Try it on Tuesday: Happy Stitch

My niece Jody and her kiddos came to visit a bit ago.  Stacey her ten year old had something to show me….Stacey’s owl.

Awhile back, I had asked my niece and her girls to review a book from North Light CraftsHappy Stitch: 30 Felt and Fabric Projects for Everyday by Jodie Haffa Rackley.  The book is filled with 30 fun projects that are perfect for moms to make or for their 10 year old daughter to make.

Jody writes, “My ten year old daughter, Stacey, loves working with felt and she loves owls.  When she saw the owl pattern in the book she took right to it.  Because I was busy working on my own project, I told her she could do it but I wouldn’t be able to help just then.  I was impressed that she was able to follow the directions with no help from me.  The only question she did have was how to do a blanket stitch.  She is excited to have done a project by herself and has already picked out more to do to give as gifts for her friends for birthday parties.”

Congrats Stacey on making a great project!!  I can’t wait to see the others that you make.

Jody and daughter Stacey are giving the book a thumbs up!  Thanks for “Trying it on Tuesday”.

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