Try it on Tuesday: Fresh Quilting

I got a few books from Interweave a couple weeks ago and have thoroughly enjoyed paging through them.  Here is one, Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration by Malka Dubrawsky that was especially fun.

Fresh Quilting - jacket art
All of the projects in the book are done with bright fun fabrics but I do think they would look great in any fabrics!

On the cover is a really cute sewing machine cover.  I’d be tempted to make it but honestly, most days my machine is being used and I can’t imagine covering it up!!

My favorite project in the book are these curtains.  The ones in the book don’t have a lining…I think I would add that.


This pillow was really cute…easy too!


I love little containers whether they are coin purses or baskets so these caught my eye.


This baby quilt is fun.  This would be fun to make and would be very nice for a baby too.  The blades are big so I am thinking some eye spy fabric might be fun adding to the quilt.


Of course this scrappy quilt was another eye catcher for me.


There are twenty projects in the book.  I showed you my five favorites.   There are quick project from potholder and coasters to bigger projects like quilts.   I am sure if you took a look at the book yourself you might find even more projects to add to a favorites list.

If you’d like a chance to win,  leave a comment here and tell if you use a sewing machine cover when your machine is not being used.  I’ll pick a winner next week.

83 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Fresh Quilting”

  1. Great looking projects in this book! I use a towel to cover my sewing machines. I think I should make a cover for them but would rather spend the time making an actual quilt.

  2. Mr Jones came with a really ugly soft cover and I keep meaning to make him (yes, my machine is a “him”) a smart new one, but quilts keep happening! As Mr Jones and I meet everyday he is regularly dusted and polished and I only make him wear the cover when I go on holiday.
    Regards from cold,wet rural England.

  3. No, I don’t have a sewing machine cover buy I was just gifted an embroidery machine for Christmas and I am considering making one for it!

  4. Since I have several machines, most of them are covered either with a soft plastic cover or in their cases. My most used machine can be found under a pile of ufo s with some dust thrown in for seasoning. This machine does get a breath of fresh air every so often as it is the one I take to quilt camp or to a class. I love the ideas in the book and think it is a great way to help bust up my stash of scraps

  5. My sewing machine came with a cover, so I always put it back on when I’m done sewing as part of my cleaning up routine. The book looks fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I made a small quilt that I put over my machine when it’s not in use. But that’s only one day a week, on the Sabbath, when I don’t do any sewing. The projects in this book look so colorful and creative!

  7. I love Malka’s fabric lines. I have quilted several quilts made from them. I do not have a sewing machine cover for my Juki. My other machines all have a hard plastic cover which works fine for me.

  8. I use my sewing machine every day, so never have a chance to cover it! But that cover is very cute. Love the projects in this book!!

  9. Cover for my machine? You’ve got to be kidding! Lol! I know I should cover it but I use it in an almost daily basis and so I figure it doesn’t get much chance to collect dust. Looks like this book might be good to bust the scraps! Thanks for a chance to win.

  10. I know I should cover my machine but somehow it never happens. I think I have a plastic cover that came with it, but it’s not pretty so I think that’s why I don’t use it. Thanks for the book give-away.

  11. I don’t use a cover-but wish I did. One came with my newest machine. I let a few of my vintage machines up too. I am sure it would be best for them if they were covered when not in use. I have pinned a few covers I would like to make someday.

  12. I have been thinking of making a cover for my new machine that is sitting in the living/dining room area. It didn’t come with one and I want to protect it from any dust etc. It is only used for the final stages of actually quilting a project and binding so not every day. And I think a nice quilted cover would look better.

  13. Interesting book with many ideas…….I love books that have both quick, fun projects and then something more involved to get your juices flowing……sewing machine cover…nope….easier to just leave it open & ready

  14. I do not use a sewing machine cover, but I have the fabric set aside to make one to match my sewing machine mat and scrap basket. It’s just one of those things I never get to!!

  15. I use my sewing machine daily ~ and since it is in my sewing room (my sanctuary) ~ I don’t use a cover. It would just get in the way! I really love the scrappy projects in this book. I rarely make a quilt that isn’t scrappy!

  16. I have never had a cover for my sewing machine, but, I got a NEW machine for Christmas, I am so excited, this one came with a cover. I cannot wait to start my next project. That book looks like it has lots of good projects in it!!

    Happy new Year everyone

  17. My wife bought (and bought more) of Malka fabric for a quilt she saw and then discovered we had bought two different versions of the same line – the fall and then spring lines. Oh well we have enough now for two quilts.Find her fabric bright and colorful. From snowy northern Iowa, , , ,

  18. I don’t use a sewing machine cover. I leave my machine sitting out ready to start sewing when ever I can get a chance.

  19. I have a cheap, plastic sewing machine cover that is somewhere in the swamp of scraps (I was attacked by them AND dust bunnies over the holiday break!). I think I got it in a box of stuff at an auction or it came with a machine. But no, I don’t cover my machine while it waits for me to return to it. . . well, except maybe in thread lint and dust. . .it gets covered in once in a while!

  20. If i know I am not going to sew for a long time (days) i put the hard cover back on my machine. I do not cover my machine when I sew daily Maybe we should to keep the
    dust off and going into any open areas.

  21. I made a cover for my machine but I don’t use it because it’s now too big. When I made it the sewing machine sat on top of a table with the extension panel on it. I now have a small table the sewing machine sits in so the cover is too big. I should make another cover but then again, I’ve been saying that for about 4-5 years now!

  22. My sewing machine at home is used almost every day, so I do not cover it. I cover the sewing machine, that is at our cottage, to protect it from dust — however, I use an towel and not a cute cover.

  23. Love the bright colors in the book. Like most I keep thinking about a cover but my machine gets used most everyday . At best when I know I won’t be sewing it gets a towel over it.

  24. No, I don’t use a cover. Like you, my machine is purring just about everyday. If by chance I will be gone for several days, I might throw a towel over it.

  25. My beloved Pfaff is never covered. I’m always running to it to sew up a ripped seam for myself or one of my extended family. On the other hand, my embroidery machine has a 2 yd piece of prequilted fabric thrown over it. I am sure it needs a machine cover.

  26. No I do not cover my machine….like you it is always in use. I did like that zipper pouch, I would love to make that. What a nice book to win…Thank you

  27. My sewing machine is never covered. I used to use the ugly hard cover that it came with, but it was always in my way while using the machine.

    Love that curtain — I think it might be just what my kitchen needs!

  28. Looks like a fun book with lots of fun projects! I have several machines and do not cover them as I use most of them every day.

  29. Cover the machine? Only when I’m taking my machine to a quilting retreat. Otherwise it’s never covered. Our guild is having a boutique. The projects in the book would be great for our boutique. Happy 2014 !

  30. Nope, I don’t cover up the machine unless I am heading out of town. It gets rather dusty if I don’t use it every day, for the furnace vent is right behind the sewing cabinet! I bought my Koala Cabinet so that I could lower the machine into the cabinet when not being used, but that never happens! I should make a really cute cover for it!

  31. Hi Jo! That book is a dream come true to anyone who loves sewing and patchwork. It would be a lovely treat to bring joy to the new year! Yes, I made a nice cover for my sewing machine because it really deserves it. I take good care of it. Happy 2014 from Portugal!

  32. I don’t usually use a sewing machine cover as I use my machine almost every day. When I go out of town or will be too busy to sew, I will cover it though.

  33. The machine I use most is a Featherweight I take to a weekly quilting group. It’s in its case when I’m not using it. My other vintage Singers don’t get covered between uses. The newest machine, a Viking, is safely covered in its case, and never gets used at all!

  34. I usually cover my machine over night and on days when I’m working. My house seems really dusty and since cleaning is my least favorite thing to do…..much rather be sewing! Love a peak at the book.

  35. I made a cover for my Mom’s machine when she’s not using it. I should cover my Serger, since I don’t use it every day, and want to make a cover for my vintage Singer, but it’s so pretty, with the shiny black and pretty gold paint. I have to find some fun fabric for that one. Cute ideas in the book.

  36. Hi: I have to keep my machine covered. My serger too. Especially my serger–lots of spools of thread on that one. My darn cat loves to eat thread. Not a good thing for a cat.
    The projects in this book you have shown, look like things I would like to make. Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  37. A cover came with the machine, and I kept it covered the first couple of years. I use it a lot more now, so I never cover it.

  38. looks like a lot of really neat projects in that book. I have a few machines and I don’t cover them (unless fabric piled on top counts, lol ) Actually I did make a cover for my featherweight but that is the only one that has a cover. I use my 301 almost every day but I should probably make a cover for it. Thanks for the chance to win the book

  39. I love little bags too! The projects in this book look great. I have covers for almost all my machined but they rarely make it on top. I like to use a thread stand,especially with my favorite 301s, and it pulls the thread out. I know that sounds lazy, and it is but I hate the right to left threading! Thanks for the chance to win this great book! Happy,happy new year!

  40. I do not use a sewing machine cover, but I know I really should. Sometimes it is weeks between uses and I know a cover would keep the dust out. I do have a hard plastic cover that came with it, but it is too ugly (and it’s in the back of the closet under who knows what). Lately, I’ve been thinking of making one- this might be the nudge I’ve needed to get it done!

  41. My sewing goes in spurts, so I probably should cover my machine, but I don’t. I’m rather formal though. If I were to make a sewing machine cover, I’d probably embroider it.

  42. This book looks awesome! I love the modern edge and beautiful colors. Thanks for the chance to win. My sewing machine sits uncovered begging me to use it more and for 2014 I’m hoping to fulfill it’s wish! Happy New Year :^)

  43. Wonderful book!! I don’t cover my machines but I know I should. I used to use an old pillow case. That sounds lame and not very pretty. Now that I have embarrassed myself I may make a cute one

  44. Yes I have a cover for my machines, I made a lauralie embriodery design and a cute saying for it also. I am a neat freak so always cover her at night to keep dust off of it. I need to make another one for my little featherweight next. The one on the cover looks perfect for that baby. Already thought of colors. Thanks for a chance to win your book, looks great.

  45. I do have a cover on my machine which I regularly use. I have 3 long-haired cats that would like nothing better than mess with anything and everything associated with the machine! It is hard enough to sew with one of them in my lap “assisting me”. Several years ago I made a quilted cover for each of my machines to keep them safe!

  46. Vivian, my Juki, is always covered when she and I aren’t sewing–we heat with a woodstove and that creates a lot of dust.

  47. I have a cover that came with my Janome machine but I don’t bother pulling it out most of the time since it is used daily. DH started “rescuing” machines this past summer and I haven’t had time to make covers for most of them (11 “rescued” machines so far). I would love to have a chance to win this book. The projects look soooo interesting!!

  48. No i don’t cover my machine. I try to use it at least every other day and i do dust it at least once a week! The patterns look bright & cheery. I am enjoying your blog. Thanks, cindy

  49. Because my husband uses a humidifier in our bedroom, I sometimes get a white residue on my machines in the other room. So, I use covers on all my machines (6) at last count.

  50. What a lovely looking book. I don’t cover my machine, I haven’t made a cover yet, it’s one of those things I keep meaning to do, but have never got around to it.

  51. Tengo para cubrir la máquina, pero nunca lo hago, solo cuando el cuarto de costura lo invaden mis sobrinos cuando se quedan a dormir, jajaja pienso que para que no les guste y se la lleven. Feliz 2014 y espero ganar, si es necesario pago el transporte jajaja. Un abrazo

  52. This book looks like it has some great inspiration. I have two covers for my machine, but they rarely see the light of day!!! I do try to blow the dust off (sew) on my machine every day.
    Happy New Year!

  53. The book looks good. Lots of cheery projects. I only cover the machines I am not using. I like the look of the one in the book so may be tempted to make one. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  54. I do not have a cover yet- material set aside to make one for the quilting machine- others get used to much to cover up! Thank you for the chance to win

  55. The book looks really neat. Lots of cute projects that would make quick gifts. My machine stands open in my laundry (sewing studio) all the time . Think I should make a cover but never take time and it’s always ready to go.

  56. I currently don’t cover my sewing machine but have been thinking for some time now that I should make a cute cover for it.

  57. I use my main sewing machine most every day so I do not cover it. My other 24 or so machines that I use when the mood strikes I store away when not in use and some are in built in cabinets. I would like to make a couple covers for my 2 featherweights for when they are out and not in their cases. Thanks for the chance to win! Cute book.

  58. I never use a sewing machine cover, but would love to make a pretty one! Perhaps if I had something other than the ugly one it came with, I would be tempted to actually use it :)

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