Try it on Tuesday: Fresh Quilts from the Prairies

Today the good people over at Pickledish sent me a copy of Fresh Quilts from the Prairie by Devon Lavigne and Sharon Smith.

The quilts in the book are just beautiful.  There are actually several that I would love to make.

It was late last night when I was writing this review and my camera was acting up so excuse the glare.  I tried several different settings and couldn’t get it right.  I just love this’s called, “One Horse Town”.  The blocks and coloring just screams to me “make me..make me”!  I think I would have put a dark binding on the quilt but other than that, it’s perfect.


This on is probably my favorite of the 12 quilts in the book.  It’s called “Haystack”.  I love the little pieces and have never seen a quilt constructed like this before.


I could make a big dent in my 1.5″ bucket it I made this quilt.


The next quilt I really like too.


The think I like best about it is the machine quilting.  They did it so it appears to look like Winding Ways blocks but they really aren’t.


What do you think of this log cabin setting??  I really liked it.  It isn’t something that I typically see.


I picked my favorite four quilt from the book to show you.  There are 8 other designs that are good too.

This is one of those bittersweet books.  I would love to keep it but with my life as it is right now, it will just collect dust so why not give it to someone who can put it to good use.  Can you??  Just leave a comment here and I’ll pick a winner whenever I finally get to it….I am hoping for next week.

If you are looking for another giveaway I have on for a $100 VISA gift card from Glidden and Blogher. 

90 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Fresh Quilts from the Prairies”

  1. This looks like a very nice book. Although I don’t think I would necessarily categorize the quilts as “fresh”. They all seem to be pretty brown!

  2. What an awesome book! I totally agree about putting the dark binding on the “One Horse Town”. I really like the Haystack, well I am not kidding anyone, I love quilts :) Each one has something about it that says make me come to life.

  3. Re yesterdays entry, it’s great how your family pulls together to get jobs done! Re today’s book, it looks like it has some great quilts in it. I love the colors/fabrics of the ones you showed. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. I think I could make all those quilts from my scraps and still have scraps left over! My scrap bin is way out of control! Thanks for the chance to win a really good book.

  5. Another great book from Pickledish! I really like the first one of the ones you showed. Maybe a burnt orange or a steel blue for the binding…just to be a little different.

  6. Great book!! I, too, would put a dark binding on. I wonder if our choice of dark bindings comes from practicality when you live with a farmer…the light bindings get so dirty!! I tend to make quilts for our home out of darker fabrics due to people sometimes snuggling under a quilt in front of the TV before they have showered and changed but that is life on the farm.

  7. I’m a farmgirl from the Midwest and would love to make some of the quilts! I know I certainly have more then enough scraps. I love scrappy quilts.

  8. Lovin the scrap buster patterns. I am so far behind in getting my scraps into the system.. Give me a pattern that says Make me & I’ll kit it up for later sewing!

  9. It’s refreshing to see some quilts with a new design format!! I love scrappy and the inspiration jumping off these pages makes me want to sew the day away! Thank you for the opportunity to see this book!

  10. I like all the books published by Pickledish — they include so much of our country’s history along with some wonderful quilts. I agree — there are many that are saying “make me, make me”!

  11. Would be a great book to add to my collect and love the quilts you showed. Could see a Haystack quilt in my future.

  12. Interesting patterns but my favorite is the log cabin setting as I love log cabin blocks and I’ve not seen this setting.

  13. Hate buying a book for just one quilt. This one looks like it has several I would like to do.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. count me in for the drawing! i really need to have some patterns handy for using up my scraps, and these look like just the right ones. thanks so much for having the give-away.

  15. This book looks interesting and would be fun to try a couple of the quilts. Looks like it would be great stash busters.

  16. Love the pickledish books! Those are some intriguing designs, for sure. I would be rotary cutting as soon as it arrived!

  17. Love, love, love this book! The cover just pulled me in. I, too, see many quilts that I would make. Thanks for the opportunity to win. If I don’t win, this one will go on my Christmas wish list.

  18. That looks like a keeper of a book. I am with you – would love that haystack quilt in a totally scrappy version.

  19. Oh, I would love this book! I do think a Haystacks Quilt would be in my future. Thanks for paying this one forward!

  20. Cotton Pickin Scraps

    Would love to have this book. It looks to have a lot of quilt patterns I would make. Thanks so much for a chance to win this great book. Thanks Pickledish for your donation.

  21. Ooooh, your favorite is mine also. Very nice quilts to play with as we head into fall. Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Pickledish books are the best! The quilts are my kind of quilts. Thanks for the chance to the book …. my fingers are crossed!

  23. I really like the patterns you showed from the book. I really, really like the second design. I have a huge 1.5″ drawer that needs going through and that just might be the pattern to get me busy.Thanks for offering this in a giveaway. Now to sit patiently with my fingers crossed hoping you call my name! :)

  24. Me!!! Me!!! Me!!! I would love to ‘love’ on this book. Ok … that sounds a little weird, but hopefully you know what I mean :D

  25. These ladies live not to far from me, only about an hour and a half away. I love their designs and it is great to see Alberta designers make it! I would love to win this book.

  26. I love your posts and totally agree with your book review. The author truly has some new and interesting sets for the blocks. It is nice to see people be creative and go out of the box. I like to do that as well. I will follow a pattern but alter something for my own liking whether to adapt the size (I like smaller pieces.) or colors or setting or borders.

  27. Looks like a lovely book. So many of the quilt books now are starting to look the same but the ones that you shared from this book are settings I’ve not seen before either.

  28. That looks like a interesting book. The quilts shown, especially One Horse Town screams to be made for a man and yes, a dark binding would of been more pleasing to me.

  29. Great book! I’ve wanted one, too. I started the Mystery Quilt that they have on Facebook. I need to finish that, but loved seeing Sharon and Devin’s posts. It’s such fun to talk to designers!

  30. I love the quilt Haystack! It is so unusual. I love Pickledish books. They are such eye candy; each page is so beautiful.

  31. Oh, I would love to win the book! I enjoy your blog especially the posts about quilts you and Kelli make together. That is marvelous. Good Luck with your new home.

    Anita in ABQ, NM

  32. I would love to win this book because I get so many ideas from them. It also looks like there might be some I could make to reduce my scraps. Thanks

  33. Great book! The log cabin setting is very cool – that’d be my first attempt from this book. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  34. I think this book belongs at the end of my dirt road! :) I just came home with 22 yds of fabric that are perfect for quilts like this. When you get the hankering to make one of them, I’ll lend it back to you. LOL . This really does look like an awesome book. Thank you for the opportunity to add my name into the hat!

  35. I love the four you showed but I think Haystack is my fav. Thanks for a chance to own this great book. On another topic, I really like the architect design for your new home. I can see quilts on that front porch :) !

  36. Oh I agree, the Haystack quilt is divine. I would love to win this book and learn how to make that one. The other ones you showed are also nice and may spark more interest if I saw them in the book up close. Thanks for sharing.

  37. This is such a awesome book and I have had my eye on it since it was released but haven’t purchased it yet! Thanks for a chance to win it on your blog.

  38. The book looks wonderful – I, too, love “One Horse Town”; both the name and the quilt.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.
    PS I love your blog, I stop here everyday!

  39. I understand moving and can just say keep your sights on the new house and you will get back to quilting. Love the book and thank you for the review.

  40. I’d love to make the quilts from that book. We don’t have any prairies in England but those quilts could be my little bit of them.
    Regards from Cool and Sunny Britannia

  41. Looks like lots of fun quilts to make out of that book! Don’t you just wish there was time enough to make all the quilts that make your heart sing? Thanks for sharing the book with us, both on the blog and to one lucky winner.

  42. I like the one that looks like interlocking bars. Wonder what a brown stripe would make it look? I’d like to make sure the stripes all go in the length direction whether that is vertical or horizontal, some preplanning would have to occur. LOL

  43. Oh I love this book – would sure be a good way to work down that big ole scrap basket and some of those strips — Lots and lots of one I would love to play with..
    Thanks for the nice giveaway..

  44. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    i would be honored to win this book. Since I am still quite new at quilting, I am reading about everything quilting and drooling over patterns. Thank you for the chance to win it.

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