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A post from Kelli:

Last Christmas, Jason (my boyfriend), got me a Kindle Fire.  I use mine mainly for browsing, Facebook, music, and “pinteresting.”  I’ve also found a few games that I like to play.  This summer when my Kindle quit charging, I made one quick call to the Amazon’s customer service.  I explained the problem, tried a few fixes, and had a new Kindle on it’s way within 5 minutes.  On a Saturday!

When I first got my Kindle, I just bought one of the first covers I found.  I bought it because of it’s “cute” factor, not taking into consideration that it is not humanly possible for me to keep white clean.  After checking mom’s out, I realized that it would be really nice to have the feature that props up the Kindle, which is ideal for watching Netflix.  I really wished that I would have thought a bit more about the pros and cons of the cover I bought prior to purchasing it.

So when the corners of my cover started unraveling and the band keeping the cover closed started stretching out, I decided to get a new cover.  I had just asked mom to get me one for Christmas when GearZap contacted us and asked if would would review their Kindle products.   After looking at the different covers, I decided upon this cover:

My new cover solved a lot of the problems that I had with my old cover.  My new cover can prop up to watch Netflix.  I also like the fact that it is a darker color, so it won’t show dirt as bad.  At GearZap, they have numerous different styles of covers that come in all colors.  The material of the cover can also be easily wiped off if needed.  My old cover also had a band that came around to keep the cover shut.  The new cover has a magnet clasp to keep the cover shut so that I don’t have to worry about the band stretching out.

Overall, I’m very excited bout my new cover and very happy with the prompt service GearZap provided.  Although they provided mine for the review, I did notice the prices were reasonable.

If you are looking for something that Jo’s been trying…check out this link…there is a deal there for you too!

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