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I am a huge fan of good children’s books.  Recently Sleeping Bear Press sent me a gem, a new beautifully illustrated children’s book, “F is for Friendship:  A Quilt Alphabet” by Helen L. Wilbur.

The book is a beauty.

F is for Friendship

One if the things I really love about the book is the amazing illustrations.

F is for Friendship

Another thing I love about the book is there is almost two books in one.  On the pages there is an alphabet letter with a rhyming verse.  If reading to a young child, that portion of the book is plenty to read.  If reading with an older child or to yourself, there’s another portion of small print to read.  This gives more in depth and historical information.

Modern and historical information is depicted.  Many different quilt patterns are shown.   This is one of my favorites.

I love anything quilt…anything historical…so this book is perfect for me any child…boy or girl.

The book also does a great of including people of different cultures.

Sleeping Bear Press is known for the great historical and geographical alphabet books….this book is a great addition to their collection…but more importantly, a great book for your collection.

As much as If you would like a chance to win the book leave a comment here telling what quilt pattern you hope is included in the book…(like O is for Ocean Waves).

I’ll be back later today to answer my garden questions and to tell you the winner of last week’s Try it on Tuesday.

51 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: F is for Friendship”

  1. S is for Snails Trail? I would love to win this book and work on the alphabet with the kids and some reading for me too! I think I’ll have to check the library for this one when we go today. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  2. Jo Anne Schnebly

    L is for Lone Star – that was my great grandmothers favorite pattern to make!

    Something new: Twister Ruler by country-schoolhouse. Now to find the other sizes of rulers so I can make some more!

  3. F is for friendship star! I made that quilt pattern for a 4-H project about 4 years ago. As an elementary teacher and a quilter I am always looking for new books. I would love to add this to my collection in order to bring this amazing art to my students (I am already thinking of lessons I could do with this). Thank you for posting!

  4. This looks like a fantastic book! I have a large collection of children’s books (from when I taught elementary school) and many of them include quilts or quilting. I would love to add this book to that sub-catagory. I have visions of working up a talk about quilting introduced with a book. This would be perfect for that!

  5. How charming & those illustrations are wonderful. I would love, love, love to have this book. Thanks for a chance to win! Your little game @ suggesting a letter illustration, is fun. Some I would have said have already been mentioned, so how about: F for Flying Geese?

  6. S is for scrappy! I know scrappy isn’t a quilt block but I do love scrappy quilts! What a beautiful book, thanks for a chance to win your giveaway.

  7. I am a reading teacher and love quilting so would love to add this to my collection of other children’s quilt books. I just checked and the book is available on Amazon so if i don’t win I’ll be ordering it there. I also noticed they have M is for Melody which I’ll also be buying since I’ve never had a book with my name in the title.
    Farmer’s Daughter block is my favorite so hope it’s included.

  8. I love quilt books. We do a huge unit on quilts in my classroom. I love The Quiltmaker’s Gift. We make quilts too. I hope that they have a log cabin quilt in this new book as I live in Springfield, Illinois, the city where Abraham Lincoln lived and is buried. New Salem, Illinois where he worked as a young man is just down the highway from me. Thanks!

  9. J is for jigsaw! I teach ESE PreK and love increasing Autism awareness! I love quilting, too! One of my summer projects is making a jigsaw quilt for my classroom! This is such a beautiful book! I have a few of their other alphabet and number books (A is for America, Z is for Zookeeper, S is for Sunshine: A Florida Alphabet, Sunny Numbers: A Florida Number Book). Their books are always well illustrated and so educational!

  10. T is for Trip Around the World. It’s shown prominently in another children’s book I’ve got (The Quiltmaker’s Gift), and this book would be a great companion book! My four-year-old daughter would also love this, and it’s never too soon to start her interest in quilting! (I’d also love D for Double Wedding Ring–which I’m too chicken to even attempt!)

  11. What a cool book. I think I would really enjoy reading this to my grandbabies as well as to myself. I am going to go for E for a block with embroidery in it. Thanks for showing us all this wonderful book.

  12. Laurel from NW Iowa

    I have an alphabet book collection, so it’d be fun to add this one. I don’t really know patterns by name (except for Log Cabin), but I have an antique, hand-pieced and quilted “Grandma’s Flower Garden” quilt, so maybe that could be a pattern for G. Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. This book would be great to have as my grandaughers love to read and I love to make
    quilts. A block I hope would be in the book would be M for Maple Leaf. Thanks for the chance to win the wonderful book.

  14. cherri raines

    I teach preschool and always do a unit on quilts. How about W is for Wedding Ring. Thanks for this offer.

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  16. I think I’ve got a letter no one has mentioned yet, K for Kings Crown, in the time frame this book seems to be showing that would be a common block. Looks like a great book and if I don’t win, I will keep an eye out for it.

  17. Mary Standard

    I would say “P is for Pinwheel”. I just love that block! It would be so much fun to win the book and use it with the grandchildren.

  18. Oh, this looks like a wonderful book that both of my grandkids would enjoy,
    I would like to see B for Broken Dishes.

  19. S is for strings! and that bucket is overflowing at my house! I want to start something with them, but am NOT going to, UNTIL I get some UFOs finished up! Maybe that is the letter I should have used. . .U for UnFinished Objects or Q for Queen of UFOs, which is what the t-shirt my husband gave me for Christmas said! :)

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  21. I’m guessing they left out Drunkard’s Path and Devil’s Claw, which are some of MY favorite blocks. Must’ve been an interesting decision making process!

  22. “G” is for Grandmother’s Flower Garden or “H” is for hexagons. My handwork project for now and I probably won’t live long enough to finish! :)

  23. This book is wonderful – my grandson loves to play in my sewing room while I quilt, and he love to read this book with me! I would love to see a Dresden Plate pattern.

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