Try it on Tuesday: Embroidery and Patchwork Revisited

If you’re looking for Quiltmaker’s 100 Block Blog Hop, you can find it here.  In the meantime, here’s today’s fresh new post.

The good folks at Landauer Publishing sent me the book Embroidery & Patchwork Revisited by Janice Vaine.


The book has great tips to get you started including some projects that you are sure to love like this tote.  Isn’t it cute??


There are stitches and stitches and stitches that are illustrated and easy to follow and practical uses for the stitches are shown.


If  I had time or needed a portable project, I’d be so excited to find this book!!  The illustrations are wonderful and I really like all of the projects.

They also sent a sweet little book that only contains an illustrated guide for the stitches.  It’s called Hand Embroidery Stitches at-a-Glance-also by Janice Vaine.

I have done and have very much enjoyed embroidery…Kelli does too.  The first bed sized quilt I ever made for Kelli had crazy quilt stitching on it.  Trust me..the stitches weren’t as detailed as the ones illustrated but they weren’t half bad considering I was only 23 at the time and had little experience.

This book is one both Kelli and I like but we both know it will just sit on our shelf and not get used so we’re passing the big book on to you of you readers.  Are you interested??  If so, just leave a comment here and tell us if you have even done a crazy quilt project before or if you have embroidered.

Oh and if you like giveaways, scroll back to yesterday’s post…we have one there too.

81 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: Embroidery and Patchwork Revisited”

  1. I have embroidered and have not done a crazy quilt project. Thanks for passing the book along to someone who will love it. I love books, books, books!

  2. I would love this book! I currently have two embroidered quilt projects on the go, and want to do a crazy quilt with heirloom pieces of fabric.

  3. I have done quite a bit of hand embroidery over the years but have not done a crazy quilt. I was just telling someone (can’t remember who) the other day about wanting to make a small crazy quilt so this book would be helpful with that.

  4. I can’t imagine life without a needle, thread and fabric. I was taught to hand sew and embroider by an elderly maiden aunt over 50 years ago. I loved it so much I could sew before I started school – writing took a bit longer! I’ve never made a crazy quilt though, this little book of stitches looks just the ticket to get me going on one. Many thanks for all your interesting posts.

  5. My husband doesn’t read blogs, or go on the computer after work is over, but I hope you’ll let me comment in his stead. He saw a crazy quilt not too long ago, asked a million questions about it, and maybe would have looked it up online, but he didn’t know what they were called. He thinks they’re really cool, and he is a quilter. He prefers to hand sew though, so something like this would be great for him. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  6. Lynne in Hawaii

    I haven’t done a crazy quilt but have done a lot of embroidery. Love a chance at the book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  7. I have been drawn to crazy quilts that have a lot of embroidery fun added on. It’s on my to do list to play with this technique. Thanks for the blog!

  8. I have done some simple embroidery, but I would like to learn more. I’ve never made a crazy quilt, but maybe it should go on my list for the future.

  9. I have not done a crazy quilt yet–it’s on the list of quilts I want to make! I do embroider, though I don’t do it as much lately now that I’ve discovered quilting! Now I am passing on the love of stitching to my 11 yo daughter–so far she’s proficient at knitting and cross stitch, and now she’s working on her first needlepoint project. Thanks for the chance to win this book!

  10. I enjoy doing embroidery on my quilts! I recently used it on an applique quilt to add more detail and can see doing that again. Have also made a crazy quilt and would like to do another but for now, too many projects and too little time!

  11. I’ve not made a crazy quilt but have used embroidery to embellish a few small art quilts. I used basic stitches but would love to try more advanced ones as hand work is so relaxing.

  12. I have done a number of quilts which incorporated embroidery and have another one started. I like how it adds another feature to the quilt. I would love to try some new stitches. Thanks for the give away.

  13. I made a crazy quilt with ties as a memory quilt for my aunt. I didn’t embroidery on it. I always have some type of handwork going. Many of the projects are embroidery. I find it very relaxing.

  14. I have done a lot of embroidery, but have never made a crazy quilt. It’s been on my to-do list. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of the book!

  15. I have never done a crazy quilt but love to embroider. In the last year I finished a embroidered halloween quilt from Crabapple Hills Design. Thank you for the chance to win.

  16. I have done a lot of embroidery, and really enjoy it ,but I have never done a crazy quilt. Thanks for the chance to win the book.

  17. Embroidery was my first craft growing up – mom taught me on dishtowels and pillow cases – obviously this was way before cable and computer:). I would love to revisit it, especially now that I am into wool projects. This book would be amazing – thank you for the opportunity.

  18. I hate to say that a crazy quilt is on my bucket list someday. I’ve been collecting pieces of fabric over the years and put pieces of my tatting and lace that I would put on it in one place. Even have a wire pressing mat (?) so you do not crush the nap on velvet. Think I may start small by making a Christmas stocking first. Kind of wish someone in the area would have a class or workshop, might take it. Thanks for the info. From northern Iowa. . . .

  19. I love to embroider and always have several projects going. Baby quilts with embroidered blocks are so cute. Thanks for the chance to win. Have a great day.

  20. I have embroidered quilt blocks started – 11 down, 18 to go ! Would love to do a crazy quilt someday too. That nice little book might give me some ideas…. Thanks for the chance.

  21. I have not made a crazy quilt, but I would love to make one. This book would be a great starting point! Thanks for the chance to win.

  22. Bobbie Bentneedle

    In my pile of UFO’s, I have several crazy quilt blocks that I started when I first ventured into quilting. Because I had trouble with an accurate 1/4″ seam by machine, I did mostly applique or embroidery type things, and would love to give this book a gander – and the compact stitch reference looks like it would be most handy!

  23. I have done some small crazy quilt projects. They are great – yuo can really let the ind free with inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing

  24. I’ve done some small crazy patch projects. Not much hand work, but I love machine embroidery and have the software to create the pretty stitches!

  25. I have been embroidering for over 50 years but have never done a crazy quilt. I’m surprised at me because I love to try new things.

  26. Embroidery was the first hand needlework I learned—over 60 years ago. I have continued to use it and enjoy it in many projects.

  27. I’ve never made a crazy quilt, but maybe in my future! I’ve done lots of hand embroidery on all kinds of projects. One of my recent faves is embroidery on pin cushions. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. I have been embroidering since I was a little girl. Dish towels, quilt blocks, you name it. I love having a project to work on in the car and embroidery is great for that, unless the roads are rough:) Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. I’ve done quite a bit of embroidery in the past, and for years I’ve been stashing silks and velvet remnants in hopes of making a crazy quilt some day!

  30. I have done some embroidery in the past, and now my daughter is getting me interested again! I’ve never done a crazy quilt, but love the idea of mixing the two handcrafts.

  31. I started my sewing experience by learning to hand embroider blocks , dish towels, and my own pillowcases, when I was maybe 6. Then came 4-H and learning to sew on the big sewing machine. Coming from a f family of 8 kids we made scrappy crazy patch quilts and tied them. I passed on the sewing to my daughter, who is no longer with us. Also to several grand kids by carrying my sewing machine , felt squares and colored thread, Since the grand kids were 4 hours away I didn’t get to sew with them very much but the fancy embroidery stitches caught h t their fancy. I taught a 2 year old to love sewing , by holding her on my lap while quilting and doing machine embroidery. At 2 1/2 she was able to thread the needle. I now quilt a lot and recently completed a king sized crazy quilt using over 70 different fabrics. I am currently at a crossroads as how to quilt it. I would love to have the book as inspiration for finishing this quilt.

  32. I have done “some” embroidery in my younger day but…not recently. i have never done a crazy quilt but always wanted to. This book looks like fun!

  33. I would love to win this book and it wouldn’t be sitting on a shelf. I love using embroidery on not only quilts but clothing as well.

  34. I have done a little of both (read that as “I’ve started at least one, if not more, of each and not finished either yet”). AWESOME! Thanks for the chance!

  35. Kathleen Gabhart

    I have been doing embroidery since I was 8 and still love it. One of my first quilts was embroidered squares.

  36. I have not made a crazy quilt but have thought I would like too. My mother made a beautiful one in the 1980’s. All her designs came from her head but I’m not that talented. So this book would help me get my crazy quilt made.

  37. Sandy A in St. Louis

    I haven’t done a crazy quilt but it is on my “someday” list. I love embroidery and have done a crewel sampler, but that was eons ago. I’m sure I need a refresher!

  38. I have done just a little embroidery—I would love a reference book…..I would love to make a mini crazy quilt for my antique doll cradle that was my mother’s…wouldn’t that be beautiful????

  39. It’s funny, crazy quilts are the style that caught my eye and got me interested in quilts. Yet I haven’t made one, yet.

  40. I have made a crazy quilt pillow. that’s as far as I got. BUT, I have embroidered probably a dozen or more quilts!!! I love to embroider, esp one color embroidery. thanks for the chance….

  41. Bonnie Pfrimmer

    How nice! I haven’t made a crazy quilt yet but I do embroidery. This book would be nice…Thank you for sharing with us.

  42. This book looks great! I have admired my mother and sister-in-law’s embroidery on crazy quilt projects. Perhaps the book would be the prompt to try my own project. . . Thanks very much for the opportunity to win!

  43. I’ve just learned to embroider by hand and I have made a snowman wallhanging and a pillow so far. I love having a hand project to take with me and to work on in the evening. I haven’t made a crazy quilt yet, but it is on my quilting bucket list. This looks like a great reference book to have. Thank you for the chance to win.

  44. I used to do a lot more embroidery in the past. I have never made a crazy quilt. This looks like a fabulous resource.

  45. I learned embroidery as a child, but don’t do it very often – only when I need a bit of it for some quilting project. And one year I made some crazy-quilted Christmas ornaments. But never a whole crazy quilt.

  46. oh!!! i learned to embroider when i was about 5,from my grandma. i loved her so much i would have done anything she wanted to teach me. i still enjoy it over 50 years later and look forward to teaching my grandkids

  47. I’ve wanted to make a crazy quilt for quite some time. I’ve done some redwork but I think it would be fun to try embroidery.

  48. I’ve embroidered in the past, but not recently, so a new book might give me the incentive to start again!

  49. I have this book on my wish list–it would be awesome to win a copy! I love embroidery and have just joined an on- line crazy quilting class. Thanks for the chance to win a great book!

  50. I would love to add this to my handwork collection. I am always busy stitching embroidery and have a crazy patch quilt in process. Thanks for the chance.

  51. I love to embroider. I am currently working on some applique blocks for a friend – doing the embroidery since she doesn’t like to do it. I am also embroidering some redwork blocks of nursery rhymes to go in a baby quilt. A crazy quilt is definitely on my bucket list and I would love to see this book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  52. Thanks for giving its the chance for this. I just today saw a vest that I did some ribbon embrodery on. I love to add stitching to my quilting.

  53. Before quilting, my obsession was cross-stitching, and I’ve made several items (with varying success) with embroidered centres and quilted borders/backings. I have a hand appliqued and embellished baby quilt as my current carry-along project – only 4 more blocks to applique YAY!!!! About 3 years ago I was gifted a crazy quilt, and I’ve been stockpiling special little bits for one of my own ever since.

    Love the blog and all your adventures!

  54. I used to embroider quite alot and then got away from it. Now I have a granddaughter who is very interested in it and I am helping her learn. This book would be a wonderful addition to, or starter for, her stitching library. Thanks for the chance to win.

  55. I use to embroider, and I’ve made crazy quilt, Iove both things, I think they mix up well, would love to have the book, it’s really interesting, thank you for the chance

  56. I have done a bit of embroidery and am hoping to do a crazy quilt in the near future :) I’m hoping to take some of the older techniques used in crazy quilts and make it with more modern, fun coloured fabrics.

  57. I do enjoy embroidery, bet never have enough time to do as much as I would like to. This looks like a great book to be able to peruse.

  58. Diann Cornell

    I’ve done embroidery on different things. Haven’t done a crazy quilt though, at least not yet.

  59. Nicole Sender

    I enjoy embroidery but have not tried to sew a crazy quilt. The book would be very helpful to me.

  60. I have done some cross stitching, but not real branch out much from that. With two active kids, I am always looking for an easy and portable project to carry as I wait on them. This book looks like it would be a great resource. Thank you for a chance to win.

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