Try it on Tuesday: House Warming Patchwork

I got some new books in to review from Interweave.  I am so excited to be working with such an awesome publishing company.  The book is another from Yoko Saito, “House Warming Patchwork“.

Housewarming Patchwork - jacket art
I am in love.  I have dreams to make a couple projects from the book-but even if I don’t, the book is just wonderful to page and look through.  Trust me, I’ve have the book for over a month and I have paged through it time and time again.  I have taken it in the car and read…I’ve taken it to bed and read.  I just love to study it.

The book has 78 original motifs in it…loosely translated, there are 78 quilt blocks included in the book.  The blocks are small finishing at 3 1/2″ square.  The projects in the book are created so that quilters can interchange whatever blocks they would like into the projects.

I was immediately in love with this little box.  I love it just the way it is with a cat and a dog.


I liked this little robot pouch too.  The robot is made from the 3 1/2″ block and the arms are extras.


Kelli and I both thought this little sewing box was just the cutest.


This water bottle tote…oh so cute too!


Kelli and even started talking that we’d love just to have these sitting out as decoration.  So-so CUTE!!

The directions though are not designed to be speedy fast and easy…these are not instant gratification projects that just take a few minutes…but I think they would be so worth the work.  There are not traditional pattern pieces and a quilter can’t just rotary cut the pieces.


The pictures are wonderful and steps look easy to follow but one must take the time to draw out the pattern pieces adding the quarter inch seam.


all doable…just something that takes a little time.  I really have my eye on making this bag…

I really want to get a few things finished up around here and maybe…just maybe, I’ll get a block made.  You can bet that if I do, I’ll be showing it off here on the blog.

And if you haven’t guessed…I am keeping this book.  But happily, there are MANY more copies available either here at Interweave or here on Amazon.  Before I go I also want to share a link to Interweave’s Coupon Page.

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