Try it on Tuesday: “Heart of the Prairie”

Sometime ago, Marcus Brothers contacted Kelli and I offered us fabric from their fabric line, “Heart of the Prairie”.  We were so excited.  I decided to design a quilt with it…and Kelli decided to sew it.

Here are some of the blocks.  The layout and design will be revealed at a later date but for now…we can show you this much.  We love the blocks!!  We love the fabric!!

We added the burgundy solid and think it looks great with the fabric line.

Marcus Brothers was so great and sent us two fat quarter bundles for us to give away here on the blog!!  How cool it that??  There are 22 cuts in each bundle.  Two fat quarter bundles…22 cuts each…all for you to win.  That sounds like fun!


If you would like a chance to win one of the fat quarter bundles, leave a comment here telling if you have ever bought a fat quarter bundle before.  I’ll pick a winner next week.

If you are looking for the fabric, you can find it at Fat Quarter Shop.

252 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: “Heart of the Prairie””

  1. Last year I purchased French General in a fat quarter bundle for your 2012 Quilt Along. Love having coordinated fabrics from the same line. Really like the traditional look of the new line you are using.

  2. A new design is born. Awesome work I love the block. You need to put this into a pattern. Love fat quarter bundles. It gives me the chance to use all of the line. And don’t feel like I bought the whole store. As sometimes I do. HaHa you know how that is. Addiction. Yes I am have one of those problems when it comes to buying fabric’s . I want them all.

  3. I’ve only purchased single fat quarters or yardage, never a bundle, roll or cake. I guess I’ve been on a strict diet staying away from all sweets.

  4. I have never bought a bundle since I tend to work from my stash. I would love the chance to play with a whole line of fabrics in one bundle!

  5. Wow, what a nice prize. I have bought a fat quarter bundle from Connecting Threads. They have them on sale a lot and I have bought several. I like making a quilt with a coordinated set of fabrics every once in a while. I am usually a scrappy kind of girl.

  6. I have bought several FQ bundles. I try to only buy the lines that I am absolutely in love with and reserve fat eighths and other precuts for fabric that I just like. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I love to have a fat quarter bundle in reserve so that when I don’t feel like picking fabrics I can start a project without having to think too much. I have bought store bundles mostly too. Love the ease of it!! I love the colors and prints in this Marcus fabrics too.

  8. I love the blocks, and the fabric is beautiful. I have never bought a fat quarter bundle. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  9. That is such a wonderfully graphic block… Can’t wait to see them in their setting.
    Thanks to you & Marcus Bros. for a chance to win!
    Although i have been sorely tempted, i have not bought a fat quarter bundle, the prices, tho fair, are too much for me to spend at one time…
    So, thanks again!

  10. I love fat quarter bundles! Its like a big bag of candy just waiting to dig into it! Love the colors and would love to add them to my collection. I absolutly love the colors! Thanks for even offering them to us too! What fun!

  11. I just love fat quarter bundles! Enough to make a project and have pieces left over for scrap quilting, perfection! Love the blocks you made, bow ties are so cute.

  12. This bundle looks like something i will need. I buy bundles a lot, but have a hard time using them, because they look so pretty tied up together!

  13. I’ve bought a few bundles…..They’re still waiting to be used. I don’t want to “cut” into them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I have bought fat quarter bundles. (I think 3) I have not used them because I don’t really know what to do with them. The good new is I do have some yardage for 2 of them, to use for borders, bindings, etc. I love the blocks that you are making.

  15. I have purchased a few bundles because they look sew pretty together. These are great and would be so fun to win! Your quilt block pattern is great too, really nice!!

  16. I have only bought the smaller bundles before with only 14 in them. What fun a large one would be to use! Oh, the possibilities!!

  17. Ever bought a fat quarter bundle? Not me! Laughing hysterically and running in case anyone catches me in this little white lie!!!! Seriously I have but none of them have looked as nice as the ones you have.

  18. No, I have never purchased a fat bundle before. I’ve looked at them and love how all the pieces looked all stacked together and tied up. They sort of scare me. I don’t know what to do with them. Would love to win one so I can experiment without having to spent the money for one. Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. What a great prize, hope I win. ha ha
    I have bought 7 or 8 bundles and have used used 4 or 5. And a friend and I buy 5 alike and splite the 5th one. We like our quilts to be at least queen size. Love the repos. and civil war but shops around here are not restocking this type fabric.
    Check your blog 3 & 4 times a day. Good job to you and your daughter.

  20. I’ve bought 1 FQ bundle, but haven’t used it. I love having a piece of all the fabrics in a line, but the bundles are usually more than I want to spend. Thanks for the chance to win a super giveaway!

  21. I have never used a fat quarter bundle. I love your new pattern and would enjoy making it. Thanks for the chance to win. I also enjoy your blog; we are farmers at heart and grow several very large gardens so I like to hear about your family’s farm experiences.

  22. I started to say that I’ve never bought a FQ bundle, but now that I think about it, I did buy a 16 FQ Marianne Elizabeth bundle about 5 years ago. I added a few FQ to it to do some sort of 20 FQ quilt, but haven’t gotten that far. The fabrics you are giving away look fantastic. I’d love to win them.

  23. I love Fat Quarter Bundles, that way the colors all “go together”. My problem is I think I need to “save them for something special”! I have been making a Christmas wall hanging with a fat quarter bundle, it will be cute (if I ever finish).

    Thanks for the chance to enter:)

  24. Yes, I bought a fat quarter bundle from Connecting Threads a couple of years ago. I have not used it yet, but I will some day. These are gorgeous looking fabrics. I would love to win them.

  25. I have never bought a fat quarter bundle. I always by yardage. It would be fun. Can’t wait to see what you two are creating.

  26. I love fat quarter bundles—I did one of the bullseye quilts with a bundle and loved how it all turned out….I would so love to win this pretty fabric….

  27. I buy FQ bundles sometimes when I really loved a fabric line… Most recently, Tula Pink’s Saltwater. I wait to find sales, though, because they’re pretty expensive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I have never bought a fat quarter bundle. I would love to win one of these! The colors are perfect for a project that my mini group is doing!

  29. I’ve never bought a fat quarter bundle because I could never afford to put out that much money at one time. I have, however, purchased a layer cake and a jelly roll, and a few charm packs. This would be like manna from heaven to win an entire bundle of fabric!!

  30. I love your new block pattern and the material line. Oh what fun to work with great fabrics.I have also bought fat quarter bundles. It is a wonderful way to use different colors you would not think about buying. I would love to win this bundle of joy.

  31. Hi, your design looks so beautiful.
    I bought one far quarter bundle last year and used it in a Christmas Sampler. But most of the times I just settle with charm packs…

  32. I love your new block design and the fabrics! I purchased a fat quarter bundle for a baby quilt and for a Turning 20 quilt. And I won one! Such fun!

  33. I have bought fat quarter bundles. If I like all or at least most of the fabrics in the collection and I don’t want to buy a lot of yardage, fat quarters is a great alternative.

  34. Trying desperately to use up my STASH -but would love to WIN a bundle of new fabric !!
    Yall keep up your good work – love reading all your posts………..

  35. I’ve dreamed of buying a fat quarter bundle- but never seem to have the money to spend. So I end up with just a few pieces. I would LOVE to actually have an entire bundle of this gorgeous fabric. I have just the pattern waiting for it too!!

  36. I have not bought a fat quarter bundle. I would love to have a whole line for a change, I really like the block you designed…its funny how color placement really makes a difference on a block. thanks for the chance to win

  37. yes, i have bought fat quarter bundles before. i would say about half the time i’m pleased and half the time i’m not. it was a matter of the quality of the fabrics.

    those blocks are stunning! i love them!

  38. I love that fabric! Usually don’t buy a whole fat quarter bundle due to the price. I pick and choose my favorites from a line to buy.

  39. Yes, I have purchased a fat quarter bundle before, even designed a quilt with it…love love this fabric and also the blocks you have so far. Someone is a wonderful piecer.

  40. I have purchased FQ bundles before. I love to dream about all the different designs I can make with it – it’s so hard to finally pick one! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love reading your blog!

  41. I have bought fat quarter bundles. Not the full line bundles but smaller groupings. It is nice to have matching fabrics in one bundle. A lot quicker to get going on a project.

    Love the blocks that you shared with us.

  42. Oh Yea! Buying a fat quarter started me on quilting and sewing after 18 years. I had going to Joann’s with my sister for her to purchase some yarn. I was just looking around and fell hopelessly in love with a fat quarter bundle of Xmas colors. Needless to say, I was hooked. Now, 3 sewing machines laters and a room just for my fabric. I am still buying fat quarters.

  43. oh that block is adorable! i can invision a quilt with those blocks on-point… that would look so awsome! I never bought a package with FQ’s before but i am tempted to do so after seeing what you did with it

  44. Love the blocks! Yes, I’ve bought fat quarter bundles. I just finished making a baby quilt from a fat quarter bundle.

  45. Hi!!! I really love your block and I would like to see them put together!!! I can’t wait to see!!!! Kinda hard to imagine but I’m sure it will be very pretty!!! I have not bought a FQ bundle… I would love to try one out!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!!

  46. I have not bought a FQ bundle yet. I’m always leery that I might not like some of the fabrics, so usually just buy yardage. I may have to try it soon, though. These look great. Thanks for the opportunity.

  47. I have to admit I’ve never bought a fat quarter bundle before, but I would love to try one.
    This one looks great beautiful colours. The blocks are really lovely.

  48. I have bought a couple but I love the prints in your blocks. I’m sure I could make something lovely w/the fabrics!!!

  49. Oooooh, 22 cuts, that’s pretty much a whole quilt! And look at all those neutrals! I have never purchased a FQ bundle, I have bought a few here or there to fill in when I need more variety of a specifics color but that’s about it. It sure would be fun to have fabric from a specific line to work with. (Shameless brown nose: maybe I would make that new patten of yours changing out the purple for you to see how it looks …). :) Deb

  50. I have bought one fat quarter bundle, but only because it is for a very special someone’s quilt! It is sitting on the shelf still because it is so pretty that I don’t want to cut into it and mess up!! Thanks for the fun giveaway :)

  51. I’ve never bought fat quarters in a bundle before – I’ve bought parts of a line in fat quarters, but not the whole line. It’s been tempting – I think it’s a $ thing. I’d love a chance to win a whole bundle all at once!

  52. I really like FQ bundles

    my kids like to sew, grabbing a bundle for them to cut into means that all the fabrics match

    …especially important to Miss 7 with Aspergers!!

  53. Daisy Christopherson

    I have a bundle of Benartex Fabric from Nancy Halverson. I love everything she designs. I have a Vignette from Leanne down in Australia that I am going to use for the blocks that go around all the embroidery. It is going to be so pretty. Thanks for the chance to win. Daisy

  54. The very first fat quarter I ever bought had a color scheme that contained some of my best friend’s favorite colors. I used her as my inspiration, made a Dresden Plate quilt of my own layout, and won 3rd in a regional quilt show with it. My best friend now has the quilt, and loves to show it off to her house guests.

  55. Sandy A in St. Louis

    Gorgeous fabrics!~ Yes, I have bought a FQ bundle before, but it was when I ran the raffle basket as my guild. It was one of the prizes during our holiday party and I was lucky enough to win it! Would love to win this one, too! :)

  56. WOW,, FQ bundle woo hoo,, spinning my pretty skirt round and round..oh YES I have pur hased a FQ bundle during our local quilt shop hop,,just love it,, so pretty,,,Haven’t found any pattern for it yet to make a quilt, but I will !!

    Linda J

  57. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    I have never bought a bundle before because it isn’t in my budget. I do buy FG when they are on sell at Joannes. This fabric is really pretty and I love the burgundy you added. Thank you for the chance to win.

  58. I have bought a few FQ bundles. I like how they contain all of a fabric line. Thanks for the super great giveaway!

  59. YAHOO! Stash enhancement possibilities for free! I don’t usually buy a FQ bundle, but I have on a couple of shop hops fallen hook, line and sinker for a couple of Jo Morton’s Little Women quilts and fabric bundles.

  60. That fabric is so pretty! The person who wins is going to be so lucky! I have bought a lot of FQs but have never bought a bundle. I have been tempted several times, however:)

  61. I have bought fat quarter Bundles and I love them.You get a little of everything in them and are great to use in a quilt.I just started using a bundles that I was waiting to use it on that perfect project.The bundles was called Northern Cardinal by Holly Taylor.

  62. Deborah DeBerry

    I love fat quarter bundles. I ordered Papillion from Moda. My favorite fabric is civil war reproductions, but never ordered a bundle. I would love to win this fat quarter bundle–my mouth waters at the colors.

  63. I’ve never bought a fat quarter bundle but I have drooled over them many times. Out of my price range. I have bought charm squares.

  64. I’ve bought many a fat quarter, but never a bundle. I’ve never been willing to part with enough money all at once to buy a bundle, but I’ve drooled over them many times.

  65. I have only bought one fat quqrter bundle before. It was nice to have a cut from every print in the collection. Great block! Thanks for the chance to win.

  66. I have bought one fat quarter bundle. I was so drawn to the fabrics I couldn’t resist. I ended up making a quilt for my daughters bed. I love working with fat quarters and these are beautiful fabrics. Thanks for the give aways!

  67. I have never bought a FQ bundle, but my husband bought me one when Civil War repro fabrics were just getting hot. Now that I think about it that has been a very long time ago. LOL
    I love the block! I can see me making some of these.

  68. I have bought a fat quarter bundle before. I like the way it makes the quilt look scrappy but a controlled scrappy quilt. Thank you for the chance to win the Marcus Brothers fat quarter collection. Love the block that you have designed for this line. :)

  69. I got a bundle by Holly Taylor called “Summer Nights, Northern Lights” and have never been able to bear to cut into it – but I’ve planned its use endlessly ;0} Love these fabrics and your take on the bowtie is AMAZING!

  70. I love the block and the fabrics. I have bought a few fat quarter bundles, the latest being a bundle of Ten Little Things for little boy quilts.

  71. I actually haven’t bought any fat quarter bundles ever. I would love to, but having them shipped to Mexico is expensive.

  72. Oh my goodness, I can count 8 fat quarter bundles from where I am sitting that are still bundled up….there are several I have already undone and pressed out to put in my stash. I guess my favorites are the Laurel Burch that I bought in Houston last year and the Thimbleberries I bought in Houston year before last. I can bear to cut into those two because they are so beautiful. I like to buy FQ bundles because you get some of every fabric. Thanks for the chance to win. This fabric is beautiful.

  73. Oh, goodness, yes. I love fat quarter bundles. It is so fun to undo the tie, spread out all the FQ’s & then start pulling out the pattern books & magazines to choose the perfect pattern to use them in. <3
    By the way, I really like that block, it has lots of graphic potential. I can't wait to see what you are creating.

  74. I have never purchased a fat quarter bundle. I’m not sure why……probably because I began quilting before bundles and jelly rolls became popular and I’m used to buying my fabrics with cut yardage. On another note, I love the blocks Kelli is making and can’t wait to see the design you came up with :o)

  75. Yes, I’ve bought many fat quarter bundles…with good intentions! But they are so hard to decide on the perfect quilt to make with them! I love them though.

  76. I have purchased one fat quarter bundle as a gift for my secret sister in my quilt guild. I would love to make a quilt with a bundle :) Love your block – awesome design!!

  77. Love the block you designed. Cant wait to see the whole thing. I have bought bundles before. I like to mostly do scrappy from my stash, but sometimes its fun to work with a whole line and have it all coordinated for me. Thanks for the chance to win.

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