the right to just skip that part.  Tell the nurse checking you in that you request not to be weighed.  Please just go.  Mammograms save lives.

Today I am thankful for Jody’s health and the medical advancements that have been made to save her and the countless other women out there.

28 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: In the Studio with Angela Walters”

  1. Daughter and I use to BLACK FRIDAY shop and loved it then. I’m up around 5:30 as a rule, but up at 2:30 to spend money is not our thing now. I do however have a list started to shop INTERNET BLACK FRIDAY and still be in jammies if I so chose.
    I do have a longarm and would love to win this book.

  2. I would love this book to improve my quilting skills.

    BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING – N E V E R !!! (and they dont need to open on Turkey day either !!

  3. I love Angela’s quilting too! I like some of the modern quilts, but for the most part I’m love the traditional designs. Lately, I’ve found myself doing a few modern things to traditional blocks :) I’m definitely NOT a Black Friday shopper! My daughter-in-law is though, and I often stay with the babies so she can go out with her friends and get great deals on Christmas presents.

  4. Susan Blumenshein

    Used to be a Black Friday shopper when the kids were young and so was I. Much rather stay home, decorate, sew and I put “Christmas Vacation” on the DVD and I’m set! (Might have participated in Cyber Monday)…

  5. I’m a Black Friday (and Turkey Day) shopper, but now that we live so far from town and Hubby often works on Thanksgiving I find myself staying home. When we lived in our old house, I could go out, stand in dark lines, shop for everything I needed and be back home before Hubby or the kids even woke up. It was the best Christmas shopping ever!

  6. I like Angela Walters too – I’m in the middle of her Craftsy class. It’s great watching her working and picking up ideas. I don’t like the modern quilts either, but it’s worth watching to get the techniques. No need to pick me for the book since I have the class to refer back too. Thanks for the opportunity though.

  7. Angela Walters quilting is gorgeous!. I am not a Black Friday shopper!!!! No sale is worth that hassle. Glad to hear that your niece is doing well. I have 2 (young) coworkers that have
    had breast cancer, and both are doing well. Every women, no matter their age, should do breast exams regularly and have a mammogram.

  8. In the past I was a big Black Friday shopper, but over the last couple of years it just isn’t worth it to me to fight the crowds. Plus my nieces and nephews are older and the things they want aren’t really BF kinds of things. My plans this year is to stay home and quilt!!!!

  9. Glad your niece is better. I would love the book…SOMETIMES I am a black friday shopper. The deal has to be rather good and circumstances allow (ie not a family event going on). I used to like to go in Dickinson near my parents if we were their for T-day but it has got so big w/ the ND oil boom that I’d rather stay home. This year I might make it to Target since it’s close and that’s it.

  10. I am definitely NOT a Black Friday shopper. I boycott the idea by sewing/quilting some Christmas projects in my “sanctuary”! I would love the book… I am a newbie when it comes to machine quilting. Thanks for the opportunity! Judie

  11. I used to be a Black Friday shopper, but when started opening at 4 am and on Thanksgiving I quit because it just seemed out of control. Now I try to shop online as much as possible. I think Angela’s quilting is simply amazing and I would love the chance at winning her book, thanks!

  12. I am a modern quilter, and I love your scrappy style. I’d love to win Angela’s book. I rarely shop Black Friday but might this year as Ineed new clothes for a new job

  13. I am a Black Friday shopper, but I’m more likely to be going to get bargains at JoAnn’s than at someplace like Walmart.

  14. Thanks do much for sharing, jo. We don’t have black Friday here in Canada, but J have been known to hit a few boxing day sales.

  15. I love Angela’s quilting! Isn’t it amazing! I’d like to quilt like her when I grow up, hehe. Would love to have Angela’s book. No way! I’m with you on the Black Friday shopping. I strongly disslike shopping on the weekends, I wouldn’t do well.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  16. NEVER have done Black Friday shopping. I try to make gifts for everyone from the heart.The book from Angela sounds wonderful. Have tried to quilt my own ,but like you I’m awful hard on myself. Thank you for the chance to win an ebook

  17. Love Angela’s quilting, just so pretty! Yes I have been shopping on Black Friday for a few years. I think it helps when I have a certain item I’m shopping for than just going to see what I can get a good deal on. Thanks for your giveaway and a chance to win.


  18. Bought my first microwave on a Black Friday. First and last time I shopped on that day! Love Angela’s quilting inspires me!

  19. I’d rather go to the dentist than step foot outside on Black Friday! Love your beautiful quilts and wish I were half as productive as you, but I’m not. Angela’s quilting is beautiful, and makes me want to do more with my very old longarm, which I am blessed to have. Such inspiration!!!!

  20. We have one store that has become tradition for us to go to every year because they have all their socks at half price so we stock up. I was actually going to skip it this year because I have plenty of socks but my husband wants to go so I will probably go.

  21. I would really really love to win this book. I also have her other book, but would like this one as well. Not a Black Friday shopper – live in Australia!!!

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