Try it on Tuesday….Ecolux LED Light for your Sewing Machine

Last week’s winner of the Fast and Fun First Quilts by Sara Diepersloot is….Julie who said, “I was 43 when I started quilting. As of Sunday, I’m now 45! I’m definitely still in the learning stages of my quilting adventures! When you were writing in your post about sharing this book with a daughter who is learning to quilt, I chuckled and thought, “hey, I could use a book like that!” Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great giveaway!”

The book really is perfect to use to teach someone to quilt.  If you missed the earlier review, check it out here.  THANKS Martingale and Company for providing the book for review.

…and now on to this week’s new thing I tried… an Ecolux Lighting Kit for my sewing machine.  Let me tell you straight up with no doubts or reservations, I LOVE IT!  A couple weeks ago, the gals at Country Threads were raving about the light and I had to try one for myself.  Ecolux was SO generous and provided one for me to try and one for me to giveaway to one of my readers.

The day the light came in the mail I asked hubby to install it.  After he did it, he said, “Really?  You needed me to do that?”  I hadn’t looked at the directions.  I just assumed it required reading and following directions and I hate that so I just asked him to do it.  In reality, anyone can install it by just looking at the picture.  It SO easy.  The light is just adheres to your machine…easy-peasy.

I sew at night…it’s often late and my lighting is poor.  My eyes are tired…I’m tired…this light has made a world of difference.

Here is the sewing machine with the Ecolux light shut off with only my regular sewing machine light on….

Here is the sewing machine with the light of my sewing machine AND the Ecolux light on too.  Isn’t that AMAZING!!

I feel like I am on a lighted runway as I am feeding my pieces through.  I can SEE!!

The light comes in several sizes…even a big size  for a long arm machines.  Ecolux Lighting has a page on their website that helps quilters determine what size they need.  Prices vary depending on the size of light you need.  I have a six bulb set and it retails for $74.99 for the complete kit.  If you have a second machine,  you can purchase another LED light strip at a fraction of the cost.  The plug and switch are designed to use with every light strip. You only need to have one power supply and switch which is included in the complete kits.

The Ecolux light is available through their website or at quilt shops.  Here is a listing of places the light is available.

What’s even more exciting is that when I attend the quilt retreat, I don’t have to carry extra lighting as it will already be attached to my machine.

I do have to tell that Kim at Ecolux has been a joy to work with.  The switch section of the light had a short.  I contacted Kim and immediately she sent out a new piece and apologized.  It was so nice to have good service.

All it all, I am giving this light an A+.  If you are my child and reading this, consider this a hint to purchase me another light strip for Mildred my second machine…it would be a great idea for Mother’s Day…

If you want a chance to win your own Ecolux light kit, just leave a comment here.

Stop back again on Saturday….I have giveaway going on for St. Patrick’s Day too.


167 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday….Ecolux LED Light for your Sewing Machine”

  1. I would love to win this. It always seems as if you don’t have enough light. ? signs of aging? Hate to admit to that.

  2. This light looks like a must have. I have 2 Ott lights on my cutting table – does that say anything about my vision?

  3. Wow – I could really use that light!!! My friends all make fun of me because I pack so many lights to take with me at a retreat! Lighting is so critical for me to be able to quilt, so I am always looking for new light options! Thanks for sharing & for the chance to win one of these!

  4. Wow, that light really makes a difference. I stay with my mom in an old farmhouse that does not have good lighting. I have several lights set up around the machine, but this one would really help. Thanks for the chance to win one.

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  6. Would love to win this great looking light . Would make sewing sooomuch easier on tired eyes. Thanks for the chance and the great blog!

  7. That makes an amazing difference; would love the chance to win one. I don’t have the best lighting setup for my sewing, even with my Ott; thanks for chance!

  8. Having cataracts and macular degeneration I need all the lighting help I can get. This light looks like it would do that.

  9. I would like to win this unique light. I’m new to your blog but I love what I’m seeing. Hope to learn how to get more quilting time. Jane

  10. Wow that light really brightens things up! What a great gift!! I need one of these as I am always sewing at night and the main light is over head.
    Thanks Jo for all your great giveaways!

  11. That light sounds amazing! My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be and I could use all the help there is! I could quilt longer with better light!!

  12. I’d given up on sewing at night since the lighting was so awful. These lights look perfect! Hmmmm, what will this do to my sleeping habits though? :-)

  13. I need this light. Though I don’t feel I’m getting older, my eyes are and I want to be able to see what I’m sewing. And it would be nice to be able to sew at night again if I want. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  14. lorene holbrook

    oh my gosh! that light looks awesome. I never sew at night, because of the lighting I beat this would be great! thanks for the cool give away!


  15. Hi:
    Being a “newbie” with old, 62 year old eyes, I’m sure this would be a wonderful idea for my sewing machine.

  16. Hi! This is a great product! It would help me and my aging eyes sooo much!
    I linked up with a new product to try. I haven’t posted about the new Sew Line pens and pencils. I tried their glue stick pen, the glue uses up very quickly. I am going to try their pen without the ink, to transfer my needleturn applique layouts. I have tried their other pens and they are great. I also really like the YoYo makers from Clover! I recently tried the Heart yoyo maker, really liked it! Didn’t think about posting about that product! I think I will again!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    Take care, Leslie

  17. I may need to do some shopping if I don’t win this light. Can’t ever have too much light. Thank you. Gail

  18. Wow! That’s an amazing difference! I would love to have some bright light on my machine like that. It sure would help with eyestrain especially black on black. Thanks for a chance to win! :)

  19. Great review! Having great lighting is so important. The difference between the two pictures showed with and without the light are amazing. I liked the hint you dropped at the end for Mother’s Day. hehe.

    Thank you and Ecolux Lighting for a great giveaway and a chance to win.


  20. Just came over from the Moda Bake shop where I loved your recipe….cheddar and blue…and a cute dog! Hope I win the light. Thanks.

  21. This looks like just the thing for my mum. She has been searching for a light for sewing for ages and I think this one looks great. Thanks for the review.

  22. Looks like a great light and no moving it around while you work like you have to do with a table model. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Oh how I need this for my old eyes on those nights I can’t sleep so I sew into the early morning. If I don’t win, I also need to give a blatant hint for Mother’s day.

  24. WOW! This light would be a god-send! Good lighting is hard to come by in my little corner of the basement, endearingly nicknamed my ‘dungeon’ lol. Thank you for the opportunity!

  25. What an Amazing light. How lucky are you to get to review such a fab product???
    Very sweet and now on my Mother’s day gift list, too. If I don’t win this one!!!

  26. I would love a chance to have this, if not I’m going out and purchasing one. My little sewing world is in the basement and not matter how hard I try I never have enought light. It’s funny how I saw this since I’ve been looking for more lighting. Thanks for the chance.

  27. WOW!!! That light sure looks like it would help me sew at night, which I do a lot of. I do have a light, but not as bright as the Ecolux. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to win it. You are too kind.

  28. Wow what a great light to make the eyes happy. I would like to win the light. Another great tool for us quilters. Thanks Joyce

  29. I would love to win one of these lights. i find that i tend not to sew at nite as i can’t see as good now that i am in my 50’s than i did in my 20’s…… This little gadget looks like it would help a lot….

  30. Neat! This looks like something I could really love! I also sew at night and as a lot of sewers cry “we need/want more light!”

  31. I have heard of this light and with these getting older eyes I know it is needed. Sounds like my friend would be envious and that is always fun.

  32. Jo,
    Ths looks like something that could really help me. The lighting in my sewing room isn’t in the location that I need and I’ve been puzzling over what to do about it.
    Thanks for the chance to win it. Oh Oh, maybe I better reconsider this, if I get good lighting, does that mean no more excuses for messing up??

  33. That looks like a very useful light! No windows in my sewing room, so it would be great for day or night sewing. I hate having to rip out stitches with poor lighting, so the Ecolux LED Light would be a great help! Looks like a nice blog to follow, I just started tonight.

  34. I read about these lights and would love to have one. My eyes need all the help they can get. Thanks for a chance to win one.

  35. I would luv to win the Ecolux light. My eyes are not like they used to be…..if I won I just might get more sewing done….thanks for the opportunity to brighten my sewing area.
    Happy spring, Pauline in Michigan…(o:

  36. I struggle with having enough light to sew. I have tried a lamp, it is OK, but still not ideal as there are shadows. This would be perfect – thank you for the chance to win.

  37. Anyone who works with their hands needs better lighting. I have the Ott light and don’t know how I hand stitch without it. Would love this light for at the sewing machine.

  38. What a difference your photos showed with the light! It’s my pet peeve to sew at night! It wears my eyes out. I’ll have to put this on Santa’s and the Easter bunny’s gift list!!

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