Try it on Tuesday: Free Motion Quilting

C&T Publishing sent me a copy of Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters: Choose & Use Quilting Designs on Modern Quilts.  I don’t sew a lot of modern quilts but didn’t seem to matter.  The information in the book was relevant for people who are machine quilting regardless of the style.

I’ve had my white board out and have been doodling some of the designs.  I just love doing that.  One of the designs I was working on is sea foam.


Early in the book the author show free motion quilting designs.  There are swirls, circles, squares, vines, arcs and points.  I really want to study the point sections as they would be great for setting triangles.

Then in the latter part of the book, she shows how to apply those designs to quilts.  I loved that section.  I can do several designs but the hard part is deciding which design to to put where.


In the section shown in the above picture readers can learn her quilting design suggestions for stripped quilts.  If you like modern quilts then you’re in for some great eye candy too.  There are 20 different quilts in the book that she shows along with explanations of the quilting.

I have read through it once.  I’ve doodled designs numerous times.  I’ve paged through and reread sections.  It’s a book I will always be coming back to for design suggestions and for suggestions regarding which designs work best on which varying types of quilt blocks.  I see that she has more books available.  I like this one enough that I will definitely be checking out other books by Angela Walters.

By the way…I like ebook versions.  It’s just one less thing that I have to keep track of.   I always misplace books….but I rarely misplace my Kindle so I always have my quilting ebooks if I have my Kindle.  Besides all that, ebooks are cheaper!!

I am sad to say I don’t have a copy to give away…..Stop back later today and I’ll announce the winners from last week.

4 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Free Motion Quilting”

  1. I can see this would be a hard one to give away. I will have to go looking for it since deciding what to use in different areas is a stumbling block for me. Would you even be able to give away an e-book? We are try to figure out how to give an e-book as a gift and hit a brick wall. all we can come up with is a gift card

  2. I have both of Angela’s books and got to take one of her classes at MQX in Portland and one on Craftsy! The books are great, just like her classes!!! I have a ton of quilt tops I need to get quilted and it is fun using her modern quilting patterns on traditional quilts. I have her books right by my longarm and refer to them when I am looking for a quilting pattern to use. I really like how she shows you how to do the pattern, especially when it isn’t obvious. Definitely an investment I am glad I made!!!

  3. Looks like a great book – I love the chance to get inspired and educated about free-motion designs … I tend to stay in my comfort zone of basic loops and meanders, so it’s good to have some recommendations where to look for the challenge to do more with free-motion!

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