Try it on Tuesday: Houses, Houses, Houses

There is a new publishing company, Stitch Publications.  They are planning lots of fun things but for right now, they are focusing on bringing re-known Japanese quilting artist, Yoko Saito’s, work to the English speaking population.  Stitch sent me two of Yoko Saito’s books to review.

Let’s just say, I love them…I love them LOTS!!  In fact, they prompted me to purchase fabric in taupe hoping to make some time to try one of these amazing projects.  I’ve never been big on house block quilts so I really didn’t expect to like this book, Houses, Houses, Houses.


Look at this messenger bag.  I am in love with messenger bags as of late and this one with the houses is so cute.


Bags and purses seem to the author’s specialty because she makes lots…each unique.  Each special.  I am not a purse collector but she could make me become one!!


Check out this basket.  WONDERFUL right??  I would really love to make this for the new house.


The instructions are very compact.  The instructions to make the tote above are all on one page.  The pattern pieces are separate but the instructions are all on one page.


You know I’ve said I don’t do a lot of applique yet almost every one of these projects has a touch of applique.  That’s okay.  I am ready to give it a try if I can make this cute of projects.

Wouldn’t this house quilt be perfect from my move to town???  That’s a bit too big for me to tackle at this point but maybe someday…someday.  I really like it.


Here’s another cute little purse.


The project that had me hook, line and sinker is this one though…Isn’t it the cutest dog and doghouse coin purse??


When Kelli saw it she of course wanted me to make her one immediately.  I do think I am going to try to tackle it someday in the future.  It’s just too cute not to.

I really love all the projects.  They are a beautiful blend of sewing, quilting, applique and stitching…functional art.  I don’t need any new hobbies but I want to give this a try.

Did I tell you that Stitch is planning more books.  Two are in the works and I know I’ll be wanting them both.  I do have just one small complaint about the book.  I wish there was an envelope in the back cover to hold the pattern pieces….but hey, I can manage that!!

I’m sorry to say reader, this one..I am keeping.  You can get your own copy here though.

I am continuing on my things I am thankful for as I count down to Thanksgiving.
Today on this 4th of November I am grateful for timely weather.  We haven’t had much of here in Iowa this entire year.  Right now the guys have just over 100 acres left to harvest and we’re expecting rain.   This spring when the rains wouldn’t quit everyone in our area joked that we prayed too hard for rain the year before and finally got it.  Then we all prayed for the rain to stop and it stopped.  Unfortunately it stopped a little too severely.   So I am grateful for timely weather…rains when we need it in appropriate amounts…sun when we need it…dry skies when we need it.  I am thankful for timely weather and really hope that we could get some so this growing season can truly be over.

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  1. I’m working on Yoko Saito’s pattern for years now, she is well known here in Europe.
    Now when I pick one of her project I always add 1/4 inch because those bag and purse are tiny, tiny …..

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