Try it on Tuesday: “Doodle Stitching–The Motif Collection”

A guest post from Kelli:
When mom introduced me to stitching and embroidery, I ran with it.  I don’t think that she quite knew what to think.  Ever since, stitching has become a favorite past time of mine.  So when she got a box of books from Lark Crafts to review, I snapped up this book right away!

After looking at the book a bit closer, I fell in love.  The book provides lots of embroidery designs and also provides many ideas for projects that can be embellished with embroidery, giving the projects a complete, finished look.  The book begins with showing examples of different stitches which makes it a great reference for any stitching projects.

One of the projects that caught my eye was a fabric flower basket.  It would be great to sit next to your sewing machine and keep a pin cushion, scissor, bobbin holder, unsewer (seam ripper), and other tools handy.

The purple design below is something that I’ve always wanted to stitch.  Drawing is not my forte and anytime I have tried to draw out something similar, I have failed miserably.  I also like how the small french knots were added to the edges of the butterfly hoops to dress up the project a bit.

The napkin rings below are very unique.  When I was younger, and slap bracelets were all the rage, Mom let us get slap bracelets once.  They were promptly taken away when we used them a bit too much for slapping…but not onto our own wrists.  After a few “accidents” we no longer had slap bracelets.  I wish I still had those slap bracelets to make these napkin rings!

The stuffed felt trees are truly one of my favorites.  In the book, they have motifs for farm animals also.  One of my upcoming projects I have planned is to make the farm animals into similar stuffed toys and design a bag that looks like a barn.  It would be perfect for a baby gift!

The back of the book has all of the motifs in a encyclopedia of sorts, with similar designs together.  There is a section for the alphabet, celebrations, circus, farm, flowers, lots of other embellishments, and lots of food related items.  The best part of the book is that any of the designs can be changed in a project to make it applicable for any situation or gift.

Unfortunately, this book has found a home in my embroidery box and won’t be leaving anytime soon!  If you’d like to order a copy for yourself and get a jump start on a project for someone special to you, you can purchase one here.

Have you tried anything new that you’d like to share?

7 thoughts on “Try it on Tuesday: “Doodle Stitching–The Motif Collection””

  1. Looks liek a great book to have for your stitchin library and looks wondergful for tweens with all those cute patterns.

  2. Kelly – just tried a “snap bag” pattern that uses a carpenters measuring tape as the snap closure. Bought mine at the dollar store. Unroll the whole thing & cut into specific sizes. Pattern has you put electrical tape on the ends to keep from cutting yourself. I bet this might work for the napkin rings. I think I will give it a try! Thanks for the great idea.

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