Try it on Tuesday: Gone to Texas

Lucky me.  Lucky me!  Kansas City Star Quilts sent me a copy of Gone to Texas by Betsy Chutchian.

You might remember not to long ago I had reviewed the book “Lizzy’s Legacy” by same author.  That book was actually the sequel to this book, Gone to Texas.  I liked the other book so much that I just had to see this one.  I was so happy when I was able to get a copy to review.

Let’s just say…there are some  pretty great quilts in this book.  This is Nine Patch and Crossroads.  I love this quilt.  Kelli and I have discovered that both of us like quilts that don’t have lots of neutrals in them just like this one.  I am VERY tempted to start making some nine patch blocks in between projects and once I have enough to start in on the cross blocks.  I just love it!


This quilt is the book’s title quilt, Gone to Texas.  I love this one.  If you google search “Gone to Texas quilt” you’ll see quite a few picture of quilts people have made using this pattern.  They are all so pretty and I want one!!  It’s on my someday list.


Kelli isn’t a fan of basket quilts but she did concede that this is probably her favorite basket quilt I liked it too.  The green and pick together got me.


Oh and what’s a Texas quilt book without a Lone Star quilt??  I don’t think that can happen.  I love this one…it is also on my to do list.  Isn’t it a beauty??


Well that’s a sneak peek of four of the 12 quilts in the book.

The quilts are great and the diary entries with the history is equally is great.  Kelli was home and saw the book and she was in love with it too.  We love the layout of the book with the pictures of antiques and snap shots of the diary entries too.  All around, it is just a very pleasing book.  It’s a book you can read.  It’s a quilt book that gives you quilts to drool and dream over too.  For me, that’s a perfect combination.

I don’t have a copy to give away because this one..I am keeping.  You can get your own copy of Gone to Texas: Quilts from a Pioneer Woman’s Journal on Amazon or here at Kansas City Star.

6 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Gone to Texas”

  1. i love the 9 Patch & Crossroads quilt! so easy, and yet the random setting of the patches really draws the eye.

  2. I usually consider buying a book if I can find at least two pattern I love. Both of these books are full of designs I want to make. I have read both books cover to cover. I love how you get to know her and how she lived by her diary excerpts.

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